Easy Tips for a Beautiful Baby Shower!

Easy Tips for a Beautiful Baby Shower from TheFrugalGirls.com

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Planning a Baby Shower??

I received the following question from frugal friend Rebecca…

“I’m hosting a Baby {girl} Shower for my sister in a couple of weeks, and was wondering if my Frugal Friends had any good games, goodies, prizes or other thrifty & fun ideas??”

Do you have any fun {or thrifty} Baby Shower game ideas, decorations, food ideas, etc.??

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55 Responses to Easy Tips for a Beautiful Baby Shower!

  1. When I host a shower I do all DIY games/activities, make all the food, and have it at the mom-to-be’s house (if possible)

    I make things like finger sandwiches, carrot soup, pasta salad, fruit salad, and sparkling lemonade.

    I love word-search and jumble kind of games with baby theme, you can just make them yourself and print them out.

    I also like to get a couple packs of fabric markers (and then re-use them for the next shower!) and have everyone decorate a onesie for the baby.

  2. Jenn says:

    My favorite favor idea is to fill empty baby food jars with bath salts. You can make bath salts by mixing in a little body-product safe fragrance oil (can find at any craft store) and a little bit of food coloring – a few drops of red or blue or yellow or green depending on the theme/gender! Fill it up and then make a sticker label if you’d like. You can personalize it with “____________’s Baby Shower” and a date or “Welcoming ___________” with the due date or whatever you’d like! You can tie it off with a pretty ribbon or some nice stickers and you’re good to go!

    A fun game is to do “Baby ABCs”
    Set a timer (maybe 2 minutes?) and guests can write down one word starting with each letter of the alphabet that has to do with babies (like A-apple sauce, B-board books, C-colic, D-diapers etc). The person who has the most wins a prize. A great prize would be a notecard set or some nail polish or a cheap box of chocolates from the dollar store if you’re on a budget! (Or heck, regift! LOL)

    Another fun game is a guessing game. Fill a bottle with pink or blue or green/yellow M&Ms or jelly beans or some kind of candy and then have guests guess how many are in there. Winner wins the candy. :)

  3. Tina says:

    Many of the dollar stores have great stuff you can use as prizes, such as nifty little statues and picture frames!

  4. jennifer delano says:

    go to the dollar store and get baby bottles. we had a competition to see who could drink the bottle the fastest. fill with some sort of juice! really fun, and cheap game

  5. Jenn says:

    Oh and I forgot another fun idea!
    A cute and cheap decoration idea is to hang a string or some yarn like a clothes line and attach some onesies across it (either with safety pins or actual clothes pins). On each onesie, you could have a letter printed out to spell the baby’s name or just spell out “BABY”. After the shower is over, mom gets to take them home as a gift! :)

    • Sasha says:

      Really Like this Idea, going to try this for my baby shower. Gonna make the line over the cake Table with my baby’s name. Hope the vision I have in mind will look very good in reality. Thank you for sharing

    • Lacey says:

      Such a cute idea!! Totally doing it for my cousins baby shower this month :):):) I’m going to steal Sasha’s idea of doing it above the cake table!

  6. Barbara says:

    For a fun free game, ask the guests to come up with as many names as possible from the letters in the parents names. Prizes can go to the prettiest, funniest, and longest.

  7. Kristina says:

    For my shower, my sister in law had a very frugal guest gift idea… she worked the bath & body works deals to aquire a bar of nice soap for each guest and made really cute tags for them that said “From Our Shower to Yours” on them. How cute is that? Plus each host ocntributed and gift basket that they put together and they raffeled them off.

  8. Courtenay G. says:

    I just recently threw a baby shower for my best friend from high school (who is also having a girl.)

    Her sister and I got all of the decorations and most of the food from the Dollar Tree (they have TONS of adorable decorations, and the drinks and food are sometimes better tasting than a store brand!)

