BIG List of Beautiful Bridal Shower Ideas!

BIG List of Beautiful Bridal Shower Ideas at

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I received the following question from frugal friend Carrie…

“I’m looking for ideas on how to throw a classy bridal shower on a budget.  Does anyone have any thrifty bridal shower ideas?  Or ideas for fun, classy shower decorations or favors, etc.?  Thanks!”

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Do you have any Bridal Shower game ideas, decorations, food ideas, etc.?? 

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72 Responses to BIG List of Beautiful Bridal Shower Ideas!

  1. Danielle says:

    A super simple table decoration is the round bowls (larger then the fish bowl type) with the colored stones put in. Pull a stem off of a flower and place in bowl. Simple yet elegant.

  2. Jenny says:

    I am in the same boat…having a bridal shower for my cousin’s wedding in two weeks, and we are working out the final details right now! If you have all of the bridesmaids bring a couple of wrapped/gift bagged door prizes, that cuts down on the amount you have to spend there. Also, ask each bridesmaid to bring a dish to pass or an appetizer. That way you don’t have to do all of the cooking either! See if anyone has a house big enough to house the party so you don’t have to rent a hall.

  3. Ashli Welsh says:

    A few ideas for simple foods…

    If your budget doesn’t allow for champagne or if you just don’t drink alcohol, then get sparkling cider and add a raspberry in the bottom of each glass. The color and bubbles are really pretty and very elegant!

    Cutting sandwiches into small tea-sized wedges is budget friendly and simple. Tuna salad, chicken salad, cucumber and cream cheese, the possibilities are endless. Add a tray of seasonal fresh fruit and fresh veggies for a simple and economical spread.

    Finally, instead of a bakery cake, cut brownies into small bites and place them in little candy papers for presentation. Put them on pedestals for added effect.

    Tulle is cheap and your best friend, use it with white twinkle lights and some scattered rose petals. A bag of rose petals is very inexpensive and gives you the same effect as a large bouquet.

    Good luck!

    • rosanna says:

      I love this idea. I have seen the tulle and white lights trick and it’s beautiful!! The pedestal trick is wonderful too. Be sure to use “build up” in multiple layers to keep things from looking too boring. Also, check craigslist for “leftover” or second-hand party knick-knacks. I’ve seen lots of folks pass off the decorations they used for the kids’ party, maybe someone has something from a bridal shower?

    • Deborah says:

      My sister is getting married in May and I am the maid of honor. To save money we bought out the white lights after christmas…Only to realize last night that they all had green wires…Green wires don’t look nice under tool, so make sure you get white lights with white wires! We are returning ours tomorrow!

    • Angela says:

      Do you have a picture of the Tolle/Rose pedal idea? I’m not sure how to go about pulling this off/where to put the items. It sounds like a fabulous idea!

  4. Leah says:

    I would start with the bride’s colors and themes and then put together a complete plan from there. I would search out white linens (if you don’t have them, ask mom, grandma, etc… or rent from a party goods store) and use colored paper plates and napkins that relate back to her color scheme. Brunch is always nice to serve and economical – think egg casserole, fruit salad and croissants – things you can make ahead, that you can purchase the ingredients for little money.

    for a game have you thought about dividing the guests into teams, each team assigns a model, then “designs” a wedding dress out of toilet paper. I use pretty plants on the tables and use them as prizes for the games. Good luck!

  5. Christina says:

    I threw my sister’s bridal shower for maybe a total cost of $250.
    We held it in our church’s fellowship hall so that was free.
    Decorations, table cloth, plates, cups, cutlery(etc) and game prizes we bought from Dollar Tree. We didn’t have it catered we made baked penne, bought from a restaurant supply store italian beef and rolls, had salad, chips & dip, veggie tray, fruit tray and a cake. Some friends offered to help make some of the appetizers so this wasn’t included in the price. For beverages we had punch, coffee, tea and water. Some of the decorations we were able to carry over into the wedding so that was a double bonus as well.

