Easy Tip for Preserving your Child’s Artwork!

20120916-205045.jpg{Jenny’s son, Milan ~ age 4}

 Following is a guest post by Jenny at KidsNCoupons ~ enjoy!!

Preserve Your Child’s Art: Always and Forever

I have 3 kids. I would like to save all their wonderful works of art but I would need an extra garage to store it all. My kids get so excited when they show me their art. I have found I not only love their art but their huge smiles as they show it to me and explain all the fantastic details of their finished master piece.

I’m sure you have heard the idea of taking pictures of your child’s special works of art, but I have taken that a step further….take a picture of your child holding their art work. Not only will you get some of the most fantastic smiles on film but you freeze in time what your child looked when they made this most wonderful creation. Most likely they made it for you.

You can find Jenny at www.kidsncoupons.wordpress.com, blogging about what do on a dime with your kids and couponing in the Bay Area, CA


  1. Joanna says

    What a great idea we are going to do this !!!!
    I actually follow Kidsncoupons.com as well , I think it’s great that
    It’s on here too.

    Joanna Kingsley

  2. says

    :( what do you do with the artwork after you take a picture? Mine are all teenagers now and I have about 20 framed and hanging. (not professional framing) The smaller stuff is in boxes in storage. Someday I will need to go through those and take pictures. Easy enought hehehe.

  3. Tamy says

    Next time you’re out for pizza, ask for an extra box for each child… then have the kids decorate their box. Now you have an easy place to store your kids artwork after the picture is taken. At the end of that school year – have the kids pick out one or two favorites to keep. With 4 kids we have TONS of artwork coursing through our home… being diligent (and staying detached when necessary) has been key. We have a piece of framed artwork from each of our kids hanging in our “gallery” (the hallway to the bedrooms) so we can reflect on it (it also use it as a bench mark to help measure their growth since).

  4. Jaqi says

    Grandmothers love to get artwork from their grandchildren, at least, I do. I just framed one that my grandson did in his kindergarten class this year. It’s bright and beautiful. I don’t have any from the other three who are in school, but I plan to ask for them because I know I won’t get any unless I ask.

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