    We held it at her mom’s house since she is from out of state. We also sent out invitations via facebook instead of mailing them. This is also very handy if you don’t have access to addresses for all of the guests.

    We played a few games that just required a scrap sheet of paper and a pen, like answering questions about the mom and naming as many baby related items as you can.

    All of our prizes for the games were bought for $1 or less. We had some candles from Fred’s, I had purchased a bath set at Goodwill, and we had several brand-new make-up items that my friend’s mom already had (she had gotten them intending to sell them.)

    It is very possible to be on a budget, I believe we spent less than $40 on the entire thing! Just have fun with it and be creative!!!

  9. Diana says:

    I bought a box of store brand diapers at one of the warehouse clubs. Part of the box was used to make a diaper cake and some more diapers were used to make a diaper banner. I used some of my SwagBucks to purchase baby items for the diaper cake. This way I had both a gift for the mommy-to-be and two cute decorations. I also bought two packs of socks (buy one, get one half off) and made baby sock roses – another gift/decoration combo.

  10. Kathi says:

    I make my own food…I like to do a brunch. Oven Baked Maple French Toast, Fresh Fruit, Mini Muffins, Mini Bagels w/ Cream Cheese – among other things…
    Print my own games… http://www.plan-the-perfect-baby-shower.com/free-printable-baby-shower-games.html
    I also like to do Couples Showers – this involves all of the friends – with this – I like for the guys to grill out and then have sides to go with this. Cakes are a must. Sams Club has awesome CHEAP cupcake cakes…Very cute – baby themed…
    Games – have mom leave the room – have everyone answer ten questions about her…Hair up or down? Earrings on? Shoes? Pants? Color of top? Watch color? Toenail polish and color? Many things you can ask… Give mom a gift everytime someone wins a gift (i.e – mom’s is baby themed)
    Pass a tray of baby items around. Remove it from the room. The person who has the list of the most items – wins…

  11. Amber McElroy says:

    When we sent out the invites we included a homemade raffle ticket that they had to attach to a package of any size diapers or wipes. We would draw names from those that brought them for a prize and the mom to be got a great start on diapers.

    We did a sign on the wall with 5 common words relating to baby and everyone started with a clothespin on their clothes. If you heard someone say one of the no-no words (baby, crib, bottle, labor, poop or whatever you want) you get to take their pin. the person with the most at the end of the party gets a prize.

    We also made it a tea party. Made small sandiwiches (creamcheese/dill/salmon) (chicken salad) (cool cucumber salad) and had a couple pots of hot water with a selection of teas. Also did a relish and a veggie tray. Small petifours for desert.

    Congratulations and have fun!!

  12. Diana says:

    One more thing – for prizes for games I used some of my free coffee samples I found from this site.

  13. amy says:

    Instead of wrapping paper, my mom taught me years ago to use baby blankets to wrap presents! Receiving blankets work great & can be found at Big Lots, etc., very cheap! They are usually cheaper than wrapping paper & are another gift! Everyone loves the idea & it has been a big hit at all the baby showers I have been to!

  14. Melanie says:

    Diaper cake! get a few packs of really cheap diapers, roll them up rubber band them, then rubber band a group of 5, put 4-5 together for bottom tier, 3 for middle and 1 for top. you can decorate with pacifiers and rattles and such. A great center piece/present for about $20-$35.
    Ask guesses for a baby photo of themselves or their baby and a cute saying, or some words of wisdom and make a free hard cover book from shutter fly or Kodak or wherever.

  15. Kim says:

    An inexpensive centerpiece is a lollipop bouquet of chocolates. Once the shower is over, give them to your guests as a parting gift. If you know the sex, use blue or pink if not yellow or green chocolate candy melts. Usually the melting chocolates are a very dark hue of colors…always add white to lighten them up OR make them all in a pretty white basket, a piece of styrofoam in the bottom…arrange pops like you would flowers and get some tissue paper or colored paper confetti strips to give it a celebratory look. I’ve used baby bottle molds, ABC molds, “Showers of Happiness” umbrellas, duckies, bunnies, etc.

