BIG List of Small Home Organization Tips!

Small Home Organization Tips

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Got a small home?? Check out this BIG List of 41 Creative Storage Tips and Space-Saving Tricks shared by your frugal friends on The Frugal Girls Facebook page!

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Lisa said: “I have small closets and one room has no closet. I lay my winter blankets between my mattress and box spring. It even gives the bed a little extra padding and height!”

Hallway Study Spot

Ronnie said: “A friend gave me a great suggestion for weeding out clothes.  First, go through your closets and put the hangers backwards on the rod. When you wear something and wash it, hang it with the hanger the correct way.  At the end of season, any outfit still hung with the backwards hanger was never worn and should be removed and sold or given away.  For every new item purchased going forwards, you must remove one of your old to be given away, sold or thrown away.  You can declutter your closet with little effort in just one year.”

Wall Mount Mail and Key Rack Sale

Lisette said: “I used to live in a super small home (less than 1100 sq.f) and we converted the hall closet into our “office.” It fit both a small desk and chair, and we also hung up a cork board on the closet wall and added a mail-sorter to the side wall. When it was not in use, we just closed the door and the office was hidden :) We always got compliments on that being a smart idea to save space and still have the office.”

Organizing Ideas ~ Office Organization

Andi said: “Our small guest room is also the nursery. In order to fit a full size bed, a crib, a rocker and a night stand, we took the doors off the closet and put the long dresser in there. The dresser doubles as a changing table and even with all that furniture, this tiny room doesn’t feel crowded!!”

Storage Ottoman Sale

Glenda said: “Be sure to have furniture that does double duty. For example: we have a coffee table that has 10 drawers and the back half lifts up to store blankets or larger things. And yes, it really IS a coffee table (we got it years ago from Sam’s).”

Vintage Crates for Book and Game Storage

Kelly said: “We have coffee and end tables with storage; I label all the shelves in the kitchen; My hubby built an island out of recycled fencing material and an old butcher block table top (looks just like the $400 one at IKEA); We use shelves out in the garage w/ labeled bins; We don’t hold on to stuff we don’t need… we sell it; Put dressers in closets; And I recently bought closet organizers and use them as nightstands for our ridiculously tall 4 poster bed.”

Wall Organizer Sale

Shelly said: “Kitchen booth with storage drawers, instead of a traditional table & chair set-up. And storage ottomans in the living room, instead of more recliners. Both of these things really help.”

Mud Room Storage Solution

Rhonda said: “We put shelves all the way to the ceiling in all the closets, bought furniture that has ton of storage capacity, shelving and peg board from floor to ceiling in the laundry room, and clear bins with a legend in a binder of what is where in my sewing room (15 bins & 9 drawers full). Space is a limited so my husband built attic space in the carport and lets me use his shed for my “overflow.” I know where all my stuff is!!!”

Maximizing Storage in the Mud Room

Mary said: “Use wicker hampers as night stands. They hold seasonal clothing and blankets/beach towels.”

Wicker Hampers

Denise said: “I store our off season clothes in our suitcases.”

Monica said: “We made a table out of a new metal trash can (lid removed), and covered with a 24″ round of plywood. I covered the table with a long round tablecloth, and it looks just like a “decorator” table (and stores an enormous amount). No one would ever guess what it’s made from. It’s been in different rooms, and has held things like blankets, Lego’s, and out of season clothing! :-)”

Organize your Craft Area

Mary said: “Bookcases! I buy the bookcases that you put bins in and use those for my clothes instead of dressers. You can fit sooo much more in them.”

Closet - Master

Melissa said: “I use plastic baskets and tubs (from the dollar store), and reusable shopping bags to organize our closet. What doesn’t get hung up has it’s own place. I also use baskets in the pantry to keep snack foods together and easily accessible. I keep out of season clothes in a storage tote… when it is time to get them out (and put the other clothing away), I weed out items I no longer want.”


Erin said: “I store my kids’ books and toys in plastic dish pans and colorful plastic file crates.”

Christa said: “I rotate my kids toys. I store the extra toys on a shelf in the basement and bring up “new” things (if Lego’s come up, then the Lincoln Logs go down). If they haven’t played with something in awhile, I trade it for something else. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just throw half of everything in a garbage bag or bin, and hide it from the kids. The best part is the kids can pick up their toys without getting overwhelmed, and they actually “play” with their toys! I’d recommend this for even to those that have a big playroom, you’d be surprised how the kids gravitate to something they haven’t seen in awhile!”

Kitchen Utensil Racks

Debbie said: “I found the clear empty VHS cases perfect for all my cords I have lying around the office. I just label the cases to identify the contents (i.e. video camera, cell phone, etc.) and line them up on the book case.”

Blanca said: “I love plastic bins stored under the bed.”

