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Here’s a fun craft twist on a Christmas Countdown Calendar… a Mini-Stocking Countdown!

Every year my boys look forward to counting down the days until Christmas, but this year I thought I’d change it up a bit!

I wasn’t sure what to do, but when I spotted these little stockings at Wal-Mart {$1.00 for a 4-pack}, here’s the fun, simple idea I had…

I used 3 yards of strong red cord, and some miniature clothespins… {from JoAnn’s craft store}

To number the stockings, I printed numbers from the computer, layered them with another circle in the back, and fastened to the stocking with a mini-brad.  You could also use puffy paint for numbering!

I thought it needed a little bling on the ends, so I clipped on a Christmas Poinsettia Hair Clip! 😉  {yep… it’s a hair clip, but that will be our little secret, mmm-kay??}   Go here for instructions on how to make Christmas Hair Clips.

Once you’re done, have fun filling each stocking with a little surprise!

What are some fun ways you enjoy counting down the days until Christmas with your kiddos?

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  1. Diana Lentz says

    I do something like this for my grandchildren (have two special blessings!), but I used their small infant/toddler socks (asked my daughter to save them for me). I too, put numbers on each sock and clip them with clothespins to the green pine garland I wrap our banister with. They have so much fun coming over to see what’s in their stocking for the day! Yes, we live close to each other!

  2. says

    LOVE this idea! We’ve tried to come up w/ an advent calendar that was bigger than your average one, and this is a great idea for my 3 children! Thx for sharing!

  3. Heather says

    THANK YOU so much for this wonderful idea. I have been serching for a creative spin on the average advent calendar. I will surely be using this idea for years to come.

  4. Kendra says

    So I took your idea a step further. I have two fireplaces in my house and a pump organ. I went out to different stores this week that had all their christmas stuff at 90%. I was able to score different stockings for each day as well, as a different stocking holder for everyday! Gotta love Hobby Lobby! Anyway, I will have them throughout the house, so my daughter will have to hunt for the right day. :p

  5. Cortney VW says

    I went to my local Wal Mart today and couldn’t find these stockings! In what section did you find yours? There was Holiday stuff with the outdoor items and then there was some in the front of the store when you walk in! Please help bc I want to do this great idea!!! Thanks!!

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