How to Make Foaming Dish Soap!

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On the hunt for more Homemade Cleaners??  Check out this tip on How to Make Foaming Dish Soap!

Here’s a great tip from frugal friend Tammy…

“I bought a Dawn Direct Foam pump for my dish washing soap a long time ago.  Now I just purchase regular dish soap with my coupons and sales (usually free), and then refill it!   Just fill the direct foam bottle 1/3 of the way with soap then the other 2/3 with water.  Then, stir it very gently so you don’t make bubbles in the bottle.  It seriously stretches the life of my dish soap!!”

Now… I put this to the test, and absolutely love it!  I added about 6 tbsp. of dish soap to my bottle, then filled it to the top with water!  {similar to making Homemade Foaming Hand Soap}!

Give it a try ~ it’s a simple way to save $$ on dish soap!

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    • Yvonne says

      You can also do this w/the foaming hand soap from Bath N Body. Fill ithe bottle about 1/3 or slightly less w/any type of handsoap & then almost to the top w/water. Mix gently & ta-da! Cheap…really cheap foaming hand soap!

  1. Alicia says

    I have been doing this for a long time and it does stretch the life of the dish soap. I have a bottle just like the Dawn Direct Foam bottle, and I usually fill up around or less than half an inch of soap, and the rest is water. It is so cheap and frugal.

  2. Kerry says

    Thanks for this super tip! :) Our dishwasher broke, which was a blessing because our energy bill is WAY less. Since it broke I’ve been trying to make my dish soap stretch by adding water to it…..but this is some serious stretching! :) Super excited to give it a try!

  3. ashley says

    thanks for posting this…i just bought one of the pumps because i saw on a blog where you can paint it with plastic paint and put a monogram on it..i knew you could not put full strenght soap but did not know how i should mix it… YAY!

  4. says

    I have a pump, that my husband got for free for buying another cleaning product, that he used a coupon for as well… I am now going to stop using my open soap so I can use the pump up, and than use this frugal tip. Thanks for sharing.

  5. says

    i bought a bottle and it says that you can’t use anything except the dawn direct foam, because it won’t sudz, or whatever…. has anyone had problems? it seems like they’re just trying to keep people buying their stuff.

      • mel G says

        yeah, except very few store stock the refills. I live in Seattle, the known universe of recyclers and re-users, and I haven’t been able to find the refills. I’m not a ‘granola cruncher’, but even I find it wasteful to buy those small pump bottles every time…and expensive. yes, I can order online but that’s an added expense there and wasteful, again, in packaging and delivery.

        • Judy E says

          WalMart has the Dawn pump refills. They’re right next to the regular Dawn here in our stores. For yrs I’ve been buying the refills–it will fill the pump about 2 1/2 times. I always end up buying a new pump after that however, because the pump bottle–even with washing–starts to look pretty ratty. I’m trying this suggestion today. Hoping for great results. Thanks for the tips, y’all! 👍

  6. says

    I used to spend all that money on the pre-made foaming soap but this has proved to be just as good for a FRACTION of the price. I mixed 6tbsp. of cheap Sun soap and let warm water go in real slow down the inside of the bottle. I stirred it really slow a few times with a skewer stick to ensure there were no bubbles forming on the inside. Put the lid on & pumped it and voila worked perfectly! Thanks for the perfect ratio of soap to water!

    • Robin Sterkowitz says

      After I put in soap and water, I just screw the top and shake or turn over and over until I see thick clumps dissolve. It doesn’t take long and it doesn’t make bubbles. You have to leave a 1/2 inch of air on top so it doesn’t clog the pump.

  7. Judy D says

    After reading tips and getting excited, I decided to clean my foaming bottle(Pampered Chef). After soaking in hot water and plunging several times, clear water was coming out of spout. The spout broke in my hands. A new foaming bottle is now on my list to get things!

