Peeps Straws! {and More Fun Peeps Creations!}

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I’m pretty sure by now you’ve noticed my mild obsession with the cutest little thing invading the stores right now ~ yep… that’s right… I LOVE Peeps!! ;)

Here’s another fun way to put those little cuties to use ~ make some Peeps Straws!

Simply poke the straws gently up the middle of the Peep {ouchie, I know}, then clean off the little gooey mess from the top of your straw.

Pop your Peeps straw into your favorite drink {which just so happen to look even cuter in mason jars}, and serve at your Easter parties!

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2 Responses to Peeps Straws! {and More Fun Peeps Creations!}

  1. Cutest ideas for Peeps EVER! Totally doing the Peeps Kabobs! New follower stopping by and love it! Deb @

  2. Tonia says:

    Such cute ideas. I will definitely be using the straw idea for my boys. Thanks for sharing!

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