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On the hunt for some Military Discounts??  Check out this BIG list of Military Discounts, Freebies & Coupons!

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FREE 5×7 Photo Book + FREE Shipping to Deployed Soldier!

AAFES PX / BX Coupons {updated weekly}
{you can also view the AAFES PX / BX Coupon Policy}

Ace Rent a Car Military Discount = 15% off!

Anna’s Linens Military Discount = 10% off!

Bass Pro Shops Military Discount Days = 10% off!

Best Western Military Discount

Busch Gardens Military Discount = FREE Admission!!

Choice Hotels Military Discount

Commissary Coupons + Coupon Policy


Costco Membership = $50 in savings


Denver Museum of Nature & Science FREE Admission
{thanks to frugal friend Drew for sharing}

Disneyland & Disneyworld Military Discounts

Disney Military Discounts

Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort Discount

Golden Corral ~ Military Appreciation Meal

GreenCare for Troops
{Free Lawn Care while your soldier is deployed!}
{thanks to frugal friend Denise for sharing!}

Hale Koa Hotel Waikiki ~ Discounted Resort
{thanks to frugal friend Heidi for sharing!}

Hawk’s Cay Resort ~ Florida: Military Discount
{thanks to frugal friend Shyanne for sharing!}

Houston Zoo Military Discount = FREE Admission for Military Families! {2 adults + 3 kids!}
{thanks to frugal friend Lana for sharing!}

Lagoon Theme Park Military Discount
- Utah – Active, Dependents, Retired
{thanks to frugal friend Jessica for sharing!}

Lowe’s Military Discount {Active & Retired}: 10% off!
{just show your military id at checkout}
{thanks to frugal friends Marissa & Sonia for sharing!}

FREE National Parks Passes for Military

National Parks ~ FREE Admission year round for Disabled Veterans

New York Aquarium Military Discount
and Bronx Zoo Military Discount
(thanks Michelle)
FREE Admission + 50% off!

NEX Printable Coupons

Nike Military Discount: 10% off!
{active, retired, and reserves}
{thanks to frugal friend Stephanie for sharing!}


Operation Heal Our Patriots

Operation Heal Our Patriots

Operation Love Reunited Portraits
{thanks to frugal friend Amber for sharing!}

Our Military Kids
Free Grants for Kids of Deployed Soldiers!
{sports, fine arts, camps, tutoring, etc}
{thanks to frugal friend Denise for sharing!}

FREE PGA Tour or Champions Tour Admissions! {select events}

Rack Room Shoes Military Discount ~ 10% off every Tuesday!
{thanks to frugal friends Theresa, Melanie & Donna for sharing!}

Rack Room Shoes

San Diego Zoo & Safari Park Military Discount ~ FREE Admission!

Sea World Military Discount ~ FREE Admission!!


Sesame Place Military Discount ~ FREE Admission!!
{thanks to frugal friend Annie for sharing!}

Shades of Green ~ Discounted Resort at Disney World
{thanks to frugal friend Jacque for sharing!}

Shades of Green

Sports Clips Military Discount
{thanks to frugal friend Gracie for sharing!} ~ FREE Tutoring Services for Military Families!
{thanks to frugal friend Crisi for sharing!}

Under Armour Military Discount = 10% off!

Universal Studios Military Discounts
{thanks to frugal friend Kerry for sharing!}

Vettix ~ FREE Sporting Events Tickets!
{for Veterans, Active Duty Military & their Families}
{thanks to frugal friend Edith for sharing!}

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What are your favorite ongoing Military Discounts??

Leave a comment & share!

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260 Responses to Military Discounts!

  1. Josephine Riley says:

    JCPenny offers 50% off for military for portraits.

  2. Marissa says:

    Lowes offers 10% off for military members and dependents (I don’t know about retired, etc.)

    New York and Company also offers 15% off for military and dependents in store (not online)

    • Glenda says:

      Lowe’s gives retires Military discount.

    • Sgt. Bob says:

      Lowes gives a 10% veterans discount valid for current actibve duty, retired, and veterans holding a government issued ID from the VA. The discount is good on any non-sale items. Home Depot has the same policy.

      • Maria Ginter says:

        HD only gives discounts to active, retired lifers, disabled and Natioanl Guard and on 3 holidays a year.

        Lowe’s gives 10% to EVERYONE who has ever served no matter when or what length of time. We shop Lowe’s.

        • Niles Steven says:

          Not the place to bash other store, Home Depot gives all military a discount.

          • Jenny says:

            HD is incredibly military friendly. They offer 10% off to all military members regardless of status and they’re given hiring preference.
            You’re right- this is not a site to speak negative about stores.

          • Autumn says:

            HD in Washington state will only provide military discount to active duty members. My husband has also gone into HD in his uniform and was not given a discount, you have to mention it to receive it. Every state is different…

          • Cheryl Hoerner says:

            Absolutely correct – just got discounts for new appliances – 10% – same as Lowes!!!