Bed Risers Sale

Dorene said: “I have bed risers under all my beds that provide an extra 9 inches of space. Instead of using drawers, I use under bed storage boxes. My daughter’s room doesn’t have a closet, so we use a thick wooden curtain rod to hang all of her dresses on.”

Under Bed Storage Boxes

Mandy said: “We are getting a bed frame with drawers underneath.”

Candice said: “With 5 people in just under 1,000 sf., we got rid of our huge TV and replaced it with a projector. The screen pulls up when not in use, and the projector still plays regular TV.  This really opened up our living room.”

Scarf and Accessories Hanger Sale

Sally said: “We are a family six, and our house is only 1200 sq.ft.  Since I have not gotten rid of any baby clothes (cuz we still need them), we have packed them (literally) into every nook and cranny we can find in the house. The are in, under and on top of any space that can possibly hold things!!!”

Andrea said: “Space bags for all my daughters old clothes! They really work, and a Lazy Susan to make your stuff accessible and look tidy.”

Jennifer said: “Never forget vertical storage!!!”

Dawn said: “Got tired of picking up all those stuffed animals, so I painted a huge tree on one wall and put up more than 50 hooks.  Now its a game, and home to all the animals.  They are moved around quite often, but are NEVER on the floor.”

Kitchen and Pantry Organizing Essentials Sale

Sarah said: “We have wire closet organizers that have 2 bars for hanging clothes, one above the other (summer clothes on one and winter on the other). I also use old book shelves in the garage for extra shelf space.”

DIY Kitchen Pot Rack... from an Old Window

Danielle said: “Use lots of shelving!”

Play Room Storage Solution

Vivian said: “Get a stackable washer & dryer, place a shoe rack over the door, use a table that folds down on the sides.”

Maggie said: “I love those over the door shoe organizers (with the pouches). I use them for EVERYTHING. One on the inside of the pantry for office supplies; one in the nursery for powder, lotions, clippers, etc.; two in my daughters room for hair accessories; and another for art supplies under her loft bed.”

Shoe Organizer

Debbie said: “1) Don’t hoard, 2) No one needs 12 pair of jeans, 3) Make use of hidden storage (such as under the bed), 4) Add shelving to closets, 5) Add hooks to inside of doors (closet/cabinets).”

Melinda said: “Minimize! It turns out the kids don’t need so many toys! ;)”

Ways To Organize Your Bathroom

Naomi said: “Don’t be a clutter bug! Be willing to get rid of stuff on a regular basis.”

Patti said: “If you haven’t used it in a year, Throw It Out! (unless it’s a keepsake or heirloom).”

Annalisa said: “Leave a basket by the front door for donation items and take the basket once a month to Goodwill or your favorite place for donations.”

Mercadies said: “Hold a bi-annual garage sale and price your stuff to SELL.  It’s extra money and clears out a lot of space.  Do one sale in the Spring and another one in the Fall.  Go through every room, and if you find something you don’t use and have outgrown, sell it!  If you don’t have garage sales, take everything you want to purge to the Goodwill and donate it!”

Garage Sale Tips at

Alyssa said: “Use an extra paper towel holder for organizing headbands! It’s a pretty way to display them, and takes almost NO space. :-)”

Hair Clip Holder

Sheryl said: “Take down the traditional towel rod in the bathroom and use hooks instead. You can hang more towels in the same amount of space and it is great for kids.  Putting a towel on a hook is easier than folding it over a bar.  Hooks can be as simple or fancy as you like for your decor.  This is also great for multiple kids – each child has their own hook for towel, robe, washcloth.”

Beth said: “Take all your old cabinet knobs that you’re not using and screw them to strips of wood (I actually used a paint stirrer). Paint them or don’t, then mount them to the wall for a pretty display for necklaces, bracelets, hair-ties, whatever… and you can get rid of your jewelry box. (earrings/rings can be stored in ice trays in a drawer, or in plastic craft bead compartments.”

Rachel said: “Sticky clips and hooks help make use of wall space. Just put the clips up on the side of the cabinet for toothbrushes. You can also place hooks on the stairwell wall for jackets.”

DIY Mud Room Remodel on a Budget

Melissa said: 3M Command hooks. For apartment use they come off with no damage. Keys by the door. Necklaces on the closet walls. Brooms and dust pan on utility room door. Paintings hung. IKEA bookcases with the rattan/wicker cubes also hold a ton out of sight.”

Elizabeth said: “Living in 300 sq. ft. and having 3 kids under 3, we have learned about this!! We live in a camper, by choice, til we sell our house. We recently moved and plan to buy a house where we will live for my husband’s new job.  You don’t need as much space as you think you do!!! Most people wear the same things over and over again, so donate the extra clothes. Minimize toys and be creative with storage. Boxes, sticks and pie tins are more fun and encourage creative play, which is very important.”

