BIG List of Fun Stocking Stuffers for Men!

BIG List of Fun Stocking Stuffers for Men at

Pin It Buttons Need some inspiration for what to put in your man’s stocking? I received the following question from frugal friend Jennifer…

“I need help… what do you put in your husband’s stockings? In my family the stocking is usually the cheaper things. Any ideas?”

Check out these tips from your frugal friends shared right here and on The Frugal Girls Facebook Page!

Teresa said: “My husband is a hunter, so he gets bullets, thermals, Unscented Soap & Deodorant for Hunting, his Favorite Cookies, and other things I like for him to wear, like nice cologne.”

Bacon Flavored Lip Balm plus More Fun Stocking Stuffers for Men |

Erin said: “My husband has a great sense of humor, so in his stalking will be some Bacon Flavored Chapstick and Bacon Scented Soap. ” :)

Tara said: “This is where I apply the “These Are A Few Of YOUR Favorite Things” philosophy.  I get his favorite gum, iTunes Gift Cards, golf balls, grill seasonings, a DVD of a movie that only he would want to watch, and a car wash gift card.  Hope these ideas help! Merry Christmas!”

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Michelle said: “I go to Harbor Freight and look by the check-out lines for batteries, miniature tools like screw drivers, mini-levels, and chalk poppers.  You can usually get these for $1 or even less if you check the newspaper ads.”

Christi said: “Duct Tape Bandages, a tooly gadgety thingy that is different each year, Christmas themed lottery tickets, some candy, and a Gift Card to a Fast Food Restaurant, so he can treat himself to lunch or coffee during his lunch instead of brown bagging it.”

Fast Food Gift Cards plus More Fun Stocking Stuffers for Men |

Autumn said: “I try and get stuff that he likes, but wouldn’t normally buy himself.  So I get him a Starbucks card.  I always make coupons to make his fav cookies.  Everyone gets a DVD, a new toothbrush and a pair of silly socks. (Like camo for men).  I also add candy, beef jerky and scratchers.”

Pamela said: “Slipper socks, a gift card to his favorite coffee stand or barber shop, his favorite candy, a new wallet with a picture of the 2 of us together inside, a lottery ticket, cologne, homemade “coupons” that he can turn in for things like breakfast in bed, no interruptions during a football game, dinner of his choice etc.  Hope some of these help =-)”


Shannon said: “We put in a new battery toothbrush (we change the heads during the year, but by year end they are pretty worn.) Chapstick, love booklets, gift cards, and things the boys make him.”

Ami said: “Socks, racquet balls, chocolate covered almonds, gloves, t-shirts, & cologne. All the things he needs, but won’t buy for himself! :D

NFL Tee Sale

Stacy said: “Razors, CD’s, dry salami, dry lupini beans, and gum so far! Weird~combo but these are things that he normally doesn’t get for himself!!”

Kelly said: “I make beef jerky for him, he loves it and I don’t make it that often.  I also order specialty popcorn, and small notebooks and pens that he really goes through, but can’t find.  I save up stuff all year, including little freebies, etc..”


Kristina said: “Socks, underwear, a belt, jars of Nutella (he loves it), a small bottle of cologne, chocolate covered raisins, travel sized toiletries for business trips (like his Aveda hair gel).  I have also done t-shirts, CD’s and a wallet in the past.”

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Amanda said: “His favorite candies, silly things from special trips / moments we’ve had, gift cards to places near his work for quick lunches (subway cards are easily found at most grocery stores these days), those silly “love coupon” booklets…”

Donna said: “My husband loves stuff like PS3 and Wii points gift cards, candy, cologne, and cheap gift cards for eating out.”

Free Swagbucks Starbucks Gift Cards

Jodi said: “A couple of Lotto scratch tickets, Starbucks Via (instant coffee), some nasty licorice-flavored gum he likes and maybe a gift card to Home Depot.”

