Easy Peeps Sunflower Cake!

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In addition to the Oh-So-Cute Peeps Cupcakes, here’s another adorable idea ~ a Peeps Sunflower Cake!

Frugal friend Beth made this gorgeous cake, and emailed over these fun pictures!  Don’t you just LOVE it??


  • 1 box Chocolate Betty Crocker Cake Mix
  • Oil, Water and Eggs per cake mix box instructions
  • Peeps
  • Chocolate Sprinkles or Mini Chocolate Chips


  1. Bake cake of your choice, then frost with chocolate frosting
  2. Place Peeps around the rim of the cake, as the petals of the sunflower {use toothpicks to keep in place if necessary} ~ thanks for the tip, Sarah!
  3. Top center with chocolate chips, mini chocolate chips, or chocolate sprinkles
  4. Then… just place some pretty silk flower leaves around the cake!
  5. Easy-peasy… and seriously CUTE!


Great job Beth ~ thanks so much for sharing your photos and this fun idea!!

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  1. erica says

    Soooo cute!!! Made a sunflower cake once with twinkies as petals but this is adorable! Will be making this for 2 Easter get togethers! Thanks so much for sharing this!

  2. angela says

    You can also make this and use twinkies for the sunflower petals, I think it takes 2 boxes of twinkies and you will need a really large board or something to put it on.. it’s huge. But oh so cute!

  3. k says

    I have made this before and used raspberries for the center (not a sunflower, but still cute). You can also use pink, blue or purple peeps and golden raspberries for the center too.

  4. Sherry says

    I not only made this before for an Easter cake, but used it for my Daisy troops ‘fly’ up ceremony to Brownies and it was quite the talk :)

  5. Donna Lachance says

    So glad I found this! My hubby loves sunflowers and Peeps. This was my favorite type of recipe: high-impact, low-effort. Thanks!

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