    Also, if you make mini brownies or mini cupcakes, spell out the words “WELCOME TO THE WORLD BABY XXXX”. If you frost the cupcakes in white/yellow, use chocolate or a colored chocolate to go with your theme. If you do chocolate frosting, white chocolate letters or colored. Makes a statement on your table and a nice addition besides a traditional cake. I suggest brownies and white chocolate…no mess with frosting and you don’t take over the “cake”.

    Have everyone bring a small appetizer, put someone in charge of punch and one other beverage, coffee and tea. Any close family members can each make something….sausage and peppers, ham, potatoes, salad. Or, a brunch….french toast, fresh fruit, bagels, muffins, bacon and sausage. Easy and fun!


  16. lahni says:

    I take cheap/clearance/cute,etc baby bottles, take the nipples off, tie a pretty ribbon around where the nipple ring would go, and use them as vases… a few roses, trimmed up, go in ea baby bottle, and then decorate throughout the party with them.. very very pretty effect and very cheap.

    • CELESTE says:


  17. Bridget says:

    My sisters and I have started throwing showers during brunch. Egg casseroles, mini muffins and fruit salad to eat. Iced tea, coffee and juice to drink. It is much less expensive than a luncheon or serving finger foods. For an inexpensive party favor a pink cellophane bag with a popcorn based snack mix (for a girl popcorn, white chocolate Flips, and pink m&m’s) with a tag that reads “She’s About to Pop” and small thank you for attending the baby shower. Pink candies will be easy to find with Valentine’s Day right around the corner. For decorations we use items like bibs, baby socks, and onesies on clothes lines draped around the room instead of streamers and balloons and other “throw away” decor.

  18. Alicia says:

    My favorite guessing game is to compile a bunch of jar baby foods in only 3 or 4 colors, such as a few orange baby foods, a few green baby foods, a few beige baby foods, etc. Number the jars of baby food and create a list of which number corresponds to which baby food, then remove the labels from the jars. All the guests have to guess which jar is which type of food. They get no hints, they have to just figure it out by themselves. The person with the most correct guesses wins. At the end, tape the labels back on to the jars and give as your gift to the mom!

  19. Sonita says:

    Have it at someone’s house. This saves rental fees. Borrow anything you or the host house doesn’t have.

    Make your own invitations-or send electronic invites. Design your own, or use a free service or even just FB-only send paper invites to people without internet (usually older people)

    Shop as far ahead of time as you can for plates, decorations, etc. Shop deals or dollar stores. Alternate a print (cups, plates, napkins, etc) with a matching solid color. I do this for my kids’ birthday parties. Like for a spiderman theme I’ll buy one pack of spiderman plates, cups, napkins, etc-then just use plain matching blue or red plates, napkins, etc. Solid colors are much cheaper than prints.

    Let your gift be be things you can decorate with. Like my mom’s gift at one of my baby showers was a gift basket full of baby wash, cute bibs, baby lotion, baby wash cloths, loose diapers, etc-it was also the centerpiece for the table.

    Make your own games. One our family favs is take a few of those diapers (remember they are put in the gift basket loose)and smear them with condiments you have on hand or candy bars. Blindfold guest and have them try to identify by smell. DO NOT MICROWAVE DIAPERS WITH CANDYBARS-THEY WILL START A FIRE! LOL Melt the candy bars then then put in the diapers. Or use things like ketchup, mustard, vinegar, vanilla flavoring, or make your own gross concoction :)

    My mom always wins the ‘don’t say the word baby’ game. Buy a pack of clothes pins (or safety pins) give out when guest arrive. If you use the word “baby” whoever catches you first gets your pin-at the end of the shower the one with the most pins wins.

    cheap game idea: Make a list of things moms often have in their purse. Have guest search their purse for items-one with most items wins. Things like Kleenex, nail clippers, pen/paper, quarters (for gum machines), a toy, candy, band-aid, etc

    A ball of yarn, string or roll of toilet paper for guest to guess how big mommy’s tummy is.

