Birthday Freebies: The BIG List!

BIG List of Birthday Freebies at

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On the hunt for some fun Birthday Freebies?? Get seriously spoiled on your birthday {and during your birthday week} with these fun freebies!!

Who doesn’t love loading up on Free Birthday Stuff? :)  Simply sign up now for your favorite local restaurants & stores ~ you’ll thank yourself later!

And… you may even score some more free surprises throughout the year!

A&W All American Food


FREE Jamba Juice


Original Roadhouse

  • Rudy’s BBQ :: Get 10% off your order {sign up at bottom right of page}

Rudy's BBQ


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Do you know of more fun Birthday Freebies to add to the list?

If so… just leave the information in the comment section below!


  1. Stacy says

    My birthday was just a couple of weeks ago, so I still have a lot of my coupons…

    Chili’s- Free brownie sundae with purchase of any entree

    McAlister’s Deli- $5 off

    O’Charley’s- $5 off $20

    Captain D’s- one of three meals free, or $5 off any other meal

    Sonic Drive-In- your choice of free creamslush, tator tots, or drink

    Applebee’s- Free dessert shooter

    • Connie Blouin says

      On the 3rd. had a wonderful time at the Applebee’s in Auburn Me. and was very pleased that though the coupon for a free meal was not from the Maine Restaurant they honored it anyways as they normally give free dessert. Not only that I got a free desert as well. What a wonderful experience and the staff need to know that we not only appreciated the service and but their joyfulness. Thanks also to the chef who cooked my husbands steak exactly the way he likes it,rare, for very few places we have been to know how to satisfy a steak eater. This pleasant experience will be passed on to everyone we talk to.

  2. Alaine says

    Bolocco will give you a free burrito if you have the bolocco card.
    Sephora insiders also get a gift on their birthday – it changes every year.
    Dunkin Donuts will also give you a free medium beverage!

  3. Heidi says

    Great ideas… keep the Birthday Freebies coming!

    I’m adding them into the list, and making the Big List of Birthday Freebies even BIGGER! 😉

    Any others I’ve missed? Just leave a comment and let me know!

    ~ Heidi

  4. Leigh says

    Not your Average Joe’s Restaurant in the New England area gives you a free entree and dessert of your choice. You have 2 weeks to use the coupon, the week before and after your birthday. The Peanut Butter Thing dessert is the best!

  5. Melissa says

    My birthday is next week and I am already planning my entire day around free food! Thanks for sharing. This is GREAT! Although I may pass out from sugar overload by three-lol.

  6. Shari says

    I don’t know if there are any in your neck of the woods, but Firth Watch emails you a free entree for your birthday week, if you sign up for their Sun eClub!

  7. Jessica says

    Check out the deal @ Keg Steak House… Free steak or Lobster dinner up to $32.99 and Firehouse subs (show id and get a sub) best subs in AZ! Birthday Freebies are so fun!

  8. Debbie says

    Great list! I love birthday freebies! Genghis Grill will send you a coupon for a free bowl…no other purchase required. Also Red, Hot and Blue will send you a coupon for a free entree with the purchase of another entree. You can sign up for both on their websites.

  9. Cori says

    Chick Fil-a has a 10 & under birthday club that sends you a free kids meal coupon during the month of your birthday and also once a month they have a party with lots of cake and gifts for all currently celebrating birthday club members.

  10. Laurie Brown says

    Our local Salvation Army gives a discount on your entire purchase on your birthday.

    I haven’t tried these but I heard that
    Buffalo Wild Wings gives free wings
    Outback gives free dessert and a song
    Perkins gives a free stack of pancakes
    Taco Bell a free combo meal
    TGI Fridays a Free dessert
    Olive Garden a free dessert

  11. Sandy says

    In Gilbert, Arizona – $10 towards any purchase at Joe’s BBQ, Liberty Market and Joe’s Farm Grill – all fantastic eateries!

  12. Jamie says

    I just saw from a friend you get a free piece of pie when you join the Village Inn’s e-club!
    I love a good piece of coconut cream pie!

  13. RUTHIE says

    Boy, I wish there was a Toco Cabana around me. Love going there when we’re in Tulsa or Oklahoma City, OK. Great food @ a great price!! Toco Cabana do you hear me? Kansas City, MO is waiting!!

