Coffee Maker Cleaning Tip!

How to Clean Your Coffee Maker plus more tips at

There is something about winter and drinking lots of coffee that go together perfectly!! {or maybe I am just a coffee addict!} Whatever the reason your coffee maker needs a little cleaning, this Coffee Maker Cleaning Tip will surely come in handy! … [Read more...]

FREE Online Class: Flawless Finishing!

FREE Online Class Flawless Finishing

Would you love to know how to apply wood finishes to your craft projects? Right now Craftsy is offering loads of FREE Online Classes, including FREE Class: Flawless Finishing! "Learn essential finishing techniques that bring out the texture and character of your wood in this FREE mini-class." Step 1: Go here to sign up for a Free Craftsy account Select … [Read more...]

Simple Tips to Avoid Overspending!

Simple Tips to Avoid Overspending and Save Money at

It’s that time of year again where we pay penance for our Christmas weight gain, clutter... and dare I say it?  Overspending. Could you use a few simple tips to help manage your spending this New Year?? Check out these 5 Simple Tips to Avoid Overspending! … [Read more...]

Creative Sports Bedroom Theme Ideas!

Creative Sports Bedroom Theme Ideas at

Decorating for the sports fan? There’s nothing more fun for a sports fanatic than to have their love of sports reflected in their own bedroom! Get inspired with these Creative Sports Bedroom Theme Ideas to incorporate their favorite sports items into bedroom decor! … [Read more...]