How to Make Owl Cupcakes!

Owl Cupcakes Recipe

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Who, Who, Who’s in the mood for some oh-so-cute Owl Cupcakes??

These will be perfect for your Fall parties!!  {they’ll be something to hoot and holler about!}

What you’ll need:

  • Batch of chocolate cupcakes
  • Buttercream frosting
  • Caramel Bullseye candies
  • Waxed paper
  • Rolling pin
  • White candy melts
  • Chocolate chips
  • Kitchen scissors
  • Black licorice sticks
  • Cashews

How to make it:

  1. Generously frost one third of the top of each cupcake.
  2. Next, create owl eyes. For each pair, slice a caramel Bullseye candy in half to create 2 thinner circles. Place the halves between two sheets of waxed paper and use the rolling pin to flatten them slightly (they should be about 1 1/2-inch-wide).
  3. Top the caramels with white candy melts, and then set a chocolate chip on top of each candy melt, using dabs of frosting to hold the pieces in place. Place a pair of eyes on each cupcake, pressing them down onto the frosted portion.
  4. Create facial feathers for each owl by snipping two 1 1/2-inch lengths from a piece of black licorice. Cut fringe in one end of each length. Then stick the fringed licorice pieces in place right above the eyes.
  5. For the finishing touch, add cashews for the owls’ beaks.

Thanks to Disney’s for sharing this fabulous recipe with The Frugal Girls… we hope you like it!! Check out more fun recipes, crafts, and diy projects at

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One Response to How to Make Owl Cupcakes!

  1. FAYE YATES says:

    I have a Babycakes cupcake maker and seldom see ideas for the mini cupcakes. I LOVE the owl idea-any suggestions on what type of candies to use with the mini cupcakes?

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