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Hello Fellow Frugal Girl readers! It’s such an honor to be guest posting for Heidi today. My name is Steph and I blog over at The Silly Pearl, about the crafts I make in between cuddles with my 5 year old twin girls. Valentine’s Day is probably one of my favorite crafty holidays, maybe because my girls love hearts, and maybe because I’m a total corny cheezeball! Today I’m sharing how I made this Vintage-Inspired Twine-Wrapped Heart Mobile.

To make the hearts, I used two wire hangers from the dry cleaners. I removed the paper part from each one.

Then I used a jar as a template to make an overall curved shape for my first heart.

Using heavy-duty wire cutters (my dainty pink jewelry tools were not working!), I cut about an 8-inch piece. I made this heart by crossing the two ends together up at the top. Using a spool as a smaller template, I shaped the two upper bumps of the heart.

And using my tools (and my hands), I made the point at the bottom. You may have to reshape as you go until you’re happy with it.

I used fun red bakers twine to wrap around the hearts. First I tied a knot up at the top, leaving a tail.  Then I had to cut off a bit of length to do the wrapping (since the twine roll wouldn’t fit through the heart). I cut about 2 feet or so. Then I just wrapped the twine around the wire, tying the ends together when I got back to the top. You can use the ends for hanging.

With my second heart, I actually used the hook of the hanger, which was two overlapping pieces twisted together at the neck. I separated the two layers of the hook, which formed the two bumps at the top. I joined the wire at the bottom this time, twisting them together with the help of my tools.

For this one, I started wrapping the twine at the corner, so that the heart hangs at an angle.

So that’s pretty much how I made the hearts. Each hanger could make three hearts about the size of my palm. I like how they all look different! Now, you can hang them from anything, but I thought it would be fun to use a vintage wood hanger.

But first I wanted to add some pattern to the hanger, I found a red leaf doily left over from Thanksgiving, and cut it up and spaced the pieces out over the hanger. I used Mod Podge to adhere them at random all over the hanger, to give it a lacy, vintage look plus to add some color, but allowing the wood to peek through.

Finally, I tied on the hearts at different lengths to the hanger. Oh I decided to string two of the hearts together at the end.

All done! I used less than a dollar’s worth of twine, the wire hangers were free, the vintage hanger was a dollar, and the doily came in a pack of 30 for a dollar! I’m not going to bother doing the math…definitely a thrifty project!

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Thank you so much Heidi for having me on your blog today! Seriously, you have the BEST readers! –Steph

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