Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs Trick!

The Trick to Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs at

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There’s no better time than now to be thinking about perfecting your hard boiled eggs!

I absolutely LOVE egg salad sandwiches, Deviled Eggs, and Hard Boiled Eggs on my salads, but I don’t love those grayish rings they can get.  Ew!

So… here’s a little Kitchen Tip that has worked great for me to make Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs!

First, boil your eggs for about 15 minutes.  {do NOT cook too long!}

Hard Boiled Eggs

While eggs are bowling, fill a bowl with ice cubes and set aside.

Hard Boiled Eggs Ice Bath

Just before eggs are done, add some cold water to your bowl of ice.

Hard Boiled Eggs TrickDo you like my balancing trick here?  Anything to get you a picture! 😉

After the eggs are done boiling, remove eggs from heat, carefully strain water, and immediately submerge your eggs in the ice bath…

Hard Boiled Eggs Ice Cubes

Then place in your refrigerator until they’ve cooled…

Hard Boiled Eggs Ice Trick

After they’ve cooled, remove from cold water/ice bath, peel and you’re done!

Easy-peasy and no more icky gray rings!

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  1. Chelsea says

    Do you put the eggs in the pot before the water is boiling or after? Might be a duh question but I don’t want to ruin them. Thanks!!

  2. Carleen Williams says

    I always boil my eggs exactly 15 min. not a hard boil but boil non the less for a full 15 min and submerge immediately into a cold bath just like Heidi says. And it works perfectly everytime. Thanks Heidi for sharing. It really does work, I’ve been doing it for 30 years.

  3. Kimberly B says

    I learned a tip for peeling hard boiled eggs. Place 1″ of water in a jar, place egg in jar, cover with your hand and shake hard for 15 or so seconds (over the sink is best)
    The shell comes off. It doesn’t stick to the egg. Easy!

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