Homemade 409 Recipe

Homemade 409 Recipe DIY

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Save $$ on cleaning supplies with this Homemade 409 Recipe!

Just a few simple ingredients, and you’re on your way to an effective and thrifty all-purpose cleaner!

Homemade 409 Recipe:

  • 2 Tbsp. Distilled White Vinegar
  • 1 Tsp. Borax
  • 1/8 cup Dawn Dishsoap
  • 1 cup Hot Water
  • Triggered Spray Bottle {16 oz.}
  • Optional: Your Favorite Scent of Essential Oil
  • Pour vinegar, borax and hot water into spray bottle.
  • Then continue filling spray bottle with cool water.
  • Add Dawn Dishsoap last. {no need to shake}
  • Optional: Add in a few drops of your favorite scent of essential oil.
  • It’s as easy as that! ;)
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56 Responses to Homemade 409 Recipe

  1. Mom2three says:

    Thank you so much for posting the Homemade 409 recipe. I’m always on the look out for a product I can make at home and save $$$! I have all of those items on hand (I use Borax to make my laundry detergent). Can’t wait to try it!

  2. Donna and Greg says:

    Thank you so much for the sprays recipes. These are what I have been looking for!


  3. Sarah says:

    Great Frugal Tip! Thanks!

  4. Beth Feeney says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this! I mixed our first container full and “LOve It”! I love making things (especially cleaners) and saving a ton too! Works great and smells clean too! thanks again!! :>)

  5. claudette says:

    OMG! How did I ever live without these homemade products? These homemade products have saved me so much money and time from trying to clip coupons and find the best bargain for cleaning products. I’m still looking for the homemade shout??

    • Patricia Glover says:

      My Mom used shout our WHOLE lives – she now uses the homemade Shout….The recipe she uses is really easy – Equal parts liquid Laundry detergent and Dawn dishwashing liquid. She swears by it. It even got the diesel grease out of my Dad’s clothes. There has never been a product out there that has been able to do that!!!!

  6. Sherry says:

    I read in some literature that came with our granite counter top to avoid any type of vinegar on the stone. Just wanted to let you all know to not use the homemade solutions on this type of counter. Of course, there are millions of other things to clean in the home with these.

  7. Christina McKenzie says:

    Just curious, but my husband can’t stand the smell of vinegar…so I have to ask…does the homeade 409 smell like vinegar? Or does the dishsoap cover it up? As a side note, if you ever have problems with fruit flies, fill a small bowl with vinegar, add several drops of dish soap, and mix well. They are attracted to the vinegar smell, and the dishsoap finishes them off! (My husband hates it though…it stinks like vinegar!)

    • Susan says:

      thanks Christina, I am going to try this. I hate those annoying little things that seem to appear from nowhere…

    • Sharon says:

      I’ve been soaking orange peels in vinegar, and it really helps balance the vinegar smell. I just toss peels in over the week as I use oranges for morning smoothies. I make sure the vinegar covers the peels, and by the end of the week it all smells lovely. After straining the vinegar into a spray bottle or other container, I start a fresh jar for the next week of orange peels.

      • clancey says:

        Thanks for the suggestion about the orange peel. Wonder if lemon peel would also work? Will definitely try it. I use homemade shower cleaner and the vinegar odor is a bit stong. Much appreciated.

    • Carolyn Todd says:

      Cover your vinegar (bug catcher) with Glad wrap and punch some holes in it w/ a tooth pick. Works just as well and bugs cannot get out….no vinegar smell.

  8. Amy Bernius says:

    I love this 409 recipe!!! I will never buy sparay again. I keep one in every bathroom for clean ups and one in the kitchen for counters. Love it, thanks!

  9. Jennifer says:

    Homemade Laundry Stain Removers

    Recipe #1
    1 cup hot water
    1/2 cup baking soda
    1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide
    Mix ingredients then store in spray bottles. Spot treat stains then soak overnight.

    Recipe #2
    2 quarts water
    1/2 cup ammonia
    2 TBS laundry detergent
    Mix ingredients then store in spray bottles. Spot treat stains then soak overnight.
    Do not use with bleach.

    • Patty says:

      Hi, I was just wondering does the ammonia or the peroxide cause any color fading on clothing like bleach does.

  10. Amanda says:

    Was going to make the home made 409, but don’t have DAWN dish soap. I usually buy the generic. Does it matter if it is DAWN or does any dish soap work? I have all the other stuff already and was going to mix up a batch, but wanted to check first! Thanks!! =) LOVE THE LAUNDRY SOAP AND FABRIC SOFTNER!!!

    • Deb says:

      Amanda, I used to buy the generic or cheaper dish soaps but I went back to Dawn. The truth is you use so much less of it that it’s more economical. It’s an excellent grease cutter. Check the prices on it at Walmart and Family Dollar, you can generally get a 2 pack of it for approximately $4.00.

    • Lyn says:

      same story here; I used to use generic dish soap but went back to Dawn and that’s all we’ll use now. Nothing else gets the grease like Dawn.

  11. Sandy Peace says:

    Thank you so much for all the cleaning recipes but does anyone have any for making something similiar to the Lysol or Clorox disinfectant wipes or would the recipe for 409 work?