Aimee said: “I always get him a small bag of specialty coffee, either Starbucks or Caribou’s Christmas flavor, since he usually just drinks plain coffee at work; a bag of his his favorite chocolates, thermal socks and gloves (he’s outside a lot); some sort of small tool or gadget; and something our girls have picked out or made.”

Rechargeable Batteries

Carla said: “Socks, candy, an orange in the toe.”

Tee said: “Soap on a string in many different scents, mints in a tin, and small flashlights or pen flashlights.”

Tactical Gear Sale

Marie said: “Don’t forget about freebies from Harbor Freight, sign up for coupon flier.”

Carolyn said: “Growing up we always got a few little fun things, but the bulk of the stocking was filled with stuff like shampoo, lotion, etc..  So for a man I suggest; shaving gel, razor refills (look for coupons/sales), and batteries for other gifts, a thumb drive for the computer, new phone charger, and other random little tech accessories.”

Safety Eyewear



Jenia said: “AA batteries, socks, Altoids, Tom’s of Maine toothpaste (his favorite), an iTunes gift card, magazine subscriptions, trail mix, and individual packages of flavored protein shake mixes.”

Boating World Magazine 2012

Debbie said: “I usually put in one or two boating magazines, and a jar of macadamia nuts.”

Tina said: Small tool sets (great for the RV, quad etc.), small cologne bottles, favorite candy, toenail clippers (mine loses his all the time), headphones for his iPod.  I also like to browse to see what unique handmade stuff I can find that he would like.”


Kelly said: Car fresheners, Hand Warmers, gum, mints, a toothbrush, and those sauce and spice freebies we get throughout the year. He loves to cook, so it’s fun to have those to tryout for the next few months.” Hand Warmers Lena said: “We normally go with things from Dollar Tree, or the dollar section from Target, travel sized items, favorite candies… no item over $5.00 goes in the stocking… hope this helps!”

Mary said: “A Swiss Army Knife key chain, a pocket watch, M&Ms, and funny stuff from Dollar Tree type stores.” Swiss Army Knife Brooke said: “All the free deals I score at Walgreens – razors, lotions, gum, candy, etc! I also like to do air fresheners for his car, and he loves anything UofO!”

Car Cleaning Kit

Kelly said: “I like to add small things like toiletries, aftershave, cologne, etc.  This year I went to Bath & Body Works to get some of his stocking stuffers. They have products for men and I used some coupons together with a BOGO promotion.”

Waterproof Match Kit

Deanna said: “I went to for some radio station discounts to create an ‘experience’ gift for my husband.  All of the certificates don’t have to be used at one time and most have a value of $50, but can be purchased for under $15!  I’ve been using other group buying websites for additional discounts.  It’s a fabulous way to do things together without costing an arm and a leg.”

Golf Tees

Debbye said: “Hand warmers/toe warmers (found in the sporting goods sections – really inexpensive and very handy), a good-quality candy bar, a new keychain, $5.00 gift cards (to fast-food restaurants, iTunes Gift Card, etc.), a Windshield Ice Scraper, handkerchiefs, and golf tees.  At the toe of the stocking I always tuck in something “suggestive” that would only mean something to us.  Last year it was a kiwi. (I won’t give any more details on that! LOL!)”

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Anne said: “My husband is coming home days after Christmas from his 6 month deployment.  I usually put a few things like gum, a small bag of candy and maybe something else.  But this year we got a GIGANTIC size bag of Tootsie Rolls for him to take back to work.  I also included a picture of myself & our 4 daughters that we had taken while he was gone.  This year will be more meaningful than ever.  Good luck with your search!”

Rings For Men

Renea said: “His favorite Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies (with the $1 coupon of course). I’ve also done nice car wax, tire cleaner stuff, a car duster brush, a fancy hose attachment, and a new car wash sponge.”

And finally… Kim said: “New air freshener for his vehicle, car wash tokens, gloves….  and Chapstick to keep his lips kissable :)

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So… what works for you??What types of things do you typically stuff in your man’s stocking?

