Jewelry Organization… in an Ice Cube Tray!

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There’s nothing worse than not being able to find your favorite pair of earrings when you’re getting ready in a hurry!  {or have you ever found just one, but not its match?  That’s a sad day!}

Thanks to frugal friend Beth for sharing this fabulous tip on The Frugal Girls Facebook page ~ organizing jewelry in an Ice Cube Tray!  {why not??}

I put it to the test, and it works like a charm!  So go grab your jewelry, an ice cube tray, and get organized! ;)

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How do you keep the clutter away?  Got a fun Organizing Tip or Trick??

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One Response to Jewelry Organization… in an Ice Cube Tray!

  1. Robin says:

    My Mom made a beautiful jewelry box for me when I was a little girl (the 1970′s) out of a 1lb Whitman Sampler box my Dad have given her for Valentine’s Day. She cut and covered the box w/wallpaper and trimmed w/ gold bric-brac. I have been organizing my baubles n jewels in Godiva chocolate boxes ever since. I just cut out the appropriate cotton to go into each little space and keep in my vanity top 3 drawers. Yummy & upcycled!

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