          • Carol Wilson says:

            Home Depot refused my veteran husband a discount. When he showed his veteran ID they cashier said they couldn’t honor it because “anyone could get a card like that.” We left our purchases on the counter and went to Lowes.

          • CPT Nick says:

            HD gives the 10% military discount up to a MAX of $50 – would NOT match LOWE’S (HD in Ft. Myers FL) Don’t know if this is ALL stores in ALL states. They said it was “corporate” decision.

          • Norma Albertini says:

            No they do not give military discount to all veterans only injured vets Lowe’s wins!

        • David McConnell says:

          Home Depot in the Cleveland, OH area does NOT give a discount for military retirees in 2012. They did in the past

        • Bryson says:

          Home Depot of Dawsonville, Georgia no longer gives a military discount…I know because my hubby is in the military and has been denied on multiple occasions…they state it is “no longer in their policy”…it could be up to each individual store to make these decisions…but our store does not honor the military discount like they used to in the past…

          • Ann says:

            I am sorry to hear that. Maybe they don’t appreciate what our servicemen and women do? Maybe they should stand in front of them if they can’t stand with behind them!

          • Tammy says:

            Almost everywhere we go up here in Washington state my husband and now our son gets 10% off HD,L and alot of restaurants give 10% our son is currently in and when he wears his uniform places you would not think gives discounts give discounts

      • David McConnell says:

        Home Depot in the Cleveland Area does not give a discount for retired military in 2012.

      • Lou says:

        The Lowes in Clarksville TN near Ft. Campbell KY dose not give this discount. They have in the past on holiday weekends but do not daily. I ask everytime I go there but have now decited to drive to Hopkinsville, KY. A short drive for me and I save on the taxes and also get my 10% off..

        • Jessie says:

          I live in Clarksville and go to lowes almost every weekend (lots of projects) and they give discount every single time no problems.

      • Katelynn says:

        Not true… I recently bought a Washer that was on sale and got my military discount in addition to that sale.

      • Point65 says:

        Lowes and The Home Depot both give 10% military discounts in my town in Louisiana, on everything purchased regardless of sale or non-sale items, to all military (Active Duty, Guard/Reserves, Retirees). I’m Air Force retired and worked at this Home Depot store in the past.

      • henry says:

        I have recieved at lowes every day rather its a sale item or regular price and not always at Homedepot or at least sence i stopped shopping at HD told them they should like Lowes does and I hear they have in our area. To late I a now a loyal Lowes customer HD fell asleep on the Veterans and only doing it because Lowes Is at least thats the case in our area Springhill/Brooksville Florida

        • NK says:

          I had a similar experience, Home Depot would not combine military discount with sales prices, so I went across the street to Lowes and made my purchase. They gave me sales price plus discount.

    • Sherry Alpert says:

      lowes gives a military discount for retirees we just remodeled our kitchen at lowes and home depot!

    • Karen Gee says:

      My retired hubby works for Lowes. It does apply to retirees also.

    • marla says:

      lowes does give the discount to retirees…

    • Diane says:

      Lowes has always offered 10% discount for both active & retired military

    • Dan says:

      It always depends how military-friendly a city is. I’ve been to Texas, Washington, Pennsylvania, Maine, and Massachusetts in the last 10 years. Lowe’s and Home Depot have always given me a 10% active-duty discount. TX and MA have a bunch of little stores that give discounts too, but in PA, WA, and ME it’s hard to find any.

    • Denise Campbell says:

      Yes they give retired military same discount!

  3. Megan says:

    Aeropostle offers 15% off in store and Vanity offers 10% in store when you show any military ID.

  4. Joy says:

    Can get 10% discount at Hot Topic and Torrid when you show a military ID

  5. April Premo says:

    Dunkin Doughnuts has 10% off for Military.

  6. Donna says:

    Lowe’s DOES give the 10% discount to military retirees; my husband uses it regularly; it’s about the equivalent of the tax where we live.

  7. Crisi says: offers free tutoring 24/7 for active duty personel and their families.

  8. Heidi says:

    Thanks for sharing, ladies… I’m adding these to the list!

    Keep the deals coming!!

    ~ Heidi

  9. Kim says:

    Maurices and Payless Shoes also have military discounts. Payless you can even use it on their bogo sales.

    • Jen says:

      YOu can always use a coupon with your Military discount for even more savings. At the bottom of a receipt it usually reads save $5 etc. Couple this with your discount and its a good savings.

  10. Kerry Hill says:

    Old Navy give 10 or 15% off the first three days of a new month with military id.

  11. Theresa says:

    Rack Room Shoes offers 10% off on Tuesdays to servicemembers and dependents.

