How to Clean your Keurig!

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Got a Keurig?   Nothing tastes better than a delicious cup of Coffee… and keeping your Keurig clean is so easy with this simple Trick for How to Clean your Keurig!

Are you ready?  It’s time to Clean Your Keurig! 😉

What You’ll Need:

What You’ll Do:

  • Remove the water container on your Keurig, and pour out all water.
  • Fill water container approximately halfway full with White Vinegar {or enough to brew 2 cycles}
  • Place a mug where you’d normally place your coffee mug, and run a brew cycle {without a k-cup}.  The vinegar will run through the machine, cleaning it out along the way!  Toss the contents of the mug down the drain.
  • Repeat by running a second cycle, and tossing the contents of the mug again.
  • Pour out all remaining vinegar from the water container, wash container well, and now fill halfway with water {or enough to brew 2 more cycles}
  • Now brew a cycle with water, toss contents of mug, and repeat brewing 1 more cycle with water.  Remove water container again, pour out remaining water, wash well…. and you’re done!  If you notice any itty-bit of residual vinegar taste in your coffee going forward, simply brew two more water-only cycles.  Easy!!
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  1. Jamie says

    Worked great. I ran about 5 or 6 cups of water, but only because I also had a new filter and wasn’t getting full cups at first.

  2. says

    AWESOME post- I’ve been looking for an effective and affordable way to do this. Do you know if there’s a difference if we use distilled water as another commenter mentioned above?

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