    A nice memento for the mom and baby-buy a box of blank cards. You’ll need one card per guest. Open them and place a blank card in each envelope. Label each envelope with a # then birthday (ex-1st birthday, 21st birthday, 40th birthday, etc). You may want to just do major birthdays for small showers or start at 10 or 15 or 21) Randomly give each guest a card to fill out for the child to open on that birthday. You may wish to plan it by letting grandmas or great grandmas get the oldest birthdays-since they may not be around by the time the child reaches say 40. It will be nice for the baby to see what a person thought they might need to know at age 21 before they were born.

    Buy a nice, small journal for mom. Address it to the baby. Like a baby book but on a smaller scale-tell mom just to write stories about everyday life instead of big events. Like daily routines at different ages, cute things they say and do through the years that never make it to the baby book or scrapbook, etc.

    hand out 3 x 5 cards and allow each guest to fill out words of wisdom for mom. You can punch with a hole punch and tie with ribbon to make a ‘flip book’ on the spot after the shower.

    Make the food yourself and have the shower between meal times so you can serve snacks instead of a meal (over by noon or from 2-4). You’ll save a ton of money. Keep the food simple. You don’t have to offer a ton of options, 1-2 sweet things, 1-2 salty things and a couple of beverage choices is fine. Or have a pot luck!

    For prizes-dollar tree. No one goes to baby showers to win prizes, it’s just a token gesture. So a $1 gift is fine.

  20. Alex says:

    Here are some ideas for decorating and food. I did a natural theme. I collected many different types of clear glass vases from friends. In each vase I filled with mardigras silver, pearl, and blue bead necklaces (I live in New Orleans so this made it free, you could use some pretty marbles or even river stones). I spray painted branches white that I got from the yard (take leaves off or leave on) and stuck them in the vases. I traced the outline of baby related shapes on cardstock (baby bottles {careful they can look falic}, rubber ducky, teddy bear, baby rattle, and an old school type stroller) cut them out, made a hole, tied a loop with pretty{cheap} ribbon, and hung them on the tree (or you could use a cri-cut and save a lot of time!) The ornaments can be later used for a game where people would have to collect as many as they can or not have any at all.
    I did a pot-luck. I did it at a church so I really had to decorate to warm things up. I used some white plastic tableclothes from the dollar store (or borrow some) and covered the food tables. Under the tablecoth I put sturdy boxes ranging in size in random spots. Food was placed on the table and on top of the boxes (this added highth and definition. I added a few before mentioned vases on the food tables and laid throughout randomly some ice cycle lights. I did streamers in a centric pattern for the cealing. I spray painted a bird’s nest white and gave each person a blank 3×5 card and a pen–each person wrote down advice for the mother (you could make it funny) and then place the cards in the nest for the mom to keep words of wisdom and encouragement.The best thing I did was to appoint someone to help with the shower. I was good at decorating but a friend of mine wanted to do the games. We split the responsibilites and that helped a lot with stress.
    A great looking and tasting drink is sweet iced tea with lemon wedges and blueberries floating on top, lemon and strawberries work well too! All in all I spent $30. On a budget the best thing to do is to come up with a theme, look at your friends and pull together your resources. What are you good at,what you are not good at, which of your friends is good at what you’re not, ask them to help. What they contribute can be put in a card and they can say what they contributed to the party as their present.
    I hope this helps.

    • tracy vaiuso says:

      An inexpensive activity idea: I am planning my Son’s now, I’m planning to buy a couple dozen cupcakes w/o frosting or decorations. After other activities, mom n dad to be get a bit to rest while the guests decorate the cupcakes. Then we can select the favorite cupcake as “best in show”, who’s creator wins a prize then we eat ‘em! game, rest, and “cake” all in one.

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