14 Tips for Growing Perfect Pumpkins!

Tips for Growing Perfect Pumpkins at TheFrugalGirls.com

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Do you want to grow some perfect pumpkins this year??

Check out these creative gardening tips and tricks shared right here and on The Frugal Girls Facebook Page

Brenda said: “Take off all but three or four blooms so that those can grow bigger getting more water and nutrients than if you have ten or more blooms growing into pumpkins.”

Shannon said: “Give the vines plenty of space… I remember my husband mowing around the vines, and pumpkins grew quite large the two years we grew them… they were bigger than our 2 year old!  Good luck!!”

Sarah said: “Did great with little white and orange pumpkins… fertilizer helps.”

Dede said: “Just remember they have to cure in the sun after you pick them, but before you carve them!  Otherwise the rind is way too soft.”

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Stephanie said: “Don’t get the leaves wet, because then you can get a fungus type disease that you can’t get rid of.  You have to water by leaving the hose on the ground or getting a special sprinkler that floods, instead of spraying.

And slugs will try to live under the pumpkins as well as other bugs.  I used a nest of dried pine needles to keep the pumpkins off the ground but still low enough for good growth”

Tera said: “Where are you located?  If you have squash bugs you should plant them after the bugs go through… a little later in the season.”

Sarah said: “Do not grow the Big Max kind if you have deer around.  They ate all of ours last year.  Anyone know how to keep deer away?”

Suzanne said: “Keep deer away with human hair.  Take the remains after a hair cut and scatter it around your plants!”

Melissa said: “On accident.  LOL. Make sure you have lots of room!”

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Afton said: “One year we got a lot of pumpkins, when some of them rotted, we threw them in the garden.  We tilled them up and the next year, they grew like crazy.”

Jessica said: “I’ve grown great pumpkins by accident (tossing the innards into the bushes while carving them outside) – I’ve never tried growing them on purpose!”

Kelli said: “We had NO idea how the vines would travel… planted the seeds and sort of forgot about them.  Next thing we knew, we had pumpkins growing out of our trees and the neighbors fence, and the neighbor’s trees… LOL.  Some were more than six feet up in the air after the vines climbed and bloomed.”

Patti said: “Plant them, leave them alone and ignore them.  They’ll grow like crazy.  Give them lots of attention and they’ll die on the vine!”

Tammy said: “I agree with Patti, they grow like crazy. I planted four plants and had so many pumpkins for the Fall.  Just beware, they take over the garden and the yard!”

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  1. Danielle says

    i have never grown pumkins, or anything for that matter, before. i now see they do grow like crazy. i planted them to close together what do I do!?!

  2. says

    To prevent your pumpkins from rotting due to moisture on the ground, simply put some stray/hay under then! Also, very carefully flip them on great occasion

  3. says

    I have thrown out pumpkin seeds on the ground that were scraps and they have ground wonderfully by themselves with nice pumpkins on them. The same thing happened to my sister this year she had pumpkins growing in her flowers and now has 5 different nice sized to use.

  4. says

    Help me with strawberries. I have tried at least 10 times and I have never been able to go more that 2 to eat. Either a snake or bird gets them….or squirrel. Plus the just don’t grow….I have plants all around them flourishing and the strawberry plants are just dying. HELP

    • says

      keep the animals away with a rubber snake. move it’s location every few days or they will figure out its not real. space plants around them far enough where the other plants won’t steal all the nutrients from the soil.

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