The Trick to Cutting Perfect Brownies!

The Trick to Cutting Perfect Brownies - at

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Got Brownies??  Well… would you like to know the trick to cutting perfect brownies?

A pink plastic knife!  {yep… it’s that simple!}

Okay, okay… it doesn’t have to be pink… but I found these on clearance at Target, and couldn’t resist some super-cute pink plastic silverware! 😉

This trick couldn’t be easier ~ just swap your regular knife for a plastic knife, and cut slowly and gently… and you’ll end up with some perfectly cut brownies!

{no more gooey crumbly build up on your knife making messy cuts!  Why thank you, plastic knife!}

Now… go put this trick to use with some Delicious Brownie Recipes
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  1. says

    In our house, we’ve started lining brownie pans with parchment paper. Once the brownies are cool, you can simply lift them all out of the pan and cut them on a cutting board. So much easier than trying to cut neat squares in the pan.

    • Jennifer says

      Does using the parchment paper make the edges crispy like normal orare they a bit softer? I love the idea of just popping the whole pan out, but my favorite parts of brownies are the edges.

  2. Anna says

    This past weekend I tried making my brownines in a cup cake pan. They came out perfect and I didnt have to mess with the mess of cutting them. They were all the same size. I also put a treat inside of them. I put a little batter in the bottom of the pan, put a york peppermint patti in then put more batter on top. I didnt use liners, just sprayed the pan with PAM. Gonna try peanut butter cups next!!

    • LT says

      I use the cupcake pans (without liners) as well, I have even made brownie bites in my mini cupcake pans. I love this, this way every brownie has an edge and they do not seem to dry out as quickly as cut brownies.

    • melissa says

      I also use cupcake pans for my brownies. We make Oreo peanut butter stuffed sooooooo good!
      Spray with cooking spray (or use liners)
      Put a teaspoon of batter on the bottom place an Oreo cookie, on another cookie spread some peanut butter place on top of first cookie. Cover cookies with more brownie mix.. Repeat until all batter is used. Ends up making 12 . Bake as directed on the box (about 20-25 minutes) or until done…

  3. Suziq1023 says

    Also use a plastic knife to cut lettuce for a salad. It doesn’t brown the cut edges like a metal knife and is much quicker than tearing the pieces by hand.

  4. Audrey says

    Make sure your knife isn’t too cheap…it’ll be deformed and your brownies will look drunk. Been there, done that. LOL Someone mentioned brownies cut fine when they are cool. Hello?!! We’re talking brownies! It’s against the law to wait until they are cool to eat them!!! :-)



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