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  1. roxanne says

    I made stockings as gifts last year for my neighbor’s son and son in law. I saved up my freebies and also hit the sample department at Walmart, etc. I scored some good savings at Walgreens on men’s skin care stuff too, have to love coupons.

    Each one got a tube of Carmex, a package of disposable razors, a Gillete fusion razor, travel size shaving cream, deodorants, travel size body wash, Gillette men’s skin care goodies, travel size packages of Advil, and Bandaids. They also each got a new toothbrush and toothpaste.

    Neighbor’s daughter also got a stocking full of HABA goodies, including 2 lip glosses, razors, shave cream, perfume, and some other travel size things.

    (Neighbor’s daughter and son in law travelled to New Orleans right after Christmas, so the travel sized stuff came in handy)

  2. Jessica says

    Stocking staples that go into my hubby’s stocking every year are;
    Hand/toe Warmers, Scratch tickets, Gourmet instant hot chocolate packages, Old fashion candies, package of peanuts and a toothbrush.
    Then I always find other things to stuff in there, usually things he can use at work. Maybe a gift card.

  3. says

    His favorite magazine or a new book/novel; special running socks or shorts, cool T-shirt (Bazinga!), popcorn ‘spice’, sunflower seeds, Toberlone chocolate, cooking gadgets.

  4. LaShannon says

    Last Christmas we were really tight on money, so we got each other small stuff and spent the bulk of our money on family and our son. But I did surprise him with a medium sized stocking stuff full of stuff for him and hand decorated by me. He’s an avid hunter so I got him a lot of silly stuff like biodegradable toilet paper, a waterproof/break proof case for his phone and wallet (he’s broken his phone numerous times hunting & actually broke the screen by accidentally stabbing a bucks antler into it.), snake bite kit, those instant add water type cooking meals (one was worms and dirt), other little stuff like that that I know he won’t buy himself, but may come in handy & will get a giggle as well. Our son helped, and his favorite thing was a machete we got him. He didn’t need it, but my son thought it was THE best gift ever! I say just go with what you know about your man. Silly little things, things you know he likes but won’t splurge on, that stuff means the most. I think this is going to be an every year thing for him. He loved it!! Hope this helps!

  5. Cassandra says

    My fiance is very hard to shop for and he doesnt want me to spend money on his christmas gift. He wants something unique and thoughtful. He is extremely busy with school, work, an internship and everything else that when he comes home he has to do homework and just wants to relax. I have no idea what to get him that will be unique. Ive read the ideas but I do not think that he will like simple things like chopstick and candies (I think he will think that I forgot to get him something and just went to the gas station for the gift) PLEASE HELP!

    • Lacy says

      Give him a box wrapped up nice with only a note inside that says “I will help you try this on”. Or that he can help you try it on. Get it? It’s Free and will help him relax! And then he may not want to unwrap any more presents except that one!!

    • J says

      Cassandra: try making a homemade coupon book for him with things he’s into. heres some suggestions: massage by you, make his favorite meal and/or dessert, clean his car, clean his place, watch the game with him (no complaining), you could also attatch each coupon to something that goes with it like a bottle of massage oil, jar of spice or choc. chips, cleaning stuff/air freshner, popcorn or pizza place gift card. hope this helps!!

      • Jana Hazlett says

        Those are some really cute ideas… Thank you, I have done some of those things but never thought to attach things to them. :) My husband is hard to buy or as well and I was thinking that maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get him tickets to his favorite teams game. I know he would love it.

    • Lakeesha Lee says

      I know this wouldn’t be considered a stocking stuffer, but if he wants something special a money clip with something special to you both engraved on it would be sweet.

    • Meghan says

      I’ve always liked to wrap a pair of sexy panties (for me) in a jewelry box. It got a shocked face and an eye roll the first time, followed by the explanation (NO, *I* wear them, YOU enjoy them, silly) followed by the predictable. Does he have a favorite food? My dad likes butter pecan, so I made him a big batch of butter pecan granola. Make him a planning calendar for his homework that has time blocked off for date night, or a free pass for a chore he hates stapled to exam week.

