Easy Ways to Organize Your Bathroom!

Easy Ways to Organize your Bathroom from TheFrugalGirls.com

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Is it time to get that bathroom organized once and for all?

Check out these creative Bathroom Storage Tips and Space-Saving Tricks shared by your frugal friends on The Frugal Girls Facebook page!

Rachel said: “I use one of these round rotary desk organizers to keep all my make-up and hair clips organized… my brush goes in the center!”

rotary desk organizer

Tianna said: “It may sound strange, but I got a bookshelf at Walmart for $15. Toss in some cheap baskets or plastic shoebox containers, and my bathroom looks nice again. Very important since we only have one bathroom in our home!”


Ashlee said: “Use a closing cabinet over the toilet and place all of your bath supplies in a hanger over the shower. And… get rid of the stuff you don’t need! Will you really use 32 bottles of hotel shampoo? LOL, I got rid of all but four, which now fit nicely in a Ziploc bag. I can just grab the bag if I need them.”

Krista said: “We use an over the door shoe organizer that we put make-up, cotton balls, nail polish, hair brushes, hair ties, hubbies shaver, first aid stuff, etc. This saves our cabinet space for towels, toilet paper and tampons. ;)”

Amber said: “An over the door shoe holder (the kind with the plastic pockets for shoes) is also perfect for storing toothbrushes, toothpaste, first aid stuff, meds, styling products, the hair dryer, jewelry, hair stuff…etc.”

Christine said: “In my bathroom, I use small storage containers under the sink to stay organized.”

Storage Containers

Stephanie said: “Organize with baskets under the cabinet, and when you take it out… put it back!”


Melissa said: “I use the storage cubes with pretty drawers that I got from Target. It looks great in my bathroom!”

Julie said: “I use a shoe organizer (the one that is a cabinet with a lot of cubby holes) on a shelf in my bathroom closet. The cubby holes are just the right size to keep everything organized.”

and just for fun… Sharon said: “I went to the dollar store and bought a toilet brush… IT IS MY TUB ONLY scrubber. You can mark it with a sharpie or tie something cute on top to make it your tub scrubber… I’m tellin you it sure saves your back and does a great job on the corner areas. Try it….you’ll be sold!”

If you’ve got hair clips galore in your bathroom, be sure to also check out these Easy Ways to Organize Hair Clips!

… and don’t forget this simple trick for Organizing your Jewelry… in an Ice Cube Tray!

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What are your creative storage tips… or space-saving tricks?

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  1. Julie Howe says

    I bought a roll of ribbon for a little over a dollar and cut it into several lengths, about 12″ each. I nailed each one to the wall and fastened barrettes. I separated them by length, as well, so now it’s easy to find a short barrette, etc. when getting ready in the morning.

  2. Robin says

    I bought a vintage triple jam caddy. Glass bodies and metal lids w/ finials. Hubby used a polishing drill bit for the lids and they came out like new! Now it holds all the things we use daily-cotton rounds, Q-tips and dental floss plcks. Voila!

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