Home Decor Tip: Hallway Study Space!

Hallway Study Spot

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Short on space?  Don’t forget this simple Home Decor Trick: put those hallways to use!

Maximizing every nook and cranny is a simple solution to increasing functionality in your home.  Even a hallway can be turned into a study space!  Chalkboard paint will turn it from drab to fab!

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  1. says

    Making small spaces interesting is a challenge but highly achievable without costing a small fortune.

    I am moving to a new home where space is an issue and the budget is set!

    No problem as I have been collecting gorgeous items from charity shops and store sales which are going to make the new home look fabulous.

    You can as you say decorate a room with little cash. It just takes a bit of imagination and trekking through a lot of places where a bargain is waiting to be found.

    Did I mention how much fun you will have doing it!

    I love your concept and frugal ideas.

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