    • Lynn says:

      Another blogger who makes homemade cleaners cuts up old cloths (like t-shirts) or buys those awesome microfiber cleaning cloths and cuts them into squares, and keeps them in a container soaked in cleaner. She just throws the used ones in with her towels and puts them back in to clean another day!

    • lorrie says:

      Make the 409 cleaner and put aside. Buy a 2l round tall container or use the plastic ice cream containers from Chapman’s icecream. Cut a small X in the middle of the lid. Now you need a roll of BOUNTY paper towel. (No other will work… I’ve tried!). Cut the roll to size with the container so you can pop it in and put the lid on. At this point carefully remove the cardboard roll from the middle of the paper towel. Place the paper towel back in the container and pour about 1 cup of your cleaner all over it. Pull the first sheet of paper towel from the MIDDLE of the roll thru the hole. You now have your own wipes.

      • Tina Lindsey says:

        Thanks for the recipes. I love them all. However I am allergic to harsh chemicals like bleach andaammonia. I also have asthma. Will these make my asthma and allergies act up?

  12. Heidi says:

    Hi Amanda ~ I have found that Dawn dish soap works best. There is just something in it that seems to cut through grease and grime, and remove stains so well! Hope that helps! ;)

    ~ Heidi

  13. Sarah says:

    Is this formula safe for granite?

    • Ruth says:

      No, it’s not. You should not use vinegar on granite!!

    • Shirley says:

      My recipe for granite cleaner is:
      1/3 C Alcohol
      Few drops of Dawn
      Fill bottle with water.
      I use an old granite cleaner bottle that holds 22 oz.
      Probably should put the water and alcohol in first then add the few drops of Dawn. This has worked for me for years….in fact I think it is the first homemade cleaner that I ever made. The granite cleaner is was buying cost $5. a bottle. This recipe costs almost nothing. :-)

  14. DARLENE E says:

    what would you use on fiberglass tubs to clean hard water lime spots and soap scum?

    • Liz says:

      I use AquaEZ
      on my fiberglass tub and shower enclosure…it works AWESOME and does not scratch. I found it in the pool chemical section at Lowe’s…It is a cartridge and DE filter cleaner, and can be used on patio furniture, boats, spas etc. Costs about 8 dollars per quart spray bottle and worth every penny…made my tub shiny again!

    • Lynne says:

      I made the absolute *best* tub cleaner I’ve ever used. Heat vinegar in microwave. Pour into spray bottle. Gently mix an equal amount of Dawn dish detergent. It’s better than the super expensive lime cleaners!

  15. Heather says:

    Do you use the regular Dawn, or the concentrated? Just wondering if it makes a difference in the amount of Dawn you add.

    • Heidi says:

      Hi Heather ~ I usually use just the regular Dawn Dish Soap, but I’m sure the concentrated formula would work just fine, too! ;)

      ~ Heidi

  16. claudette says:

    I have a problem with flies. I really hate to use those ugly fly strips. Does anyone have any suggestion on how to get rid of them????

    • Liz says:

      After spending lots of time and money buying storebought to fix this problem, out of desperation I mixed a few tablespoons of pancake syrup with pinch of baking soda…this attracts and then kills the flies(bugs cannot burp). I place a teaspoon or so of this in a jar lid and put on my windowsills. For a few days I cleaned up dead flies, but had none the rest of summer.The best part is that it is safe for kids and pets. It works for ants, too. Just go easy on the baking soda, it doesn’t take much but if you use too much it won’t work.

    • brenda says:

      I don’t knwo why but I found flies were very attracted to the jalapeno pepper “juice” in a jar of the sliced peppers I left on the counter. They fly into the jar, and get trapped. Just use up the peppers first!
      Also, you can just put your vacuum cleaner on the hose option, and use the vaccum hose to vacuum up flies, like sword-fighting the insects, it’s pretty easy to catch them even if they are flying around. My kids love doing this for me.

    • Lynne says:

      I spray flies and any kind of stinging insect with the cheapest hairspray I can find. Aqua Net is tough to find, but works the best. The more expensive kinds aren’t as sticky, so they *don’t* work as well. The hairspray gums up their wings, so they can’t fly. Then it’s super easy to use a fly swatter. I don’t think you even really need the swatter, but I won’t wait for the hair spray to kill the insects.

  17. melissa says:

    I hate cleaning…really I do. Mostly because of the fumes associated with cleaning products. Thank you for this 409 recipe. I mixed up a batch tonight and it cleaned my bathroom better than ever and I didn’t get a headache from the fumes! The smell of the vinegar disappeared as soon as the shower walls dried. Thanks for saving me from a headache and I love that I am saving money too!

  18. natasha says:

    i have just really got started with the whole couponging thing and am excited to start saving money. i am excited to try the homeade cleaners too.. tyfs the recipes

  19. Megan says:

    HELLO!!!! So glad I found this site!!! I will definitely be making some homemade cleaners this weekend!!! Can not waite!!! Thank you for all of your helpful hints and tricks. This site ROCKS!!!!

  20. Ashley says:

    Thank you so much I just found this on this site and I am so excited to start saving even more money, my question is about the shout I love it but so expensive what kind of Liquid laundry detergent do you use or does it matter? Thank you so much

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