    • Michelle Adler says

      I had the exact same problem with the Pampered Chef foaming soap container. Ended up throwing it away. Now I use the Dawn Direct Foam and refill it with cheap dish detergent. There is a learning curve to get the ratio correct. Thanks for the tips on refilling the Dawn Direct Foam bottle. I always figured you could by other brands to refill it!

  8. says

    Using the “foamy soap” approach also works really well with shampoo and body wash for the kids. It is way easier to rub foam in their hair and rinse. With regular shampoo, I either didn’t have enough and would struggle to get it to suds up in their fine hair without pulling or I’d have way too much and it would take cup after cup to rinse it and they don’t want to sit still for that long. (about an 1/8 full of the soap and rest water is what I usually do)

  9. says

    Another great thing about the foamy dish soap is for cleaning things you can’t immerse. I shoot some on my griddle, quesadilla maker, foreman etc. as soon as I am done cooking. If the food is really cooked on, I put a wet paper towel or cloth over the foamed soap and leave sit while we eat. After the meal, most things will wipe right off. Rinse with a clean cloth and put it away!

    • Mauri says

      Thanks for that comment. I have really fine hair & have the same problem you have with the kids. Either not enough or WAY to much. I definitely try the shampoo trick also.

  10. Stacey says

    I’ve been doing this for a long time with dishsoap & reusing my Bath & Body Works foaming pumps. I put the water in first then the soap, that way you don’t get the bubbles.

    • Marta says

      Thank you for mentioning the B & B foam soap bottles! After the last cleaning, my dawn bottle will no longer go back together properly and I was about to get a new one. With the way the spout is angled, it doesn’t fit well on my sink, though. The B & B bottles fit perfectly.

  11. says

    Hi Heidi – I don’t know how I missed your Homemade Foaming Hand Soap Post! I added a link to your Chic & Crafty Party showing the same thing…then saw your post, so I just removed my link. I have to say, this is my FAVORITE trick. I go through so much hand soap in my kitchen – this is one of the biggest $ savers. I’m going to have to try the scent you have above :) Thanks for always posting great tips and $ saving ideas!

  12. Donna says

    Found your wonderful idea and I am hooked on it now.
    I did add a few drops of perfume and it smells great!

  13. Cindy says

    I just tried an empty foaming handwash dispenser like you would buy at the grocery store. Works fine!

  14. Lori Taylor says

    I’m so glad I found this post. I ran out of foaming dish soap and haven’t been able to find any at the store. Now I dont have to worry about it. Thanks

  15. Barbara Mizzell says

    This is one of my FAVORITE money saving ideas. I’ve been doing it for years. Our teenagers friends couldn’t believe we made our own soap but now their parents have started doing it too. I guess saving money is contagious.

  16. J says

    I tried this a couple of times and the suds come out from where the bottle top screws onto the bottle, i.e., the side of the bottle. How do you get it to come through the pump and out of the spout? :(

  17. Diane S says

    When I need additional hand sanitizing properties from my foaming hand soap, I use alcohol in place of the water. Good when people have colds.

  18. MelindaB says

    I do this all the time for my hand soap–I buy dish soap in a color that coordinates with the bathroom, then put it in a pump and add the water. Good idea to put the water in first, so the heavier soap can trickle down.

  19. Judy says

    I made a gallon of liquid hand soap. If I remember correctly, itcost me about10 or 12 dollars. With a foam dispenser it will probably last me, at least a couple years. Now that cheap! It smells wonderful, too. I used lavender essential oil. There is also glycerin in it, so my hands feel nice & soft after using it. Can’t wait to try it with a foam dispenser.

    • Sherri from Indiana says

      I’ve been making my own refills of foaming dish soap for awhile now by refilling my Dawn dispenser with just a little bit of dish soap and then filling up the rest of the container with water. It foams wonderfully well but I notice that the dish water does not remain sudsy for long. Does anyone else have this problem? Am I doing something wrong?

  20. april says

    Thanks so much for the idea of this. It works perfectly. I’m so excited and actually didnt mind doing the dishes bc I it was working so good. You just made this chic a very happy girl.

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