BIG List of Fun Birthday Party Ideas for Boys!

BIG List of Fun Birthday Party Ideas for Boys at

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Planning a Birthday Party for Boys?  I received the following question from frugal friend Lynda…

“Help!  Got any tips for throwing an inexpensive birthday party for a 7 year old boy??”

Read the Comments Below for a BIG List of Fun Birthday Party Ideas for Boys!

Do you have any thrifty birthday party ideas for boys?

Or any fun party games, decoration ideas, or ways to save $$ on the food?

Leave a comment & share!

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Birthday Party Ideas for Boys… on a Budget!

Birthday Party Ideas for Boys - on a Budget at

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  1. Jennifer Myers says

    Go to They have an extensive list of user-submitted ideas that are so fun and creative. They have about a bazillion themes, so I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for. This website is my “secret weapon” for all the birthday parties I’ve thrown for my kids.

  2. Susie says

    We are doing a mystery theme party for my grandson this weekend. he will be 9. My daughter fond all the info online typing in “mystery birthday party on a budget”. She made the cutest invites! I went to Party City and got plastic glasses w/ fake nose, $0.35 each, little notebooks in a pkg, 12 for $1.99, mini markers for $0.25 each, fake mustaches for $0.10. I can’t wait for his big surprise! I am driving 11 hours to surprise him. My daughter told him he can’t have a party this year because money it tight! We are making the “goodie bags” out of paper lunch sacks. Homemade cupcakes and a half gallon of ice cream and we are all set.

    • Heidi says

      What a fun theme Susie… he’ll especially love the surprise of YOU showing up!! Have fun! 😉

      ~ Heidi

  3. Kristel Wiesner says

    You can get decorations at the dollar store, make home made slime and put them in grab bags along with pencils, erasers, Make your own cake, and serve spaghetti, kids won’t fight you on spaghetti. Just warn the mom’s so they can bring their tide pens.

  4. Gretchen Sietsema says

    Those old-fashioned birthday games are still as much fun as they always were. Boys need to move so go heavy on games involving motion. Write numbers on strips of paper, make 2 sets with same numbers. Put one set of strips with numbers in a bowl. Partially blow up balloons and insert the second set of paper strips 1 per balloon. Fully inflate the balloon and tie off. Have them sit and bounce on the balloons until they break. Have the birthday boy select one number from the bowl. Whomever broke that balloon is the winner! Prizes galore at the dollar store. My son and his friends always loved the plastic army guys, especially.

  5. Michelle says

    Hey there…
    I’m planning a 4th bday fro my son and he’s really into super heroes. I’m on a single mom budget! I’m making each one of the kids attending a super hero cape. Cut from fleece (no need to sew fleece) and ironing on their initial on the back with a star or lightening bolt with that fusing material. Each one will cost approx $1 since I got the material on sale for $2.99 a yard and I can make about 4 per yard (these are 4 and under aged) No need to give out those goodie bags filled with junk that the parents will just throw away. Make something they can take home with them. For example: a “Space party” make some home made moon sand. You can send home a container with a tag saying, “thanks for an out of this world day!”
    I also found an outdated calendar at Walmart for $2 of Super heroes. I’m cutting out the pics and putting them around the kitchen for decor. Also will print out “POW” “KAZAM” words to put up on the fence outside. I’ll also make my own pin the cape on the super hero…
    Food will be 4 ($5) pizzas from Little Caesars. Homemade cupcakes ($3 for 24) with printed super heroes from the internet stuck to toothpicks.
    These are just a few things I can think of off the top of my head.
    EVERY year, it’s a game for me to see how inexpensive I can do his party for. It’s actually fun and rewarding! They don’t care! All they care is that their friends are there :) Have fun!!