    • MamawW says

      Wish more gave for the week of your birthday instead of the day. THere is only so much food and drink for one day.

  14. Carissa Gaffney says

    Just saw a birthday freebie in my Ultra ad this week….free Brow Arch on your birthday! Nothing like a free little pain on your birthday LOL

  15. Nicolette Call says

    Fantastic list! First time in many years I’ve looked forward to my birthday! lol Thanks for keeping it up and making it convenient. Frugal Girls rock! :)

  16. terri gonnering says

    thanks. its like christmas. cause i dont have to tell my age. haha. love it and thanks a bunch ( of flowers ). haha…

  17. Flora says

    Black Angus gives you a free steak entree which is redeemable 2 weeks before or after your birthday.

    Happy Eating!

  18. lorrie says

    OMG I think we need more than a week to hit em all!!! LOL also Dukes Chowder house gives you a coupon for your birthday too! (i know of 2, Tacoma& Seattle)

  19. says

    Too bad black-angus didnt let us use 2 freebies at same table (their was 5 of us)’ all because my daughter was born on my birthday!! so we went elsewhere. :)

  20. says

    Last year for my birthday, I received through my email a coupon for a free one-topping pizza at Grimaldi’s Pizzeria. I don’t know if they are still doing it because my birthday is not until December, but all you have to do is sign up for the e-club. Their pizza is great! =)

  21. Britt says

    Might be worth checking into, but I know American Eagle used to give 20% off for your birthday. I think it’s a week before and up to a week after. I haven’t used it in a while, and I can’t remember if you have to sign up for anything.

    Also, this one isn’t for birthday’s, but if you sign up for the Aerie insider club you get a free gift any thursday once a month. I’ve gotten perfume, a makeup bag with brushes, a totebag, lotion and others. It’s a good thing to do, and you don’t have to buy a thing!

  22. Christina says

    I’m pretty sure that Logans Roadhouse will give you a coupon for a free desert on your birthday or to use around your birthday!

  23. Jackie Trouard says

    would love some freebies to be spoiled for my b-day week; going to be 58 on November 24th. Horrible to think about it will also be a semi-first anniversay of the death of my kid sister. She died on 11-15-10, which was Thanksgiving Day and this year it will be on the 24th.

  24. says

    World Market gives you $10 to spend during your birth month for being a rewards member and it’s free to sign up.

    The Body Shop also gives you $10 during your birth month, but you have to pay $10 to be a member. (You get 10% off all purchases, even sales.)

  25. Kokophuffs says

    Thanks for the list! It’s amazing. It was time-consuming but I also signed up my husband and kids. I don’t know which one to choose for my birthday!

  26. Nicole says

    I have received a free lift ticket at Bear Mountain in Southern CA on my birthday! I’m not sure they still do it, but a whole day of free skiing was great!

  27. Jennifer says

    For those who love adventure Jupiter dive center and Scuba works in Jupiter Fl have a 2 tank free dive on your birthday as well. You need to be a certified diver.

  28. tammy says

    Cracker Barrel gives you free dessert! Get the Apple is the most expensive or the NEW Pineapple upside down cake.

  29. MARY says

    Walgreens -mails a $5 gift certificate for your birthday. When you sign up for their walgreens rewards online.

  30. Amanda says

    If you sign your kids up for the Zaxby’s Kidz Club they recieve a free kid’s meal on their birthday. They will also recieve free cookie coupons a couple of times throughout the year.

  31. Tessa says

    Sign up for Cold Stone Creamery Birthday Club and receive a coupon the week before your bday for a free dish of ice cream.

  32. Kimmy Jo says

    wow! What a list! I think I need to go see the dr regarding my birthday list carpal tunnel now!!! 😉 thanks, look forward to my free celebration! :oD

  33. Felicia says

    CleanFreak Car Wash in AZ will give you a FREE wash on your birthday. Entertaining wash for the kiddos and free vacuums.

