13 Tips for Growing Beautiful Roses!

Rose Gardening Tips

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Do you want to grow some perfect roses this year?? Check out these creative gardening tips and tricks shared right here and on The Frugal Girls Facebook Page

Sandi said: “I add used Coffee Grounds to the soil.  It’s supposed too make the color/scent intense.  And do not water from above.”

Heather said: “Used Coffee Grinds mixed in the soil works wonders!”

Vonna said: “Add epsom salt in the ground.  It’s a tip from Martha Stewart!”

Teresa said: “Water, combined with additives: iron, root stimulator, and miracle grow. Works like magic.”

Kimberly said: “I heard that Dish Soap Suds poured around roots keep the bugs away!”

Deidre said:Bury Banana Peels near the base of the rose bushes. They love them!”

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Leslie said: “I have never had them before and the house we moved into this past summer has 13 bushes.  They were all getting tall and lanky so I took a chance and cut them all back and when I say cut… I really cut.  They are now beautifully shaped nice and bushy and full of buds.  I do give them the banana peels, I just bury them at the base.”

Loretta said: “Horse manure!”

Lynda said: “Fireplace ashes work as a great winter fertilizer and trim the bushes as around mid March and then will bloom in May.  Cut them back again and they will bloom again in the early part of fall.”

Cory said: “When watering, don’t get the leaves wet. They will get sunburned if wet in sunlight.”

Deb said: “I like Knockout Carefree Roses.  They are a small rose that can take our extreme Midwest winters.”

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Jami said: “Grow easy roses! Not the needy English tea types. Hardy Blaze climber, and we have the Fairy, no aroma but I’ve never done a thing to it except for the occasional prune and it’s great.  Also, dig a really great hole when you plant, fill with lots of super rich compost and maybe some rose fertilizer or the other things folks have listed here.”

And finally… Ellen said: “Buy some really fabulous fakes and plant in ground. Water if neighbors become suspicious.” 😉

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Have YOU ever grown roses before??

Got a tip or trick… or a favorite variety to grow?  Leave a comment & share!

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  1. Maria says

    I know this is going to sound crazy but this summer my roses had tons of black spot,yellow leaves they just looked ugly and I love them .. So I had the men’s one a day vitamins and got one stuck it down by the root and wow! I was very surprised the spots were gone my roses were pretty again ..

    • Pamela says

      I put the banana peels(cut up), coffee grounds, and epsom salts into my compost, along with grass clippings and other food waste. It doesn’t take long to make the most beautiful compost you ever saw! Then, I put the compost around the rose roots and they LOVE it! Also, before I mow my grass, I blow the leaves onto the grass, so when I mow I am also chopping the leaves up finely, and then I add it all to the compost. AND IT’S FREE!

  2. sharon k. says

    Knock-out roses are profuse, and beautiful, but in my opinion, they are the Sirens of the garden. They are perhaps the thorniest rose around. They are really awful to prune in the spring- even with my leather gloves it’s agony!

    • Adrien Love says

      Yes you can grow roses from a fresh cutting and from a bouquet of roses. I am actually doing it now,try searching google videos and place (propergate roses from a bouquet) in the search engine. The videos were very informative.

    • Annabelle says

      I have done it successfully but more times than not you will probably not get it to root but hey, if you have the flowers already, might as well try right? I have gotten them to root by cutting the ends at an angle and then planting in soil that drains well….I have read that it is better in sandy soil but I have not personally tried that…rooting hormone would have probably helped me to me more successful …had I known about it before but I didn’t so I just did it the old fashion way….try, try, and try again 😀 It did work from time to time though. Oh, there are those that also place the cutting into a potato to get it to root….personally have never tried that method either. As to things to add to the soil…along with the egg shells, banana peels, coffee grounds and so forth that everyone has mentioned, I have also opened up used tea bags and added the used tea leaves to the soil and ….although a bit smelly sometimes, they seem to love shrimp shells…I bury them all around the base of the rose bushes……you can also water them with used tea bags in the water…..guess they like to drink tea water. Have made natural bug deterrent by soaking onion cuttings, garlic pieces and a it of dish detergent….you just keep these in a jar soaking until you need them…..it is smelly but I guess the bugs think so as well.

  3. Joanne Morcom says

    If you live in Zone 3 roses to plant for great success are Parkland Roses especially Morden roses.

  4. Eydie Oberbeck says

    How do you care for potted rose bushes in Middlesex County, Nj. Mine never grow back after the crazy winters. I live in an apartment on the second floor. I grow my vegetables, herbs, and roses in big pots. I adore roses. I have to buy new ones each year. So sad. Help!

    • B Reder says

      Hi NJ, I live in up state NY (Z4 frost pocket) I picked up a tip from a canadian nursery that works for me. Plant them with the graft 6″ below ground and cut them all the way back in winter. I have some reg HB tea varieties that have made it through 2 winters now.

    • janeale walker says

      Plant only roses that will grow in zone 3 and mulch well in the winter. If that doesn’t solve the problem try sub zero roses. They are cultvitated to grow in the coldest climates.

  5. lily spalding fynn says

    i live in Durban, Kwa Zulu Natal,South Africa and, last year, grew roses (around 50)from rose cuttings gifted by friends around the country. Both soil and climate are condusive to rose-growing.We have full sun throughout the day, even in Winter. We do, however, have moles that root around and sometimes disturb plant roots, causing the roots to dry, which in turn encourages termites which attack the stem just above ground. How do I keep these pests away from my precious roses?

  6. says

    Have a shrub rose that gave me a tiny new rose about 2 1/2 feet from parent plant . This rose bloomed same color as parent . Need to transplant. Too close to sidewalk. What size is best. And when?

  7. says

    I love roses but fond that they are not doing well in pots is there another way other than good potting soil to keep them happy in a pot? I am an apartment dweller and don’t have a lot of yard space. Thanking you in advance for the tip. Your site is loaded with lots of good information thank you for sharing.

  8. says

    Watering overhead will also encourage fungus diseases.
    The best time to water is in the early morning.
    Epsom salts is excellent, as Magnesium Sulphate encourages root growth, healthy leaves, and beautiful flowers.
    Banana skins which contain lots a lot of Potassium is always something roses need.
    The healthier the plants are the less diseases they have.
    Keep the plants mulched with bark or other suitable mulches to keep the soil from drying out.
    The best time to spray roses with organic cocktails is at sunset to avoid the leaves from burning.

  9. Patti Welday says

    I thought I knew a lot about roses, but you guys have truly enlightened me! I know a good bit about soils and fertilizers due to our nursery, so the banana and epsom salts make good logical sense, and I use the liquid Bayer 3-in-1 solution, too. I love the free stuff, though! I am planting Knock out Roses, but just purchased Drift Roses that have a delicious smell and grow lower to the ground than Knock Out Roses, but otherwise, much the same. I was interested in your tips before planting. Thanks so much. Yes, music to the tips would be a great idea, too. Thank ALL of you so much!

  10. Rose APELES says

    Live in Vancouver, Canada and have a couple of tree roses (topiary). Am worried that leaves are turning yellow with black dots. I also noticed new baby shoots are growing from the ground. I need help as I don’t want them to die. Thanks for all posts, I will try all of them, but what do I do with the baby shoots growing? Pls and tnx.

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