  6. says

    Geo-Caching Party- See link:

    1. send evites or hand out hand-made invitations
    2. use brown paper sacks and write each friend’s name and include in each one: all the same color bandana to tie around their necks for sweat and easy identification, a notepad, a pen, a play compass, a small trinket they can leave, a small water bottle, trail mix and hand wipes. Give these out in the beginning- they’ll need these for the adventure. (Make sure they carry all trash back and dispose of properly).
    3. Print off Geocahing clues and make sure cell phones are fully charged ( have several adults do this with you and also- have someone take photos along the way of the areas and the kids having fun).
    4. Make sure each child wears appropriate clothing for wooded areas. (ie: sneakers and socks)
    4. Have children meet at start site and make sure they can be sprayed w/ a non-toxic bug spray before you set out.
    5. Plan grilled hot dogs, chips, cupcakes and juice boxes for the end of the adventures to be done in a park area (have a few adults in charge of this hanging back at the park to prep).

  7. says

    We sell personalized candy bars.(very affordable) We have a pirate theme wrapper as well. Some sites have a minimum order but we don’t so if you only need 6 or 3, that’s okay and we have different options for you to finish your candy bar party favors. Hope we can help. Come on over to see them at just click on the “Baby & Birthday” link.

  8. Terri says

    We did a pirate theme party for my Grandson last year. The invitations, which we hand delivered, were plastic drink bottles with a little sand and a rolled invitation that one of my daughters tea stained and drew a rough treasure map on with our house being the X. We then hit up an appliance store for a couple of refrigerator boxes(free) and made boats out of these for the kids to play in. The extra cardboard was then cut into sword shapes and awaited the start of the party for the kids to decorate them. I did purchase eye patches, but I hit up a local fish restaurant for the pirate hats(they gave me all I needed for free). We made a pinata out of a punch ball to look like the earth and drew pirate boats on it. I did buy a few “gold coins” to put in this along with several dollar store items and some gummys. We played pin the treasure chest on the map, one of my daughters drew this too, shoot the cannon (nerf gun) at the ships, also made from the cardboard, and broke the pinata. I made a cake to look like a treasure chest with mardi gras beads and more gold coins spilling out of it. My youngest daughter painted mustaches and tattoos on the would be pirates while they colored their swords. It turned out to be a great party. The kids loved playing in the homemade boats with their swords and spent most of the party doing that…it was hard to drag them away. Hope you have a great party and get some great ideas.

  9. Christa says

    You could have them plan it themselves. We had our 8 and 10 year old plan there own parties this year. We said this is how much money you have; you can do whatever you want, invite how ever people you want, serve whatever you want, etc…. as long as it fell within the budget. Let me tell you they both had incredible party’s!! They got to keep whatever money was leftover. I know your son is 7, but depending upon the person he may be able to do it. They really enjoyed it!!!

  10. Alicia says

    We are planning a nerf themed party. My son will be turning seven and is really into nerf and paintball. So, we are going to call it “Battlefield nerf” His birthday isnt till the end of the summer so i will be going to garage sales all summer looking for nerf guns for the kids to use or the can bring their own. You can download the nerf icons and make great homemade invites. We are actually renting our church faciltiy for practically nothing and it has a large open space. We are taking cardboard and painting it camo..with camo netting for them to hide between for the battle. My dad has large black lights for the room in which the battle will take place. I figure the boys will love running around and i dont have to worry about the weather. I love that too..i have used that for many parties. My suggestion is you can do any idea you want for cheap..just give yourself lots of time to plan it. I just let my son pick what he wants and i just roll with it. Hope your party turns out great..:)

  11. says

    I helped throw a party for a friend’s 6 year old daughter last year. The theme was “Backwards” – the kids were encouraged to come wearing their clothes backwards (be sure to have adults of both genders available to help with bathroom breaks!); the kids sat on the ground under the table to eat; they started with cake, then had lunch; we played backwards musical chairs (walking backwards); pinned the donkey on the tail.

    It’s super simple, because you can do any (cheap) thing but backwards! and it makes it unique. And the kids loved it.