  34. Regina says

    How long do you have to use birthday coupons – do they have to be used the day of your birthday

  35. Rosanne says

    My birthday is not for a couple of weeks, but I got my first offer today ~ from Aveda for a “free Personal Blends Pure-Fume Spirit or body care product (worth up to $25) custom-blended with the aroma of your choice.” and I just found out that Ulta is offering a free Brow Arch ($20 value) as their birthday surprise These are 2 great gifts already! :)

  36. Leslie Hockett says

    My favorite is the 15% discount from Anthropolgy! You need to sign up for their free card..but so worth it!

  37. Courtney says

    Yay! My birthday is a week from tomorrow. I’m so happy I found this link *before* my birthday! Thanks Frugal Girls 😀


  38. chris hillman says

    The Arby’s birthday suprise link takes you to a porn site figured you did not mean for that to happen so thought I would let you know. Love your site otherwise. Happy Week

    • Heidi says

      Eeks ~ I’m not sure what happened there, but I just fixed the link. Thanks for letting me know! 😉

      ~ Heidi

  39. Jordana says

    I do hope most of these are either for the month or week of my birthday… the restaurants will totally lose out if you have to pick one or two to visit on your day! I’m going to have to join a gym to counter how many times I’ll be eating out in August!
    P.S. LOVE this site!!

  40. Brooke says

    Payless Shoe Source also gives a Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupon AND 20% off entire purchase coupon for the month of your birthday. I just used mine yesterday! 4 pairs of shoes for only $30!

    • Heidi says

      Wow ~ you scored some great deals, Brooke! Thanks for sharing… I just added this to the list! 😉

      ~ Heidi

  41. Beth Pittman says

    Macaroni Grill gives free cake and serenades you in Italian for birthday & anniversary.

    Lenny Dykstra car wash gives a free car wash for your birthday. (Corona, CA locations) You may have to join their wash club but worth it.

  42. Wendy says

    Provino’s Italian restaurant gives a free dinner entree on your birthday. No email or coupon necessary.

  43. Angie says

    How do you get the free blue ray dvd from Disney? I have been a member for awhile and have not ever received a dvd or anything for our birthday. I looked on the site and couldn’t find anything.
    Also to add to the list of birthday freebies:
    Build a bear

  44. Tina says

    This is a fantastic site and list. I will make sure to mention your site in my newsletter :-) Keep up the great work!

  45. Debi Smith says

    Sign up for as many of them in your location! Most didn’t expire for about a week for me, so it gives you time to really enjoy all the deals. :)

  46. Nora Robinson says

    Here are some freebies to add to the list;
    Victoria Secret $10 gift card (must have credit card though)
    New York and Company 15% coupon
    Glen Ivy Spa (in California) free admission ($50 worth!)

  47. Delphina Rodriguez says

    FYI…Albert’s Jewelers of Scherrerville, IN mails out $50 birthday certificates towards any purchase during your birthday month. I believe the deal is that you make a purchase and that’s what gets you on the birthday list. *I made one (large) purchase 3 years ago (ended up changing mind and returned) and am still get my $50 birthday certificates each year.. and using them!

  48. Amber says

    Thank you for this amazing site! I appreciate all the hard work you put into finding these great offers!

    Keep up the awesome work!

  49. Rebecca says

    Caribou Coffee & Dunn Bros Coffee give a coupon for a free drink…any size or kind, and there is also the macaroni grill, red robin gives a free burger, sonic, papa murphys, and farmrich brand gives a coupon for $1 off when you sign up and $2 off on your bday…they make mozzerella sticks which are sold at target, walmart, etc and they also have french toast sticks at some places.

  50. jessica says

    HELP!!! i see all the “birthday freebies” but my bday is on christmas and none of the stores/restaurants/etc. are open. i wanted to ask for advice, so i can get all the gifts i can! (:

    • Heidi says

      Hi Jessica,

      Many of these freebies will be valid for your entire birthday week, so I would definitely still sign up for those of interest to you. 😉 Hope that helps!!

      ~ Heidi

  51. Nicole says

    This is an awesome list!!!!! And if you sign up for victoria secret they will send you a $10 certificate off any purchase. Hope this helped :)

  52. Jennifer says

    i didn’t read all 165 comments but Vera Bradley sends a birthday coupon… i think it’s $20 off… but it may have been 20% off.. I can’t remember!!! Sign up online and make sure you tell them your birthday!!!!

