How to Clean Kitchen Sponges

How to Clean Your Kitchen Sponge

Pin It Buttons On the hunt for a simple trick for How to Clean Kitchen Sponges??  Following is another easy kitchen tip for you!

There are several ways to keep those sponges clean, but my favorite tip is to just toss your kitchen sponge in the top rack of your diswasher, and run it through the next time you wash a load of dishes.

I keep two sponges out at all times ~ one in a small dish on the counter, and the other in the dishwasher.   Then… when I unload the dishes, I simply swap the sponges, so one is always getting cleaned.  Now how easy is that?!?  No more worries about icky-sticky sponges! 😉

Also… be sure to check your local dollar store for deals on sponges ~ I’ve found some large multi-packs of sponges there!

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  1. Rebecca Cook says

    I have found that microwaving your clean, damp sponge for 30 seconds also gets rid of that sour smell.

  2. Laurel says

    I have microwaved my sponge, but then my microwave ends up smelling like a nasty old sponge!! Don’t do it if your sponge already smells, that’s my advice. :)

  3. says

    While you have the soapy sponge in the microwave, turn it on for 1 minute and let cool down a few seconds, wipe down your microwave and it will be spotlessly clean.

  4. lc says

    I have two sponges. Which I rotate. I put one out in the sun for a day or two which clears out the smell. Then i clean it in a bleach bath and its ready to go again. Its the one way I found that truly removes the smell.

  5. Robin says

    When I use sponges (not often), I soak them in a very diluted bleach/water solution overnight. I just take the glass I was drinking from before bedtime and soak the sponge there. Works great, unless you use too much bleach!

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