  12. Becki says

    My biggest tip – plan the party at non meal times – somewhere between 1 and 4 or 6:30 and later and specify lunch/dinner will not be served. I always do that and just have cake and ice cream. I learned after throwing full plates of food away that dinner or lunch is a huge waste of money – the kids aren’t coming to eat they are coming to play with their friends.

    Make cupcakes – $3 can get you enough frosting and cake mix for 24 cupcakes. Stick something cute on them to go with the theme. I often tape pictures of whatever the theme is to lollipops and stick them in cupcakes. Or if they want a cake, bake it in a bar pan. One cake mix will do a whole pan and then the cake looks bigger and they get a bigger piece with more of what they really want – the icing. (Again, I’ve thrown away so many pieces of cake with the icing eaten off of it) When I do ice cream I prescoop it into dixie cups and stick in the freezer so its easy to serve.

    • gg Davidson says

      You rock! Set me free with the no meal ideal; will probably serve a little snack to counter sugar overload, but also live very rural and will be a while before kids get home to dinner. The ice cream suggestion is award-winning. I give you a Pulitzer-Parent award on that one! Happy kiddo B-day to you!

    • Christie says

      thank you for the pre-scooped ice cream idea. We live in AZ and you don’t have very long to serve everyone before it all starts melting.

  13. says

    This is right up my alley! I have a blog where I share all kinds of a party ideas on a budget. I recently have shared some of my homemade parties for a Pokemon, safari, cat, and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. I am also planning on posting about some of our other parties dinosaur, space, magic, western, and Honey I shrunk the kids. If you would like to see any of those parties, I would be glad to post them ASAP. Here is a link to our safari party.

  14. marilyne says

    I tend to be the one to plan birthday parties in my family. Last year my nephew, Jayden turned 4 and was crazy about Transformers. First, i had a guest list of all the children and divided them into “autobots” or “decepticons”. I printed out 3×5 pictures of each of their emblems and with red or blue string made tags and told each arriving guest which “team” they were on. I also printed coloring pages of transformers that the early arriver’s had fun coloring while waiting on the rest.
    Here are some ideas i came up with:

    BALLOON POP:Fill balloons with different activities on strips of paper that the children have to perform once popped by sitting on them: say a silly tongue twister, a riddle, sing a random song from anyone’s ipod, dance the funky chicken..etc
    BALLOON STOMP: Since they’re older and it was a transformers themed. I had an equal amount of balloon in either red or blue that were tied to each child’s leg..then they had to stomp the other teams balloons out.

    MARSHMELLOW WARS: again with the team theme. one team would stand along on wall balancing dixie paper cups on their heads. The other team stood on the opposite wall and tried to get as many marshmallows in the cups. whoever had the most Won
    TRANSFORMER SCAVENGER HUNT..Before the party started. I printed out the emblems of the “autobots” and ” decepticons” and glued them to a 3×3 cardboard. I then went around the house and hid them in different places: window sill, in the refrigerator door, taped underneath a chair. at the beginning of the party let the group know there are a certain amount of emblems “hidden” in the “designated party area” and through out the party they had to continue looking for them. at the end of the party who ever found the most emblems won!
    we also found great activities and gift ideas in bulk at

    Good Luck!

  15. Hillary S. says

    Crazy idea, but a fun one. Call your local Home Depot or Lowes. Some will let you have a party in their stores! They will essentially hold a private Build a something party for you. We had my son’s party there (a parent had to stay to help their child), but everyone went home with their project, eye googles, a Home Depot apron, and a sense of accomplishment. The best part? My Home Depot did it for FREE! The teacher loved doing it, and was fabulous… I brought the cake, snacks, and drinks, and they had Home Depot Balloons in the room. I tipped our teacher, and my son had a fabulous party under $60! Home Depot got a customer for life, and free advertising!

  16. Patty says

    One year I contacted the local firehouse and had my son’s party there. They were very reasonably priced and the kids had a blast! I didn’t need any decorations or extras. The kids learned stop/drop/roll, sprayed the hoses and climbed on the trucks. The let me bring a cake to the firehouse and it was really easy for me.