  6. Kaylea says:

    Something we did at my cousin’s, is we took all the bows from the presents and made them into a bouquet to use at the rehearsal! It looked awesome and was something fun to do! That gives you an activity and also it lets you cheap out on getting a real bouquet for your rehearsal!

  7. Julie says:

    I like to do my own flower arrangements. I purchase the flowers at Sam’s Club for cheap and buy a pretty vase at Hobby Lobby (if glass isn’t half off, you can use the 40% off coupon). This way you can choose a pretty vase and flowers that fit your color scheme and your friend will love it. Another place to look for vases or small gifts for the games would be Ross or TJ Maxx. Best of luck!!

    • Joanne says:

      The Dollar Store has nice vases, too.

      • D says:

        I was in Salvation Army Store Wednesday and saw MANY clear glass vases for .99 or 1.99. Lots of sizes. Run them through the diswasher and they sparkle like new! Also, have someone 55 or older make the purchase and get 25% off all on the senior day!

        • Teresa says:

          I am collecting the starbucks frappuccino glasses from the store. I’m going to paint, decorate and use them as vases for the tables.

    • Hillary says:

      We did this and then made the arrangements the game prizes! Everyone loves to get flowers!

  8. Becki says:

    Skip the favors – most people forget to take them anyway!

  9. Heather says:

    I’ve found that “tradition” is code for “expensive,” so while my fiance and I have been planning our wedding, we’ve made it a point to evaluate traditions along the way. One of which, is the bridal shower. My fiance and I moved in together 2 years ago, at which time we merged 2 households of stuff. After a yard sale and several trips to Goodwill, we decided we didn’t need what the typical bridal shower resulted in…more STUFF. So when the girls at work approached me about a shower, I (politely) declined and invited them to lunch instead. We’re getting married at the very elegant and historic public library downtown, so in lieu of gifts, we asked for a donation to their staff (the library insisted we hold the ceremony after-hours and they’ll stay late). After the luncheon, which was simple, stress-free, and spectacular, we visited the library and proudly made a hefty donation in our guests’ honor.

    I say, to heck with tradition…and tea lights…and uncomfortable bridal bingo. Save your money and have a potluck or a buy-your-own lunch with the ladies. Trust me, your sanity will thank you later.

    • D says:

      Many wonderful ideas! Glad you had a wonderful day!

    • Meredith says:

      EXACTLY! The majority of people don’t even know the traditions behind half of the stuff they do for weddings. AND it’s all expensive. A wedding is not an “event” its a marriage. It should be a statement of the bride and groom and a celebration…not a $20,000 party. People these days seem to forget what weddings are really for.

  10. Kris says:

    Food is a big expense at any party. The more you can do yourself the cheaper the party will be in the long run. You could make the shower a recipe shower to help with the food. Ask everyone to prepare a dish to be served, and include the recipe to be placed into a recipe box for the bride-to-be. In addition to this, ask everyone to bring one of the spices used in their recipe and have a basket for them to be placed in on the gift table. This will make a nice spice cabinet starter for the bride-to-be. Also, make your own desserts. I recently came across a link that showed how to make cake balls that looked like chocolate dipped strawberries. Make cake balls as normal but shape the balls into strawberry shapes and chill, then dip in chocolate. You could make these, along with other small desserts such as mini cupcakes or brownies and place in little cupcake liners to make them more presentable.

  11. Michelle says:

    Now is the time to buy some romantic themed items (think hearts) after Valentines day….hit up Michaels, Hobby Lobby and the Dollar stores. Also using tulle to decorate goes a long way and is pretty inexpensive. Serving finger foods and appetizers is the easiest and least expensive. Round up the Bridesmaids for help. Good luck!