Amanda said: “I just light a match when it gets too cluttered and start over…lol…just kidding! ;)”

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  1. DAnn W. says

    I hang all my necklaces on a man’s tie rack, the kind meant to hang on a closet rod. I hang the tie rack on a hook on an inside closet wall next to the closet door, where it doesn’t interfere with the hanging clothes. When I want a necklace, i just reach in, take down the “necklace rack”, hang it on a clothes hook (on the inside of my closet door where I also hang PJs, recently removed clothing) and can choose what I want–then put it back. No more tangled chains or forgotten/unseen jewelry! The same idea works for scarves and circle bracelets, using belt holders instead of tie rack.

    • says

      Me too, but I use the wall mount kind that are an accessory for wire closet shelving systems. I group the necklaces by color! Great system, easy to grab exactly what I want.

  2. Betsy says

    We are a family of 6. Our home is the place where 4 of us do school full time, 2 of us run businesses, and all of us entertain! One of the best tips I was given is to budget my space. For example, I have 3 bins in the attic for Christmas stuff. No matter how much Christmas paraphernalia we get over the years it must fit in those 3 bins. If something gets added, something else has to go. I do that with all of my clothes, books, utensils, dishes, you name it. If something seems crowded or overflowing I either have to reorganize it, pitch it or both.

  3. Angie in Austin says

    I have many lotion and shower gel fragrances and love using them. To keep them in sight, I use a decorative antique cake plate (the pedestal kind). It sits on my bathroom counter without hogging counter space.

    • says

      At our $ store they sell what looks like a glass plate ( size of a dinner plate) it is a lazy susan, it can be spun around for whatever you need., it looks attractive being clear, sits close to the counter,. it has little suction cups on the bottom so when you spin it it doesnt move but easy to re-positioned. .what a deal at $2..

  4. Angie in Austin says

    I have another to share. Take a French Memo Board, the fabric covered memo board with ribbons all criss crossed on it. Get decorative pins and stick up necklaces or hang dangly earrings off the ribbon. It’s pretty and organizes. Makes jewelry easy to find in a hurry.

  5. Darlene says

    I use a spice rack for my nail polish, small bottles of perfume, creams,etc in my bathroom, taking little space all looks neat and orderly..

  6. Maagan says

    I have a ton…I use a sm.bookshelf for with bins for toys, hanging closet shelves for the kids socks diapers etc, expandable hooks from $1tree for purses, baskets an bins everywhere, esp stackable ones for the pantry…. most everythin is from dollar stores an ikea

  7. Becky says

    We bought a dresser at a resale shop and we are using it as a tv stand. We took the top row of drawers out to have a shelf for the cable box and DVD player. The rest of the drawers are used to for storing DVDs, games, and a few extra blankets.

  8. Schellb says

    I have so many spices that I used to keep in a cabinet but hardly could see all of them. So now I put them in a kitchen drawer laying down with label face up in a row was able to make 3 rows using the glass containers and a row of smaller plastic spice containers. I put them in alphabetical order. Now able to see all my spices.

  9. Eugenia Read says

    We are in a bachelor sized apartment designed in the late 60’s early 70’s. Our linen closet (which has bi-folding doors, so, no extra space there) has to allow for extra pantry items (flour, canned items, pasta, extra box of oatmeal pkgs., etc.), laundry supplies, sheets, towels. I made my own tool holder from a small cardboard box, poked some holes in it to fit each tool and screwed it to the inside of the kitchen sink cupboard. It holds my multi-head screwdriver, pruners, hammer, pliers, wire cutters and an olfa knife. Winter clothes are in suitcases or in space saver bags which get swapped with each season’s clothes. I am also a quilter, knitter, crocheter so had to be creative with all my hobby supplies too, such as making cardboard shelving unit from Eggo waffle boxes and contact paper for fabric storage. Then there’s the filing bin for quilting projects (an idea I got from You Tube). Oh, I almost forgot to mention all my good crystal, china and other memoirs that are in an off-site storage facility. We have enough stuff to fill a proper house and need to get brutal about down sizing some more. My organizational adventure continues which should go well with all these on-line ideas I continue to find.

  10. JJ says

    We have 950 sq ft, no basement and 6 people. We build a lot of our furniture to suit our spacial limitations. Our entertainment center is wide and tall but shallow. It fits 12 of those 12×12 cubes. We store tons of toys and my yarn in them. Low impact on the floor space but huge organization impact. Bonus, the kids can’t touch our tv.

  11. linda welling says

    wow some clever ways to be neat and tidy around house!!Some i had not thought of while few suggestions i knew of..but still so very useful to all…in keeping a home neat and tidy…

  12. says

    If you have two towel bars, one above the other, on the back of a spare bedroom door, guests have a place to hang their bath towels away from the bathroom. It’s more personal, especially if they’re sharing a family bathroom.

    Also, replacing the single rods in closets with closet organizers more than doubles the space. I still have a couple of closets that need organizing and this post has reminded me to do just that!

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