  17. says

    I’ve used these two sources a lot, and have had wonderful luck keeping my budget, and have come up with lots of fun items for the kiddos! They’re the dollor store & Oriental Trader online! At the dollar store I noticed they had a lot of dinosaur items so I went with that idea for our 4yr. old Grandson,(he loves dinosaurs)! His cake was easy because I just added plastic dinosaurs(from the thrift store) to it and it looked fabulous (check back on my blog for pictures)!!! Good luck! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  18. says

    I don’t have any ideas, but I am going to try some of these. I need ideas for son’s 8th birthday. Before that is my youngest daughter’s 4th birthday and my oldest daughter’s 20. I think I’ve done almost every frugal birthday known to man. (Okay, a little exaggeration. LOL) I’m going to have to start to recycle ideas. :-)

  19. Cynthia says

    When my twins were 7, they were in 2 different classes at school. They had a lot of classmates they wanted invite. I was on a fairly strict budget at the time. We decided to have everyone come! We had it at the school playground when school was closed for the day. All moms, sisters and brothers came. We had coffee for the moms. Doughnut holes and juice for the kids. The kids and their siblings ran around in an enclosed space and they had a ball! Everyone went home tired and very happy. No one was left out of the fun

  20. christin says

    I just had my son’s 5th bday party, Star Wars Lego theme. I made a 9×13 cake, iced it and put my son’s Lego pieces on it with “Star Wars” cut out of fondant and placed on top. I printed it on my PC, cut it out and used it as a stencil to cut the fondant. I took pool noodles from the Dollar Tree and cut them in half, taped one end with black electrical tape and gave these “light sabers” as party favors. I dipped pretzels in red candy melts from Hobby Lobby and then wrapped the other end in aluminum foil. These “light sabers” were also put in the favor bag. I did this with small pretzels and placed on top the cupcakes. I bought plain colored table clothes, plates, napkins, and cups in red, black and yellow. I printed darth vader and storm tropper cubees from ( These I used as decorations after assembled and put one in each favor bag for the kids to do at home. I printed coloring pages from the internet of star wars characters and rolled these up for the favor bags. I also printed masks of the characters, poked holes in them and tied yarn to them for another favor. I bought the favor bags at the Dollar Tree with one bag of candy and split between 12 bags. I also bought Silly straws for the bags. It cost me approximately $1 for each child’s favors including the pool noodle “light sabers”. My niece put on a bath robe backwards, boots and pinned her hair up. She posed as Princess Laia with the kids and 2 toy light sabers my son had already.

    It was a hit and all the kids had a blast. I spent less than $40 on all the decorations, party favors and the cake and cupcakes.

  21. r. campo says

    You can make mini marshmallow shooters out of pvc pipe. It is very inexpensive. Have the pvc pipe cut out in advance, and then you can build them or have the kids build them. Next have the kids decorate them. After that they can divide into teams, to battle. The marshmallow shooters can be taken home by the kids. It’ll cost a couple dollars per gun, and the expensive of mini marshallows.
    Websites can be found on the web to built them: I’ve posted one with instructions and video below:

  22. amanda says

    I know a lot of mommies would not be fans of this idea…..but we had a burping contest for my 8yr old and his buddies! We served them a canned coke and let it rip. They LOVED it!

  23. says

    My biggest tip I have is to always stop by the dollar section in Target. They always have “theme” type things for sale. I’ve seen things perfect for pirate, monkey, hula, princess, doggie, hello kitty and loads of others. Anything from cups, to swords, and necklaces. But when you find something make sure you buy it right away because once it’s gone it’s gone.

  24. says

    Knights in training, nerf themed parties and a pirate party? OMG, this site is great. Thanks for all the great ideas. This just goes to show you that even though this post was written awhile ago, there is still great content. Thanks.

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