    • says

      My husband is hard to shop for too…..he has his favorite “alcohol” so I went on etsy and found a cute idea. A lady makes night lights out of mini liquor bottles. I emailed her about doing one with his favorite bottle on it and I’m sure he will love it in his bar!!! Cheap and very unique!! I think her store is if that doesn’t work type in mini liquor bottle night light (that’s how I found it). Good luck!!!

    • Sherry says

      My husband, too, works very hard with long hours and doesn’t find a lot of time to relax. One time I talked him into letting me give him a manicure while he watched a movie on television. I trimmed his nails and cuticles, buffed his nails and finished by massaging his hands with with a “manly” scented lotion. He LOVED it! Now it is a regular thing – at least a couple of times a month, while he watches a television show. Every year in his stocking I put new manicure implements and he grins ear-to-ear knowing the tradition will continue. He even brags to all his friends! I hope this helps.

  6. Lorri says

    I always try to think of things that my honey would like on his down time so how about a good book about something he likes, or a music CD of his favorite songs(you can do it yourself.) As a vegetarian also, maybe your husband would like something useful like his own wooden tea or coffee mug with goodie in it. It’s all about knowing your husband and finding little things he would injoy!

  7. Maryann says

    Lately my husband has been liking the spray cologne that bath & body works has come out with. They have a whole line of scents for men. I’m sure the shoppers on here are as thrifty as i am. So with all the bath & body works coupons you can get a bunch of stuff. They always have the $10 off a thirty dollar purchase and the 20% off coupon that they will let you use on top of it. Plus they always have the free item coupon if you spend a certain amount of money. Everything they have at Bath & body works for men would make great stocking stuffers for the hubby!

  8. Joanne says

    You could always skip the traditional stocking altogether and replace it with other stuff like: a ball cap from his favorite team upside down with a few treats, a nalgene bottle with energy bars & vitamins, a toolbox with a few new tools. Think outside the “sock” – another idea for those that have finicky hubbies, set aside your budget money for stocking gifts and instead donate it to a worthwhile cause – give your man a nice card that speaks to how much you value the content of his character and let him know you donated a gift in his honor. He’ll (hopefully) be honored and won’t be bogged down with trinkets he really didn’t want/need. You’d be suprised how much of an impact a small donation can make to organizations like World Vision – $25 gives a family two chickens and sustainability from their eggs. Just a thought!

  9. Amber Y says

    Thanks for the ideas! There are a few things I can definitely use. :) Filling my boyfriends stocking is wayyyy easier than filling my fathers.

  10. Kristin says

    My husband likes gadgets, so I try to find those at hardware and auto part stores. Also, he is a big kid at heart, so I try to find small toys that will remind him of his childhood, like a silly wind up toy or a balsa wood airplane kit or a Matchbox of his favorite car. He will play with it and show our daughter (who is now 4) and eventually it becomes hers, but he enjoys seeing her have fun with something from his childhood. I like the idea of fun band-aids, maybe with a note saying for any injuries sustained from putting together the kids’ toys.

  11. Stacy says

    socks, Chapstick, beef jerky, scratch off lottery tickets, a gift card to Lowes or Barnes and Nobles, something for hunting, nail clippers, deodorant, and something I’ve picked up on a trip we’ve taken during the year.

  12. Sandy says

    One of my favorites from this year is the little sponge shapes in the capsules that you put in water. They’re inexpensive and a fun reminder of childhood! He’s getting a little bit of candy/gum, but most of his “treats” are things like combos and beef jerky. Other things I’ve tossed in are a small flashlight, flash drive, water bottle, and a groupon I’ve had for a while but he doesn’t know about!