  53. Tamara says

    IHOP Buffets definitely send free email coupons… and I think Shari’s Restaurant does the same thing! Free meal for your birthday if you sign up 😀

  54. says

    The keg will give you a free steak and Salad and Sides for your birthday. The best part is that you can use the coupon the whole month of your birthday. No other purchase necessary (as I know) so you can take advantage of the ones that your have to use on your birthday and still treat your self to a nice dinner. Thanks Keg

  55. Kristine White says

    My birthday is on December 29th and oh my I am going somewhere the entire week!!! breakfast lunch and dinner, then buy some shoes, makeup…so excited!!!

  56. ANDREA GRAVES says

    I’m so glad to know about all these freebies & I will certainly use them when my day comes around next year. Thanks for all the information.

  57. Donna says

    I may have missed it, but if not, if you join Bruster’s Sweet Rewards club, they email you special discounts every month, send you a BOGO on your anniversary date and a free ice cream the month of your birthday. Also, Provino’s Italian Restaurant offers a free dinner up to either $13 or $15 on your birthday. They have the best all you can eat salad and garlic rolls.

  58. Sandra Matula says

    Great site! Tomorrow is my birthday, jan 1st…wish I had found this site sooner! There’s always next year if it’s the Lords will. God bless!

  59. Wesley T says

    Last week i got a card in the mall from vera bradley, i must be part of their mailing list because I got $20.00 to use in their store, on purchase on $20.00 or more needless to say It’s the best free birthday gift I’ve gotten in awhile!

  60. Cheri Poulsen says

    Krispy Kreme gives you one free donut….. they used to give you a free DOZEN! Guess they got smart! That was too good to be true!

  61. Jackie Hernandez says

    -Golden Spoon will send you a coupon for a free yogurt.
    -Free Spa Admission (about a $50 value)to Glen Ivy Day Spa (CA)

    • Amy says

      Free Starbucks FRAP

      I’m in Texas so some of the restaurants you’ll have I’m down here but if you have Steak and Shake where is the totally free meal Godiva chocolate will give you a free chocolate South Wales will give you a free wallpaper on your birthday if you have a Jason’s Deli I believe they give you a free meal and if you have a Wingstop will give you a free order of fresh cut seasoned french fries they’re so awesome

  62. Sara says

    Buffalo Wild Wings will send you a $20 coupon for your birthday celebration. They also decorate your table and you get a free cake and ice cream.

  63. Beverly Kennedy says

    I just received some free birthday coupons and specials from
    Omaha Steaks
    Pizza Hut

  64. Julia says

    Aveda mails you a postcard for a free, personalized birthday gift (i.e. a body lotion infused with a scent of your choosing); it varies, but this year the postcard says the gift it worth up to $25. You must redeem it at an Aveda store (they include the list on the postcard you receive in the mail). No purchase required!

  65. Karen says

    Rubio’s has cheaped out. It’s my birthday next week and they sent me a buy-one-get-one free burrito coupon rather than a coupon for a free meal, as they did in years past. What do I want with two burritos? None of my friends eat burritos and I don’t like reheated burritos.

  66. LisaH says

    Thank you SO much for this listing. I’ve signed up for many, many birthday specials. I appreciate all your effort in your daily deals too. This birthday list R*O*C*K*S!!!

  67. says

    Todai Seafood and Sushi buffet has a free meal for your birthday (with the purchase of 1 or more meals – or 50% off if you eat your birthday meal alone). Just need to show your ID, but has to be on the day of your birthday

  68. Robyn L says

    Brueggers Bagels sends you bday coupons. :) (Also a free bagel with cream cheese for signing up in the first place. Double bonus!)

  69. Jen says

    Vera Bradley will send you a $20 coupon/gift card for your birthday if your birthday is registered in their system. You can do this by calling in Vera Bradley store or contacting customer service. You don’t even have to spend a certain amount!

  70. Shawn Tessmer says

    Redbox gives a free birthday movie. Vera Bradley Purses gives $20 off any purchase even if the purchase is under $20

  71. Jeanine says

    Awesome list.

    One more to add. Schlotzki’s. I usually get a postcard for a free original sandwich mailed to me each year.

  72. Reginald Trotter says

    I sign on to Birthday last year, and I receive lots of free birthday treats, I couldn’t believe all of the restaurants that gave free gifts.

