The Frugal Girls Couponology

The Frugal Girls Couponology

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Are you new to using coupons?  Or would you like to take your couponing to the next level?

Well, here are some clues, tips, and additional sources of coupons that will help…

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The Frugal Girls Couponology 101:

  • Don’t feel like you have to go overboard with the stockpile of the century, there will always be another sale! 😉
  • Found some bargains on items you don’t really need?  Donate to others in need!  {food pantries, homeless shelters, animal shelters, schools, churches, Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes, etc.}

General Coupon Abbreviations and Lingo:

Wondering what all this coupon code language is??

  • P&G insert or P&G = Sunday Newspaper Proctor & Gamble coupon insert
  • SmartSource insert or SS = SmartSource Sunday Newspaper coupon insert
  • RedPlum insert or RP = RedPlum Sunday Newspaper coupon insert
  • GM insert = General Mills Sunday Newspaper coupon insert
  • Pepsi insert = PepsiCo Moments to Save Sunday Newspaper coupon insert
  • BOGO = Buy 1 item, Get 1 FREE!
  • B1G1 = Buy 1 item, Get 1 FREE!
  • ECBs = CVS Extra Bucks rewards
  • MIR = Mail-in rebate
  • NLA = No Longer Available
  • PSA = Price Starts At
  • RRs = Walgreens Register Rewards
  • WYB = When You Buy

Coupon Printers & Printing Coupons:

Places to Find Printable Coupons:

Places to Purchase Coupons:

Discounted Newspaper Subscriptions -

Places to Load eCoupons:

Some stores will offer their own eCoupons through their website.
{examples include Kroger and Safeway}

FREE iPhone & Droid Coupon Apps:

Need More Coupons??

  • Exchange unwanted coupons with friends
  • Host a coupon exchange party
  • Sign up for Free Samples!  {many come with coupons!}
  • Ask your friends, family, or neighbors for their unwanted Sunday Newspaper coupons
  • Check your free and discounted magazines!  {many have coupons throughout}
  • Check your local library or grocery store for coupon swap boxes {where people can share coupons and take coupons}!

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Know Your Store’s Coupon Policy:

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Got a couponing tip or trick? 

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  1. fred says

    Your blog is awesome!! I like to make sure I have the newest coupon policy. Thanks for all your hard work and for making the frugal girls the “must read blog.” You Rock!!

      • Heidi says

        Hi Sandra,

        Promotion Codes are basically coupon codes that can be used when purchasing items online. When checking out online at a specific retailer, you’ll have the option to apply an online ‘promotion code’ or ‘coupon code’. Hope that helps!

        ~ Heidi

  2. Alessa Thomason says

    You should add VocalPoint to your coupons. They are similar to Kraft First Taste in that they offer great value coupons for items you can’t find coupons for anywhere else usually. But they are also a great site where women can share ideas and tips. They also send you emails with lots of great tips and information. And when they send you coupons for a product, they send a lot of coupons for that product.

    Btw, I love your site!! It’s so great to find everything you need in one place! Thanks!

    • Heidi says

      Thanks for the tip, Alessa! You’re absolutely right… Vocalpoint is a terrific source of coupons! I just added it to the list. 😉

      ~ Heidi

    • Gail says

      I don’t know how to get it, but I am an employee. I know that most stores take expired coupons. They also take the coupon even if it’s not the exact product. Basically, it has to be the same brand.(ie. covergirl) They do not, however, take other stores coupons. Hope this helps a little.

      • Susan says

        Hi! I love CVS, it’s a great store! But no store should accept a coupon for a product it’s not intended to be used for. I’m not sure if you’re aware of that orN not. When a coupon is redeemed for an item that it’s not intended to be used on, the store will not be reimbursed for it by the manufacturer. For example, if a coupon is for Huggies Pure and Natural it can only be used on Huggies Pure and Natural.

        • says

          Also, I don’t think stores accept expired coupons any longer, I’ve heard that if the coupons have been expired the manufacturer can refuse to reimburse for them as well.
          I hope this all makes sense to you, I know all the rules can seem a little overwhelming at first, but the savings more than make up for the time spent learning how to correctly use coupons. You may have been unaware that using coupons on items that they were not intended on was wrong, please try to keep it in mind for the future. :) I hope you have a great day! Happy couponing!

  3. Nicole says

    My husband and I often use coupons… In fact my father in law comes over almost weekley to give us coupons… BUT… I want to save more… We are a family of three on one income in New Jersey… (which is CRAZY expencive)… I just would like someone to walk me through how to get started with couponing “the right way”… I need a coupon tutor lol… Any one willing to help me and or know where i can find some help Please and thank you

  4. Stephanie Dodd says

  5. Jen says

    I’ve been watching extreme couponing and I just don’t seem to get it- what am I doing wrong? I tend to make little trips to several stores each week unlike on the show where they have 6 carts all for free from one store. Also while I have been doing good on things like hair supplies, soaps and detergents I find myself spending quite a bit of money each week on fresh produce and meats- which I have not seen coupons for. Do these people only eat canned food or is there a away around this?

    • Rachel says

      Usually extreme couponers buy their meat from a local farmer/butcher and they use only in season fruits so they are cheaper.

  6. Pennie Hanscom says

    I too have watched the extreme couponing on t.v for weeks and still don’t get how these people are able to go into a store and use their coupons to get hundreds of items for free! Even when they do break up the transactions there are still so many that have like 50-100 items on one transaction and get them for free or almost free. Am I missing something? Also how are they able to keep these rooms/ closets full of inserts so long? Don’t they have an experation date? PlEASE HELP!- I live in lincoln, Maine and would love someone from the area who is familiar/ expert help me out. I would greatly appreciate it. Oh, and the stores here have banned the use of printable coupons. I would also appreciate it if any one in the area who has extra coupons they don’t want I would love to take them! PLEASE E-MAIL me at [email protected] . I have a sister in Gardiner, Maine and if someone from that area could help it would be great too, we could meet when we are down in that area. HELP! HELP! HELP!

  7. Dianne Parchman says

    I also watch the extreme couponing show and I agree I dont see how they are able do get the deals they get. I have done ok on some items, but not like the show. I do love watching the show tho. Any hints or help would greatly be appreciated. I ive in the MS.

  8. Rachel says

    K-Mart isn’t listed here with their policy, but I discovered they do not accept coupons where you receive an item free. For instance, I was purchasing Axe products for my husband, where you buy one deodorant and receive a body wash for free. They refused to honor the coupon and said it was new company policy to no longer accept coupons where an item will be free… Bummer! Good thing Wal-Mart is directly across the street from my K-Mart. ;o)

  9. Jim says

    Download PerksConnect for your smartphone. I’ve saved so much money already because you get a discount almost everywhere!

  10. says

    I live in central TX & my Walmart has a sale on Libby’s 4 pak veges for $2.00. There is a manufacturer coupon for $1.00 off four cans. That’s 25 cents a can. You have to be ready for cashier to manually process coupon bc it doesn’t scan properly but I’ve had no problem with three different purchases.

  11. Emily says

    Hi! I was wondering if the Sunday newspaper coupon inserts were the same across the country? I was looking for a Lysol coupon, checked this database and saw that there was one listed in the SS #3 for this past Sunday. However, when I checked my inserts, mine didn’t have the coupon. Just wondering! Thanks!

  12. Tara says

    I run into this problem all the time…I live in Boston and the only supermarket in my area is a Shaw’s or Market Basket and no one ever has these places on their coupon sites! I’m dyingggg to be able to coupon effectively but can’t find success stories from these stores! Please help me! :)