  13. Triss says

    My boyfriend loves hunting and ice fishing, so this year I got little things like, a new camo knife, a duck call with his name engraved in it, tackle for ice fishing such as jig heads and hooks. Also other things like beef jerky, candy, smoky BBQ sunflower seeds (his favorite), cologne, and air fresheners for his truck !

  14. Melissa Johnson says

    My husband is a long haul trucker so he is getting things like nail clippers, wax for his truck, a game,little tools, a movie, Advil, band aids with hot rods on them (if I can find them!) photos of our daughter and I, and some other silly stuff. I usually put something “playful” that means something to the two of us. Any other suggestions from truckers wives would be appreciated!

  15. Angelia Johnson says

    My husband likes the little cookies and meats at pier one he love the little holidays candies and treats from all over the world. I buy him a few really nice cigars. But mostly he likes a beer basket of different kinds of apple cider and dark beers. And a gift card for music downloads.

  16. Valerie H says

    I’ll put in wallet or workstation size pictures of me &/or the kid, a bag of nuts, trinkets from Radio Shack since he’s a techie, new pair of work gloves since he easily wears through or loses them in a year’s time, a belt, or some grilling spices or accessories. I also like to do a special thing for him, like purge some of the stuff we haven’t used in years to make room in our disaster room and leave a note for him to look there and take notice.

  17. Cindy Casique says

    Lots of nice ideas, I enjoyed reading them. Men are the hardest for me to buy for. I put pistachio nuts, peanuts, a candy bar, a CD, mini flashlight or mini tools, nail care set. I’ve also put ornaments, mini liquor bottle and cute shot glasses, mini body sprays, new toothbrush and snack bars. I like novelty stuff and “coupon” books. :-)

    • Brenda says

      I read all of the ideas for a husband, but I have three boys ages 25, 27 and 30. I have already used most everything I read and have even repeated. Is there anyone who may have some different ideas for boys these ages?


      • Rachel says

        I usually go to Bartell’s because they have the biggest section of toiletries and a decent selection of candy (even old kinds like chic-o-sticks)

        Archie McPhee’s is fun and you can find unique ideas on there. If you don’t live in the Seattle area you can check out their stuff online at

        I usually fill the bulk of the stocking up with candy (I get king size candies and box candy (like at the movies) when they’re on sale. I get the orange shaped chocolate (they come in different flavors now). I’ve filled up with jerky, trail mix, magnetic bottle opener to put on the fridge, zip drives when they get super cheap, batteries, groupon (or similar) for new/favorite restaurants to try. Never thought of socks/underwear. I’ve filled with handwarmers and a special beer also. If they have a pocket knife they need sharpened and don’t wear everyday – you can get it sharpened for them and put it in the stocking too. You could always get big packages of seasonal snacks, pick up clear bags w/christmas theme on them from dollar store and put them in there. like get a big bag of moose munch (harry & david – also available at macy’s) split it up, put some in each bag and tie with a ribbon…hot chocolates, ciders, etc also work

  18. Tara says

    It’s costly at first, but for my husband I buy several gift cards to restaurants. We will actually spend the money anyway throughout the year so it’s really not an EXTRA expense, it’s just ahead of schedule. Now the rule is he has to tske me with him for the most part. It’s a win, win!

  19. Melissa says

    My hubs only 2 hobbies are gaming and shooting (not hunting) last year he got a cross bow to play with so this year he will get Microsoft points for his Xbox, bolts for the bow, ammo for his gun (since these are heavy I usually snap a pic and make home hunt them with a clue written on the back) he loves the walking dead so a few gag zombie items go in too like the zombie finge key chain, “my zombie child ate your honor student” car magnet, zombie pictured targets, I also throw in a few scratch offs and $5 gift cards to a couple places he stops for lunch. I keep stockings under $30 total. And I shop sales, use coupons and other discounts to lower the costs!