  73. Chelsea says

    My husband and my birthday are coming up soon so I will be going through all of these to try and get free things!

    ALSO – If you live in CA and want to head over to Catalina Island you can go for free on your birthday! (Normally round trip its about $70!) My husband and I wanted to go for our one year anniversary but found this deal so figured we’d try it out then and save $70 :)

  74. Kim says

    I took my daughter to Vera Bradley at Penn Square Mall in OKC, OK for her birthday. We found out they give a $20 discount with no minimum purchase required! :) You could walk out with a free item! 😀

  75. JMAC says



  76. Emily Swangin says

    I went onto the Ulta website but couldn’t find where you click to go to the web page for the freebie on your birthday! Anyone know where its located?

  77. Debbie says

    Landry’s Restaurants, such as Rainforest have $25 added to your membership card on your birthday and Godiva gives you $10 of your choice of product during your birthday month, if you belong to their free club ;- )

  78. Helen says

    Rudy Tuesday’s No Longer gives you a Free Burger on your Birthday. You now get a choice of either 1 Blondie or 2 Cupcakes.

  79. Debra Krause says

    Sign up for Vera Bradley email and you will get a $20.00 gift card in the mail for your birthday. It is good for any purchase of $20.00 or more! Also, I would suggest signing up for email clubs at any dept. stores and restaurants you shop at. Most will send you coupons throughout the year and many send you a special offer for your birthday, often for something free! I love checking my inbox during my birthday month, I get so many things!

  80. Cherry Shelton-White says

    The Big Texan in Amarillo, Texas offers either a small prime rib meal or chicken fried steak meal for free – but it has to be on your birthday.

  81. says

    Hey all! :)

    Looks like a lot of great birthday treats! Wish I would’ve seen this BEFORE my birthday! oops, always next year!

    anyways… Vera Bradley offers $20 off your purchase of $20 or more for your birthday. And The Loft gives you $15 off your purchase for your birthday too! Both are good for the whole month. :)

    Enjoy and Happy Birthday to All!

  82. Juliet says

    If you sign up for the VIP mailing list at Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill they give you a coupon for a free steak dinner.

  83. Jette says

    I love this list. Recently lost my job and my birthday is coming up in early August.. Looking forward to the freebies!!

  84. Jessica says

    A&W will give you a free rootbeer float on your birthday when you sign up for their mug club online. :-)

  85. Cori says

    Victoria’s secret just sent me a 10 dollar off card for my bday… I’m guessing if you’re signed up with their site they will send you one too.. :)

  86. Debbie says

    Nothing Bundt Cakes offers a free birthday bundtlet if you show their birthday email offer on smart phone or a print out.

    Dave and Busters in Milpitas, CA gives $10 free game play with purchase of $10 in game play.

    Rooster T Feathers comedy club in Sunnyvale, CA offers free entry for up to 10 for birthday month. 2 item minimum still applies.

