26 Fun Things to See and Do at the Grand Canyon!

Grand Canyon Pics

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Planning a trip to the Grand Canyon National Park??

Check out these fun must-see things to do around The Grand Canyon, shared by your frugal friends on The Frugal Girls Facebook page

April said: Mather Point & Hermits Rest on South Rim for amazing views and photos.”

Jillian said: White water rafting the Colorado river.”

Jessica said: Rent a bike and bike along the Canyon.  You can also go on a guided tour! We went on a tour in May.  While it was a bit pricey, it was way worth it!  They also have smaller bikes to rent if you have a little rider like we did.”

Colleen said: “My kids are there right now.  Just got there today!  They are renting jeeps to tour the Grand Canyon.”

Leslie said: “We just came back last week.  The Sunset Tour and Desert View Tour gives you a big package for the cost and you can see a lot!  Staying in a lodge?  The pizza joint inside Maswik Lodge may be the only decent food in the park.”

{Colorado River, Grand Canyon}

Grand Canyon Colorado River

Linda said: “The north rim is beautiful.  It’s cooler in the summer.  The lodge is very nice. It’s not as crowded as the south rim.”

Renee said: “The lodge at north rim has the most amazing hot chocolate!!”

Laura said: “It’s worth the trip to the north rim if you’re not interested in the tourist trap stuff.  A lovely lodge, small but comfortable cabins, very serene and quiet!”

Gina said: “You must see the North rim and the lodge there. The North rim is in a forest and not in a desert setting.  The view from the North Rim Lodge is breathtaking!  The restaurant in the lodge serves a great breakfast (a little pricy but worth it).  There are rustic cabins to stay in and also a camping area (I know motorhomes are allowed, but I’m not sure about tent camping).  The next time we visit we want to ride the burros/donkeys into the canyon (didn’t have time during our last visit).”

{Phantom Ranch, bottom of canyon}

Phantom Ranch

Margie said: “Must go to the Ranger Station/Visitor Center and get a date postage stamp. Cool souvenir and free!”

Maura said: “MUST see the canyon at dusk and at dawn…the colors are dreamy!.  We use the National Parks Passport… that is the postage stamp the reader above mentioned.  I started it when I was in my early 20′s and we now do it with our kids!”

Leslie said: Junior Ranger Programs for the kids are free too and the kids learn a lot. So do the grown-ups!”

{Colorado River suspension bridge, Grand Canyon}

Grand Canyon Colorado River Bridge

Crystal said: “Take the free Angel Head Trail Tour.  We saw a fault line, Bald Eagles, and breathtaking views (in Kansas we don’t see either of those).  Also know that they have water refill stations all over, so take a hydration pack wherever you go.  If you have the time skip over by Sedona and go to Slide Rock.”

Donna said: “I know this may sound strange, but go to the IMAX there!  It feels like you are in a helicopter, on the raft… Loved it, more than the canyon.”

Angie said: “We loved IMAX too and Slide Rock was awesome!”

Martha said: “It is really neat to see it in the winter. We lived in AZ for three years, and the winter brings a lot of snow to the Grand Canyon. The park cannot salt the road, so they can be dangerous! Our kids loved the Grand Canyon Polar Express Ride we did one year too. We always stayed in Flagstaff when visiting the Grand Canyon.  We love that cute little town.”

Karen said: “If you have small kiddos, a ride on the Grand Canyon Railroad Train is a wonderful experience.  It isn’t very frugal, but it is worth the splurge.”

Marilyn said: “The train ride was a highlight!  The petrified forest and painted desert was beautiful.”

Tina said: “Ride the train up at least one day!  It was awesome!  Then we hiked along the south rim…”

{bottom of Grand Canyon, near Cottonwood Campground}

Grand Canyon Cottonwood

Amanda said: “We took a helicopter ride over the canyon.  It was a fantastic way to see it.”

Jamie said: “The Indian Reservation with the observation platform and boat and helicopter tours!”

Brittni said: “We just got back! Loved it!  Do a helicopter ride through the canyon! We used Maverick.  It was the most amazing thing!  You get to see the north and south rims and all the different formations are pointed out to you.
See sunset at Angel’s Bluff, it’s said to be the most beautiful sunset place in the canyon. We did sunrise also and they both were awesome!
We stayed at the Yavapai Lodge in the south rim and the rooms were nice and the beds comfy. We had dinner at one of the restaurants in the park and it was way over priced.  The general store has good prices on souvenirs.”

{Havasu Falls, Grand Canyon}

Havasu Falls

Mary said: “Eat an Indian Flatbread Taco at the trading post and stop at the little craft market there for handmade souvenirs.  Drive the switchbacks to Oak Creek Canyon.”

Heather said: “Not sure how far it is from the Grand Canyon but my husband and I stopped to see the Meteor Crater near Winslow.  It was pretty cool to see.”

Rhonda said: “I’m not sure how far it is, but be sure to check out Antelope Canyon… it’s in Page AZ and so very cool!”

Lyn said: Hoover Dam, Painted Desert, Petrified Forest, some of the Anasazi Ruins – gotta see some petroglyphs!”

More Fun Tips for Your Next Trip:

Grand Canyon Panorama

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So… have YOU ever been to The Grand Canyon before?

What are some of your favorite places to see, things to do, etc?  Leave a comment & share!

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One Response to 26 Fun Things to See and Do at the Grand Canyon!

  1. Stacey Y. says:

    I’ve been to the Grand Canyon once and it is amazing. It almost looks fake. I didn’t realize there was so much there to see.


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