  12. Christine Smith says:

    Fresh flowers on all the tables always looks nice. Just use whatever is in season, and find people that will let you pick them from their yard or find flowers growing wild that you could pick. Pretty stones or glass marbles from the craft store, and candles around the flower centerpieces are pretty and very inexpensive

  13. kourtney says:

    I am throwing a shower for my best friend in May, i have kept a close eye out for free soap and candle coupons for bath and body works for gifts for the games. I also got really cute recipe cards at the dollar store and sent one with each invite for the guest to fill out their favorite recipe for the bride for her very own cook book. Since Im throwing two showers for the bride (family differences) Im having one as a brunch with juice and cinnamon rolls and fruit. The other is a late afternoon so we are doing a veggie tray and snacks.

  14. Jessica says:

    Definitely consider a potluck. Ladies love to bring dishes to share and love it more when you ask them to share a recipe! One of the bridesmaids or the group of them can assemble the recipes into a scrapbook-type recipe book from friends a family.
    Consider even making it a theme – food to butter up your spouse, a dish that their spouse is especially fond of or even their go-to dish in a pinch! Ladies will often bring more than one recipe if requested just in case you have a hard time narrowing it down – it never hurts to ask!

    In addition, asking grandmothers, mothers and aunts is a great way to assemble an ecclectic but beautiful group of serving dishes for the things you choose to furnish. After all, who uses their china enough? The more you can tie the bride and grooms parents and extended family in the better for the entire event!

    • I was going to suggest the same thing. Binders are inexpensive and you can by plastic binder sheets to fit 3X5 recipe cards. Decorate the binder ahead of time to personalize, super easy if you by the kind that you can insert a piece of paper into it for the front cover and binder edge. When guests come in, get their recipe cards and by the time you are done you have a wonderful cookbook for the bride. It also gives guests something to chat about. I love to share recipes and so do most people.

      A great favor would be to have the guests e-mail you the recipes. There are many downloadable recipe cards online (for free) and you can get small photo albums for a $1 (at least where I live at the dollar store). Print out all the recipes and put into the small photo album. Now everyone has the recipes and I just cost you $1 plus ink.

      Love the dishes idea too Jessica! China in ones and twos can be found super cheaply at thrift stores. You may want to ask them to bring the recipe in a dish or serving dish the bride can keep.

  15. Brittany says:

    I am a professional event planner and I can give you some inside tips. A lot of showers I throw have sandwich platters. I can tell you first hand that ordering the platter from the grocery store deli IS less expensive than trying to do it yourself. (I worked in a deli for a year also.) The workers there will want the tray to look beautiful so we often fill it up with more than the approximate number of slices because we put our names on it as to who prepared it and we want it to look the best. Also, they usually put a free pound of salad in the middle, like potato or macaroni. They garnish it with romaine lettuce, grape tomatoes and olives, and this stuff will all cost you a fortune. The prices on the order sheet look hefty, but trust me, you’ll get more than your money worth! (This is true for their fruit and veggie platters as well.)

    A cheap do-it-yourself favor is a bookmark printed on card stock. You can put a heart or symbol relative to whatever theme you’re using and a cute little bride-to-be poem with the couple’s names and wedding date at the bottom. You can find lots of templates for Microsoft Word online if you Google around, or you can evenly space the columns yourself and use a paper cutter to make them crisp and straight. Punch a hole in the top and tie in a pretty colored ribbon.

    Another key to cutting costs is DELEGATE! Have each bridesmaid bring a door prize. I usually use theme baskets, (ice cream, car wash, scrapbooking, gardening, etc.) Tell them they can spend as much or as little as they like. I usually get a nice turn out because all of the people asked to do one are competing to have the best basket. (They don’t want theirs to be the last one picked from the door prize table.)

    A lot of bridal showers are thrown in church halls. Before you buy tablecloths, see if they have any extra plastic ones or fabric ones that you can use for free if you agree to launder them. A lot of people who buy supplies for parties they throw at these halls have extra and leave them for the church to use however they like. My church also has solid color fabric tablecloths that we will loan if the family agrees to wash and fold them before returning them. You may only spend $10 on the plastic ones from the dollar store, but every dollar counts and the cloth ones will look more elegant anyway.