  12. suzzie s says:

    Old Navy’s discount is now the 1st thru the 9th.
    Also, Foot Locker gives a 20 % off with id.

  13. Sheila Charter says:

    Zumiez, Pac Sun, Famous Footwear, Sportsmart, Menard’s, Dick’s Sporting goods, REI sports store, Applebees, Perkins, IHOP, Denny’s, Chevy’s Mexican Resturant, Outback Steak House, the Timberlodge, Olive Garden(most locations) Ruby Tuesday’s, all give 10 to 15% off

    • Wendi says:

      I think that depends on where you live. I’m in the Tampa Bay area. Outback, Olive Garden, Ruby Tuesday’s and Sportsmart don’t give discounts here.

    • april says:

      Applebees only give’s a free meal to some one IN uniform on Vet’s day.

      • Robyn says:

        The applebees where I am at only needs you to know your ID card. It stinks that its different everywhere you go

        • Tiffany says:

          Ruby Tuesday’s here close to Fort Stewart offers 10% off Military with ID only on Tuesday’s and does .99 Kids meals on Tuesdays now too– I guess it’s just different where ever you go, but hope this helps someone :)

          • Amy says:

            Our IHOP only gives the discount to the active duty person. Too bad my husband is deployed and can’t eat with us! :)

          • Elisabethe says:

            IHOP varies by location. The restaurant in our area offers the discount across the board to ID holders.

            Denny’s also offers a 10% discount.

    • Kristen says:

      I recently bought an elliptical from Dick’s and they did not offer a military discount benefits at that location.

    • Olivia says:

      Ihop no longer does Military Discount well at least in Oregon they just changed it Jan 2012

    • Donna says:

      Denny’s gives 20% off here in NY (Stewart ANGB)

  14. Amy LeJeune says:

    AC MOORE Craft stores honor a 10% Discount too!

  15. Lisa says:

    Sketchers stores offer 20or 30% (I can’t remember) some finish line’s offer 20% off as well.

  16. Kelly N. says:

    I know that Lowes also give 10% off, Finish Line does 10%-15% (I can’t remember, exactly), and I believe Applebees does 10% off on certain times of the month.

  17. Sandy M says:

    Shades of Green is a Disneyworld resort that only military/DOD can stay at. Rooms are largest (and very nice) on Disney property and prices are cheapest! Not to mention the AAFES store on site and discounted tickets.

  18. Cyndy says:

    Applebee’s and Olive Garden near Fort Bragg, NC do NOT give a military discount. If you’re unsure a particular business gives a discount, call ahead. :)

  19. Steven Morris says:

    If anyone lives in and or near Allentown PA, Burger King offers a 50% discount for anyone with a military ID card.

  20. Jade says:

    Does anyone know how to donate expired coupons to military over seas?

    • Cindy Morgenroth says:

      I would be very happy to mail coupons that we don’t use. Please send me an address to send them to

      • Jade says:

        Cindy, go to this website and you’ll see the address and simple instructions. Hope this helps!!

        • Lesley says:

          I have been mailing coupons overseas for years and I can tell you that based on the thank you emails that I’ve received over the years that our overseas families are very appreciative. Sending coupons is such an easy way to show them that we support them and their sacrifices.

          I’m involved with and while the end goal is the same we take a slightly different approach. Rather than sending your coupons to a generic address on base, we encourage people to mail directly to a military family for a couple of reasons. The main ones are that it’s more personal so you’re much more likely to get a response letting you know that your envelope/package has arrived safely.

          I personally keep a list of military families who have told me that they’d like to receive coupons so if anyone would like further information or be put in touch with a military family, I’m happy to help (hcwsbp at gmail dot com). By that same token, if any overseas military families wish to be added to my list, please get in touch with me. Be assured that for privacy & security reasons, I don’t give out mailing address or email addresses – I just forward the emails that I receive to you and ask that you reply to them to provide your information.

          • Stephenie says:

            And coupons in overseas commissaries are accepted up to 6 months after the expiration date so you can send them all of your expired coupons and they wont go to waste!

          • oniel and gigi says:

            we are posted in Germany and would really love to receive some expired coupons. Its so hard to save a dollar here with the euro as a local currency. I would really appreciate it so much!!

          • oniel and gigi says:

            Hello! I dont know if my earlier reply showed up but I would love to receive some expired coupons. Nobody here on post in Germany knows anything about it. Its so hard to save a dollar here with the euro being so high. I would appreciate all the help. Thank you so much!

          • Libby Fauver says:

            just a note to those stationed in AE-Europe particuarly Germany. youcan get coupons from your post ACS(Army Community Service) Office, we had a hard time finding that out at 1st too. sometimes you can aso find them in-store at the comissary from a tabe or drop box. if ure looking for more ways to save in the Bavaria area of Germany find me on facebook :)

          • Shawn says:

            How can send coupon?

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