  87. Tami says

    Awesome list, thank you for sharing. I thought I’d share mine. some are same, some different.
    Restaurant Freebies:
    Joe’s Real BBQ – Show ID and receive a free MEAL and DESSERT on your birthday. This is my favorite deal I’ve found yet. Gooooood stuff too. I love their pecan-smoked turkey breast and homemade root beer!
    Joe’s Farm Grill – $10 credit towards a meal when you show your ID on your b-day.
    Liberty Market – $10 credit towards a meal when you show your ID on your b-day.
    Jack in the Box – Print a coupon for a free dessert with valid ID on your b-day. No purchase necessary.
    Benihana – Sign up for the Chef’s Table and a complimentary Benihana Birthday Dinner certificate, maximum value of $30 (excludes alcoholic beverages, gratuity and tax) will be emailed to you for use during the month of your birthday.
    Red Robin – Free burger on your birthday if you sign up for eClub
    Vine Tavern – Free meal (up to $10 value) on your birthday
    Black Angus – Free steak dinner (up to $19.99) on your birthday when you join the BA Prime Club. Offer requires the purchase of an additional entrée of equal or greater value.
    The Keg Steakhouse & Bar – Register inside their restaurant and they will snail mail you a coupon good for a free steak and lobster meal during the month of your birthday.
    Baskin Robbins – Join the BR Birthday Club and get a coupon for a free 2.5-oz. ice cream scoop on your b-day.
    Cold Stone Creamery – Join their Birthday Club online and receive a free creation on your birthday.
    Z’Tejas – Register first and receive a $15 coupon for the month of your birthday.
    P.B. Loco Cafe – Register online (“sign up for free stuff”) and get a coupon for a BOGO free grilled peanut butter sandwich on your birthday.
    Uno Chicago Grill – Sign up and get a $10 off $25 coupon on your birthday.
    Qdoba – Buy-one-get-one free burrito coupon on your birthday if you sign up for eClub.
    Del Taco – Free Premium Shake on your birthday if you sign up for the Del Taco® Raving Fan eClub
    Sonic Drive-In – Become a Sonic Cruisers member and receive a free treat (regular cream slush, tater tots, or medium drink) on your birthday.
    Wienerschnitzel – Join the Wiener Lover’s Club and you’ll get a free corn dog on your birthday.
    Fox & Hound Pub & Grille – Join their Online Pub Club and get an e-mail for a free entree on your birthday (this is usually good for a couple weeks around your birthday)
    Krispy Kreme – Free dozen glazed donuts on your birthday when present ID
    Firehouse Subs – Join the Firehouse Birthday Club and a certificate for a free sub will be mailed to you the month of your birthday.
    Sweet Tomatoes – Sign up for Club Veg and receive an emailed coupon for B1G1F buffet for your birthday.
    Old Country Buffet/Hometown Buffet – Join the Mega Bar Meal club and get a free meal on your birthday, as well as a free meal just for signing up.
    Genghis Grill – Enter the “Build Your Own Birthday” Program and they will email you a coupon for a FREE bowl of stir-fry during the month of your birthday.
    El Torito – Join El Torito’s “Bull Ring” email club and receive a coupon for a FREE meal on your birthday. No purchase necessary.
    Schlotzsky’s – Join the Schlotzsky Bun & Fun E-club and receive a coupon for a FREE small “The Original” sandwich on your birthday.
    Zwirl – Join the Zwirl Club and receive a free frozen yogurt on your birthday. Must fill out form in store.
    • Denny’s. After a brief hiatus from their free perk, the chain’s restaurants in Arizona are again offering a free birthday meal with the purchase of another meal and two beverages. Visit for locations.
    Firehouse Subs – Show your ID on your birthday and get a free medium sub.

    Miscellaneous Freebies:
    Scottsdale Running Co. – Members of the SRC club receive an “age specific discount” off the purchase of one pair of running shoes during the month of your birthday. i.e.if you turn 25 this year, you will receive 25% off a pair of running shoes.
    Harkins Theatres – Receive coupon for free medium sized popcorn when present ID at box office or Guest Services counter.
    Brunswick Bowling – Sign up for the Brunswick Bonus Zone and receive an e-coupon for free bowling on your birthday and other holidays
    Arizona Snow Bowl – Ski (or skyride during the summer) FREE on your birthday! Present valid identification at the Guest Services Desk in the Hart Prairie Lodge for your complimentary lift ticket.
    Sephora Beauty Insider – Join the Sephora Beauty Insider Club and receive an email on your birthday for a free Beauty Insider birthday gift.
    Arden B – Sign up to receive exclusive emails and receive a coupon for 20% off your next purchase on your birthday.
    Aveda – Sign up for Aveda’s Birthday Program and receive a postcard for a free Personal Blends Pure-Fume or Body Care product (worth up to $25.00) custom-blended with the aroma of your choice for your birthday.
    Community Tire – Join the email club to receive a FREE oil change on your birthday. Coupon good for a whole month after your birthday!
    Benefit Brow Bar at Ulta – Free eyebrow shaping on your birthday at Benefit Brow Bar inside Ulta stores (Select locations have the brow bar). You must show a government-issued ID, so you must go on your actual birthday.
    Changing Hands Bookstore – Stop by during your birthday month and receive a 25% discount or $10 off any single purchase. Must present valid ID.
    Genie Car Wash – Free car wash on your birthday

  88. Natalie says

    Yes, Noodles and Company gives a free noodle bowl, but you have to be member for at least 60 days before your birthday to get it :( So if you try signing up the day before your birthday like me you will be disappointed.

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