    I’m a total fan of address labels and office supply stickers. You can literally print whatever you want on them and use them to personalize a wide variety of items. Mini candy bars, dollar store candles, etc. I often use the business card kits and type a cute poem or message on there and then hole punch it and affix it to any item the bride-to-be chooses. It can be so simple and cheap but the personalized tag makes all the difference.

    • Amanda says:

      Some good ideas, particularly about the table cloths. However, I’m not sure where you’re shopping to compare veggie trays and veggie tray supplies, but I’ve never found a place that makes them cheaper than I can make myself with some frugal shopping and lots of coupons! :) Keep your eye out for good deals and don’t be stubborn about using “only” certain kinds of veggies. Change it up depending on the season, and you will save money! If you have a suggestion as to where veggie trays are that cheap, please let me know! :)

      • Tiffany says:

        The walmart where i live makes HUGE trays for $35. They make cheese ones with grapes and a cheese spread in the middles and there are soo many cheese squares. There is no way i could make one that size for cheaper. They also do Veggie trays for the same price and include a dip in the middle. They are really big and look very nice.

      • MARILYN says:


  16. Amy says:

    Look around your house & find things that can be used that you don’t have to buy–think outside of the box (coffee beans as a filler in a vase, mason jars, etc). Recycle–if you use a watermelon (or pumpkin) take in to consideration the way you cut it & reuse as a vase for a centerpiece. I used a pumpkin & monogrammed it with the letter of the new last name to be. Favors–use fresh fruit–She’s the APPLE of his eye or they are the perfect PEAR(pair).

  17. Collette says:

    Don’t spend money on decorations! Use whatever you have at home, or if you know someone that has fun home decor (like Parisian decor) ask to borrow it. My sister has hosted several bridal showers using all of her own home decor. Also ask the bridesmaids to each bring a food whether it’s sandwiches, fruit and dip, or a dessert. As for favors…I wouldn’t worry about them unless the bride specifically asks for them. They usually get thrown away, or you’re left with all the extras that don’t get taken home. If you choose to do favors…make an edible one, like chocolate dipped sugar cookies. Hope this helps! Have fun!

    • mayra says:

      I love the idea of an edible party favor!!!! It works sooo wonderfully!!!! and they aren’t just dust catchers someone is going to keep on a shelf at home!

  18. Sarah says:

    My bridal shower was great. On the invite everyone was told to make their favorite recipe. They were to buy a new dish to serve it in and a copy of the recipe. We served all the yummy things people brought. In the end I got to take home all of the new dishes, serving platters, ect. and a recipe box full of delicious treats and meals.

  19. Caren says:

    I hosted a bridal shower for my niece, I am fortunate enough to have access to a party rental so I was able to use their equipment for free. But, I think some of finishing touches made it extra special. I went to Walmart and purchased a seasonal candle in a jar (her shower was in the fall) for $1.00, wrapped it in clearphane and tied it with a coordinating bow. I placed them at each place setting and they looked beautiful. I served one cocktail that was used a toast, I named it the “Bridal Bellini”, I used Prosecco (less expensive than champagne, but delicious) and peach nectar. I made chicken salad and put it in a beautiful serving bowl lined with lettuce, and then had a tray with different breads (croissants, rolls,etc.) Made two other salads, and a dessert and it was an elegant luncheon that was not very expensive.

  20. Barbara says:

    Breaking with tradition can be a lot of fun. We were on a time crunch due to overseas guests and such. So were gathered everyone at a mall. Broke them into women’s teams and men’s teams (bridal shower and safe bachelor party at the same time). Gave each team a share of the money we would have spent at the shower if traditional, and told them they had 30 minutes to purchase gifts that “could be worn” on a honeymoon. Must say the best “gifts” were free or very inexpensive. Went next door to a buffet, (everyone paid own way in) and opened the gifts. Prizes for most appropriate, funniest, most outrageous finished the fun. Not traditional, but very memorable and unique.

    • Melissa Bertoldi says:

      That sounds like an incredibly fun idea. My daughter and her fiance’ want to have a scavenger hunt for their bachelorette and bachelor parties instead of the usual going out to a club or bar…I can’t wait!!

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