How to Make Foaming Shampoo

Foaming Tear Free Shampoo

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On the hunt for more Homemade Cleaners & Soap Recipes??

Here’s a great one for your little kiddos… How to Make Foaming Tear-Free Shampoo!

What You’ll Need:

  • Empty Foaming Soap Dispenser {Bath & Body Works, Dial, Johnson’s, etc.}
  • Tear-Free Shampoo

What You’ll Do:

Clean out your empty foaming soap dispenser…

Then… add about 1 inch of Shampoo to the dispenser…

Fill the bottle the rest of the way up with water {leaving a little room at the top}

Then, gently turn side to side to mix together {no shaking… that just gets waaaay too bubbly… trust me!} 😉

There you have it ~ you’re all done… and that was seriously easy!

Give it a try ~ it’s a simple way to save $$ and stretch your dollars on Tear-Free Shampoo!

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What are some of your favorite Homemade Cleaners or DIY $$-saving Tips??

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  1. Amanda says

    I tried this with your foaming hand soap post, and it worked great. I had added a little too much soap, so mine was coming out thick, so I added a little more water and now it’s perfect. And it makes a regular bottle last so much longer!

  2. Rebecca says

    Pampered Chef sells a dispenser that does that and I use Johnson’s Baby Wash in it for my girls and it works great!

  3. ViKi says

    This is the BEST laundry detergent that I have ever used! I call it……

    “Pay It Forward” Laundry Detergent.

    Mix these 3 ingredients together & store in any dry ingredient container available. I use a plastic coffee can to store mine in. 3 batches will fill 1 plastic container.

    Once the washer gets going, look at your water & how DIRTY it is! YIKES! LOL


    I use the ALOE Ivory, & 1/4 to 1/2 cup distilled white vinegar, which saves me money too! The vinegar removes any soap residue during the rinse cycle, plus it makes clothes sooooo soft! YOUR CLOTHES WILL NOT SMELL LIKE VINEGAR WHEN THEY COME OUT OF THE WASH!
    I have also used it to handwash dishes too! :0)

    Enjoy CLEANER clothes & all that money you will save by making your own! :0)

    • Deb says

      Hi, thanks for the great idea…a few ques though.
      Do you use just plain baking soda, or is it washing soda, or are they the same? And why do you use teh Aloe Ivory instead of the regular?

      Also, do you put the vinegar in with the washing or do you have to catch the machine at the rinse cycle? I have a newer machine that is energy saving and I can’t open the lid after the cycle starts or it fills to the top, defeating the water savings.

      My sis makes something like this using Fels Naptha soap and like s using a grater…says it’s “relaxing”! lol.

      Thanks again if you could help!

  4. says

    Do you find that these foaming bottles cannot be re-used for very long? We’ve always found that part way through the 2nd or 3rd re-fill, they don’t foam very well and that the plunger starts to stick down.

    I even tried buying some from an online source hoping they were a little higher quality, but didn’t really get much more life out of them.

    We were making our own foaming hand soap with about 6 oz. water, 1 oz. regular liquid hand soap.

    • Rita says

      Don, I find the bottles from Bath & Body Works last the longest for our family… I know what you mean about the plunger “sticking” I have had that issue with other bottles such as the Kandoo kids foaming soap bottles when I have filled them more than a few times. I have been using the same bath & Body Works bottles for more than a year now with no problem at all… Hope that helps.

        • says

          i’m noticing that mine tend to get tough to pump down.. but i went to the pampered chef site, and on their suds pump, it just mentioned soap clogging the mechanism, and trying just flushing it out with regular water. i also realized that i was using moisturizing soap… which i’m sure is clogging it up. i’m going to work on those things, and i hope it helps the bottles last longer.

  5. Cora says

    What a great idea! I only buy Burt’s Bee’s baby wash for body & hair. It’s not the cheapest baby soap to buy but it’s worth it since everything else I tried on both kiddos gives them eczema and itchy skin. Putting it in a foaming soap bottle will aid in making it last lots longer. =)

  6. Peaches Spiritwalker says

    The foaming tear free shampoo is great for eye makeup removal. Be sure to mix with distilled water since you will be using it on your eyes. It usually only takes one swipe and no rubbing to remove eye makeup. I wear contacts and it hasn’t bothered me there either.
    I don’t use waterproof mascara, so I don’t know how it works on that.
    I use baby wash cloths instead of cotton balls. Cotton balls or paper can have small wood-like fibers that can irritate the delicate skin around the eye. Plus they have to be thrown away and purchased again.

    If you want a bit of exfoliating while removing makeup, use a more textured baby cloth. I get these at dollar stores, usually 4/$1.

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