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So… who’s in the mood for some Valentine’s Day FUN??  I can’t believe it’s almost here ~ it’s one of my favorite holidays!

You see… I live in a man’s world.  It’s true ~ I’ve got an awesome hubby and 2 silly boys that I adore, but Valentine’s Day means I’ve got an excuse for all things girly… hearts and love-dovey things and all shades of PINK!! 😉

Are you on the hunt for a simple Valentine’s Day gift for a teacher, friend, etc??  Gifts in a jar are always fun, and can be as simple as filling a jar with some colorful holiday-themed candy! Here’s a simple {and thrifty} Valentine’s Day Gift in a Jar

Purchase some Valentine’s Day Bagged M&M’s then divide by color.  Yep ~ I’ll admit it… I did a little bit of sampling during that whole division process…

Layer in a jar, and tie with a pretty ribbon!  Simple, thrifty, and cute!
{you can also cut a circle out of scrapbook paper to decorate the lid!}

Hershey’s Kisses also make a fun ‘Hugs and Kisses’ gift in a jar!

Hugs and Kisses Gift in a Jar from

Do you have any fun Gifts in a Jar Recipes or Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas??

Leave a comment & share!

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  1. Kate says

    It’s still cold outside. Make a homemade mix of hot chocolate and decorate the jar with hearts. If you get all the components for the mix, you can make a ton!!

  2. says

    Hi! Cute idea ;o) We made some Candy Cane Cocoa in a jar for holiday gift giving. We layered powdered dry milk, cocoa, sugar, mini chocolate chips, and crushed candy canes. The jars were really pretty! I would like to share this idea in the February issue of our women’s ezine, Ruby for Women, and post it on our community website. May we do that, with a link back here to your blog, of course? Thanks for sharing this cute idea! Nina @ Ruby for Women

  3. Tiffany says

    we made bath fizzies from the Martha Stewart website and put them in canning jars for Christmas presents for teachers last year. Everyone loved them and they were easy and thrifty. The most difficult and expensive thing to find was the silicone ice cube tray that made perfect cubes- but I could’ve used something else, I just wanted the cubes. Either way, I still have the trays and plenty of fragrance oil to make hundres more if I wanted to.

    Almost anything can be packaged in a canning jar- so retro and cheap if you can find them at a yard sale or thrift shop. Plus, anything made with fragrance oils last longer in glass because plastic leaches the scent away.

  4. Marlene says

    I have started a foundation in honor of my niece that passed – trying to think of some ideas like above that we can do to raise money for TTP research.

  5. carla sorensen says

    I love the jar with the different colors of candy. Hmm… who will I give one to? Or how many should I make?? :) I LOVE all the colors of Valentine’s Day and I love to give things to several people to show them that I care. I am on a tight budget (really tight) and this just might do, even if I make just one! If not I will save the idea until next year, as I may have to.

  6. Misty says

    This is a cute idea. I have baby food jars i kept and polymer clay is on sale at Michaels. I will cover the lids with red clay and put a pink heart on the lid. Thanks this will be a cute gift

  7. Heidi says

    Hi Caity ~ I purchased this jar at Wal-Mart {I believe in a 12-pack} in the canning section.

    Hope that helps!

    ~ Heidi

  8. says

    If you’re really thrifty, buy the red and green M&Ms on clearance after Christmas, then sort out the red ones to use for V-day and the green ones for St. Patty’s (or just for eating as you make the V-day gifts!). If you want a mix of colors, layer them with an inexpensive second candy like conversation hearts. Also, re-purposed jars work really well for this. We save our jelly jars all year long (they’re tall and narrow) because they look really cute filled with candy. You can decorate them just like canning jars, except you need to glue the scrapbook paper to the lid or paint it.

  9. Nancy M says

    I have some Glass Bottles that Starbucks Coffee Drinks came in. I’m looking for a idea on how to use those to make some nice inexpensive gifts for Valentine’s Day. Any ideas?

    • says

      how about chocolate? then they can have coffee w/chocolate? or maybe even making homemade little biscotti sticks? depending how big the jar opening is and if you could get 5 in there?

  10. Leann says

    I love using Mason Jars for things – my fridge is usually full of them with leftovers food storage. Plus my pantry is too. I love the 2 quart wide mouth ones for things like pasta and oatmeal.

    I have baked bread in a jar before to give as gifts. You can use any quick bread recipe, I have done pumpkin, apple-spice and banana blueberry before, oh and choco zuccini. Just Pour mix into greased wide-mouth pint jars, filling half full. Bake at 325° for 45 min. Remove jars from oven one at a time; wipe edge clean and screw cap on very tightly.(if your bread happened to grow above the top edge, be sure to trim it off so the lid fits) The heat will seal the jar. Makes 8 pints. Will keep on shelf for 1 year.

  11. Kim says

    we put kisses in a jar for grandparents and tagged it with a photo of the kids kissing the jar and a note that stated. We bottles all our kisses up and sent them straight to you.

  12. Lauren says

    Also fill a jar with Hershey’s Kisses.. and make a tag which says “Jar of kisses” for you.

    Or fill with HUGS (the white choco/striped kisses) and KISSES… “Hugs and Kisses for Valentine’s Day!”

  13. sarah says

    Im filling my jar with love coupons on a heart shaped paper. :)

    Michaels has TONS of jars. and if u go to there website n sign up or look at there weekly ad theyll 40 percent off coupon!

  14. says

    I did this last year with my nephew, who was 18 months old at the time. He loved putting the layers of candy into the jar. (I had one with a very wide mouth, so it was easier for him). And his mommy loved her Valentine surprise!

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