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  1. Whitney Smith says

    These are all really great tips.

    You can also find Witch Hazel for pretty cheap at most grocery stores in the beauty or bath section. Mix 100% natural Witch Hazel with Olive Oil and it works as a great makeup remover :)

  2. Amber White says

    I use my face lotion to remove eye makeup. I have sensitive skin so I can’t use anything that will irritate it. Face lotion works great and it is something I already have in my cabinet. It gets all the left over mascara and eyeliner off that my regular soap missed. Never have had to use eye make up remover!

    • says

      I am with you, I have always used facial lotion to remove any make-up! In fact, I rarely, if ever, use soap on my face – it is just too drying! I will rinse my face with water, rub lotion all over it and dry with a cloth instead.

  3. marissa says

    I use Witch Hazel mixed with Almond Oil. Works fine and the almond oil is good for my skin too..$9.99 @ GNC for the almond oil, and the witch hazel is only a couple bucks. Plus I use the almond oil for my skin, my hair, nails…and the witch hazel as a toner for my face. Two ingredients with multiple uses seperately, but put together for makeup remover!

  4. Colleen Riggs says

    I like the Neutragena eye make up remover wipes (dont by the target brand… they dont measure up AT ALL) and I cut them in half because they’re huge!

  5. Ema says

    Grapeseed oil… or Mary Kay. Neither is super cheap, but if you wash your face before removing eye makeup, there will only be a little left to wipe up so whatever you use will last forever, and both options are very good for the skin around the eyes.

  6. says

    I use Pond’s Cold Cream and Make-up remover. It is in a green and white jar. Put it all over your face and rub it across your eyes to soften make-up. Remove with warm wet cloth. It is very moisturizing but gentle on the face.

    • Jen says

      For make up brushes I’ve always used a small dab of baby shampoo cleans really well and leaves the brushes soft.(if you don’t have any buy a travel size) I’ve used regular shampoo when I’ve run out works just as well but doesn’t leave it as soft.

      • brunette says

        handsoap can wreak havoc on brushes! I’ve had makeup artists recommend a sulfate-free shampoo and just a smidge of conditioner in order to keep the bristles soft. I think most makeup pros also suggest washing brushes once a week.

  7. Allison says

    I love to use Vaseline for my mascara removal. It is the best. I also shave my legs with baby oil. It makes them smooth and shiny. Plus, the baby oil seems like it last forever and you never again have to buy shave gel.

  8. Donna says

    for years i’ve used baby lotion that I would buy a large bottle from the dollar store, use a cotton ball to remove the make-up. This would last for months.

  9. Kathie says

    I’m not trying to be a know-it-all, but I just read online that both vaseline and baby oil are not good to use on the eyes for makeup removal. Both can be harmful to the eyes if used consistently. Olive oil or coconut oil are ok to use. I’ve read that Aloe Vera can be used.

    • Chris says

      Yes baby oil n vasiline have both caused blindness. (rare but true)… They r also flammable, thats why they cant use them in hospitals. Aloette has an awesome makeup remover made from essential oils, great for skin, lashes n all. Not cheap. I’ve heard the Avon is good also, but never tried it.. 😉

  10. Colleen says

    You may also want to try using that old bottle of hair conditioner that you nolonger use in place of shaving cream. It works great and your legs wont be dry!

    • says

      I do this all the time i even use the one that comes in the hair coloring boxes when i have some left.I use it all over body and rinse off. Be careful though when youre in the tub or shower it can be slippery.

  11. angela says

    Wow! I can not imagine putting olive oil on my eyes. But, then I can’t imagine going to my kitchen cabinet to get face cleanser either. My Mary Kay eye make up remover is $15 and lasts for more than 6 months, and that’s using it daily.

  12. Christina Stewart says

    I just read a lot of really great ideas. In the end we all use what works best, however I have to agree with the coconut oil users. It’s a great moisurizer, good for hair, scalp, skin, nails. It does protect from the sun to some degree and helps to reapair skin. We use it on my grandmother who has had multiple skin cancers in the past. Anytime something comes up we apply and it goes away. We of course always follow up with her doctor who has been amazed. We even use it on the pets for allergies to skin where they have itched and it instantly relieves and heals. Just make sure it’s virgin cold pressed. Easily found in health food stores or online. A very very small amount goes a long way so even though it’s not super cheap initially the small amound and multiple uses make it really cost effective. You can also add a bit of bees wax to make a really great lip protectant.

  13. says

    I’ve always just used liquid hand soap, but I have recently started using Target’s ELF mascara, so now I want to try the ELF makeup remover pads someone mentioned!

  14. Amber says

    Can I just say you guys are geniuses! I am so glad I found this site! I was half expecting vinegar to be the make-up remover since it seems to work on EVERYTHING else :)

  15. Rhonda says

    Don’t know if this is a makeup hint or not but ut is good for flip flop weather. Cover your feet in vaseline and put on some socks and sleep with them on. You will be surprised at how soft your heels are in the morning.
    Does anyone have any suggestions for pencil eyeliner?

  16. Paula says

    I have been using Vaseline for a eye makeup remover for years – My mom taught me this one. Dab a little bit of vaseline on a cotton ball and wipe. repeat if needed. (Don’t use too much or youre eye lashes will feel a little heavy)

  17. Marie says

    Not trying to be a downer, but I used Baby Oil for years. I would not recommend it as a makeup remover. For the last year I only use Johnson & Johnson Baby shampoo ($4.29 on average) to clean my eye makeup. The reason I stopped was because I had an eye infection for over a year so bad that I could not wear my contacts. The baby oil was building a slight film over my eyes and trapping sediment under my contact lenses. The receptionist at the Eye Doctor suggested trying baby shampoo. My doctor didn’t even make the connection that the baby oil was causing problems. I was very careful to rinse it all off, but even so it was getting in my eyes and staying there. The cheaper brands of baby shampoo don’t work as quickly and irritate my eyes (so much for being “Tear-Free” as they claim to be!!!). I can wear my contacts again and my vision is not impaired. It was so bad I had to go 2 or 3 weeks wearing glasses and I still had “halos” around things like headlights so it is good to be able to see again. Just a word of caution especially to those people who wear contacts or have poor vision to begin with.

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