  20. Danielle says

    Last year my boyfriend and I did not do to much on the Christmas front for ourselves for financial reasons but this year I am doing his fav. deodorant, shower gel ect.his favorite candy and a pocket reference guide because he likes to this he knows all and a gift card for star bucks and game stop.

  21. Daura says

    We do not do the stockings persay, we do goodie bags. Every year the container itself is a useful item, this year for example, my daughter wants kitchen items, her goodie bag is a huge popcorn holder. I shop all year long for the goodie bag items as they are all unique to each person that they are given too. I do the essentials like toothpaste (Uncle Tom’s Strawberry is a huge hit), once a year treat, the toothbrushes and lotions. There are pens, frames, gadgets for the guys, found a nice mini record player for my son in law last year that he loved. The goodie bags are a must for our house and they all look forward to the surprises in them.

  22. Linda Starnes says

    I am a grandmother (Nana). I make Christmas Bags for our two Children and their families. 2 children (grown), 2 in-laws, and 6 grandchildren ranging from 22 – 4 yes of age. I start early in the year online picking unique little gifts and favorites (candy’s) etc. that they all will enjoy.
    Little tool kits, small flashlights, jewelry, makeup and makeup brushes, Banana Laffy Taffy’s, Christmas cups for Lil’ ones, Beef Jerky pigs., gum, gloves, light up necklaces from Walgreen’s, boxes of hot tamales candy’s- skittles – sour candies – milk duds – kitchen utensils & towels – gadgets – scarfs and many more.
    This year I have purchased something called a Pocket Monkey from for my grandson in college that’s cool. One year I purchased him a metal A & M steak branding iron which he loved! A total surprise to him! Jewelry that’s monogramed with initials. I purchase one unique gift that’s $10 – $20 and then cheaper small items and their favorite candies. We do gifts first and then we bring out all the bags. I do one for my husband also and my daughter does one for me.
    Love our gifting times on Christmas Eve. We do breakfast at a restaurant and then home for gifts and bags. One year I mentioned maybe not doing the bags that year and all, even the adults cryed ‘ Oh no, not our bags! giggle! My Joy at Christmas is watching them open their gifts and BAGS!!!

  23. Vera says

    Try to speak his language. Lots of men express their feelings through actions, but like us, their lives are over-scheduled, over-stressed, etc. What can you do to free up some time for him? That is what he will appreciate the most. Is it his job to walk the dog? A doggie ornament, or even a new pack of poop bags, & an explanation from you that you’ll add it to your list of chores for the week. Movie tix & a restaurant gift card – for just you & the kids – he can have the house to himself for the afternoon. If he has the type of job that requires lots of planning & decision making, then that is often the last thing he wants to do at home, no matter how much he needs a break. Also, most men don’t like surprises or feeling out of control. So, you make all the advance plans for a date weekend at home, with you dropping the kids off somewhere else for a sleepover, you making the dinner reservations, you planning a daytime outing/activity, all within your budget and his comfort zone. What goes in the stocking is a little card with a detailed itinerary – that way he knows exactly what to expect and when. Extras could be a gift card to whatever restaurant you made the reservations, or a token for whatever your daytime activity will be – say, a baseball if you’re planning on taking him to the batting cages or a little paintbrush if you’re heading to an art museum. Don’t forget to add something to represent the romantic aspect of your weekend. Could be something as sweet as something heart-shaped, or something much more suggestive. Only you know what fills your man’s stocking. Plus, chapstick and stuff. :)

  24. Susan says

    Gas/fuel gift cards and oil change gift cards are things my guys like. Also, if you live in a cold area or work at night and your car is out side a spray can of de-icer is useful.

  25. Micki says

    Assorted coffee and fast food gift cards are great stocking stuffers, Case dollars or rolled paper money in a breath mint tin, small airplane size alcohol drink bottles of the recipients favorite label, tiny 1″ picture frame with favorite photo including pets, cards made from kids art, finger or hand or foot prints are great for grand parents. Donations made to local charities or animal shelters, or for my best friend…a bag of bird seed.

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