The Secret to Perfect Iced Coffee!

Perfect Iced Coffee

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Nothing beats a chilled cup of iced coffee on a warm day!  {mmm….}

But, if you sip your coffee slowly {like I do}, it can start to get watered down.  {blech}

Wait though ~ here’s a simple little trick… Iced Coffee Cubes!

Simply pour brewed coffee into an empty ice cube tray…

Then pop the tray in the freezer to freeze up those little coffee cubes!

Iced Coffee Cubes Frozen

After the coffee cubes are frozen, pop a few into your glass {or mason jar}, add your coffee and any other flavoring or syrup you love! {non-fat milk and hershey’s chocolate syrup are delicious to add to your iced coffee… or maybe you’d just prefer some vanilla creamer or half and half!}

Coffee Cubes

Whatever you choose, now when your ice cubes begin to melt, your coffee will stay nice and strong ~ no more watered down flavor! 😉  Yummy!

Iced Coffee Trick

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  1. Heidi W. says

    I’ve been doing this for a few years, and they are also awesome in blended drinks! Especially if you want a drink that has a small amount of coffee flavor. Just use the cubes and you don’t need any other coffee.

  2. Jennifer V. says

    The way I get perfect iced coffee at home: brew the coffee double-strength (for me, 4 scoops of coffee, 6 cups of water). Then when it’s poured over ice, the ice melts, and it’s not watery. I stir in homemade vanilla-flavored creamer and it is SO yummy!!!!

  3. Christine says

    Use fat free sweetened condensed milk to taste instead of your regular sugar and creamer. you can also cook up the sw cond milk to make caramel for a caramel coffee.
    Ccoffee ice cubes + sw cond milk in a blender make a yummy smoothie.

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