Corn Gardening Tips!

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Do you want to grow delicious Corn this year?  You’ll love these easy Corn Gardening Tips!

Check out these creative tips and tricks shared right here and on The Frugal Girls Facebook Page

Patti said: “Fertilizer is key – and for some crazy reason, you need to plant a minimum of 3 rows.  They don’t have to be LONG rows, but there’s something true about needing the corn in 3 rows.  Also, don’t replant in exactly the same place the next year.  Crops need to be rotated.  I grew up on a farm and still plant a little garden every year now that I no longer live on a farm.”

Amber said: “Work a good nitrogen fertilizer like fish bone meal into the soil before planting, and side dress again when the stalks begin to tassel.  Mulch well, keep weeds pulled, keep soil moisture as consistent as possible, and plant in full sun.  Make sure the soil is warm before planting.”

Tanya said: “WATER, lots of water!”

Amy said: “Water, water, water.  Full sun, good drainage.  Consider sowing a cover crop the winter prior to planting.  Definitely consider companion planting.”

Tammy said: “It’s best to use crop rotation.  Winter Rye and Hairy Vetch should provide much needed nitrogen for the corn.  You can also use the three sisters method.  You plant beans and pumpkins between the rows.  I hope this helps.”

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Debi said: “Grow it with green beans (they climb the stalks and aerate the roots) and squash (keeps away bugs and weeds).  This was called the three sisters method, because they did better together.”

Marie said: “Have at least 16 stalks, preferably in a square formation.  Lots of water!”

Beth said: “The main tip I would give is plant multiple short rows together, rather than, say, two long rows.  They need to be kind of in a square-ish formation (as someone else mentioned) to best pollinate with each other.  I learned this the hard way.”

Emma said: “All of my info is tried and true.  Handed down generations.
1) Hoe out your rows.  You will need at least 4 for good pollination. 
2) Your mini trench needs to be about 3 or 4 inches deep.
3) Sprinkle fertilizer down your row.  I use 10-10-10.
4) Walk down your rows dropping 3 seed every foot step or so.  Then lightly cover with your dirt.
5) If you don’t have bees for pollinating, just shake the stalks when they start tosseling. That ensures each kernel is pollinated and will be full ears.
6) Don’t use sevens dust, it will kill bees.
7) Plant just one kind if you don’t want it to cross pollinate.”

Tara said: “My grandparents used to grow corn when they were in the farming business in Arkansas.  I remember it was hard for them when there was a drought, even with irrigation systems.”

Susan said: “Corn does OK in raised gardens when you can plant the seeds deep enough.  Full sun and plenty of water.  Must follow planting directions as written; plants need to be at least 12 inches apart in order for pollination to take place so you will get full ears of corn.

However, corn is one of those veggies that worms just love to invade.  So, if you want to get a good corn crop, you must spray the plants.  It is a lot of work, but nothing like going out into the garden and picking fresh corn and dropping them into the pot for supper.”

Mark said: “I read a link somewhere that said to avoid worms, to rub Vaseline on the silk when it appears. Tried it and had no problem with worms!”

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Jennifer said: “I plant my corn in raised beds.  I use a “lasagna” gardening, or layered gardening technique when setting up my beds, providing plenty of nitrogen in the soil.

The biggest tip is plant the corn EARLY.  The earlier corn does not get worms like corn planted later in the season!  I use no pesticide on my corn when it’s planted early and we harvest in June.  I plant my stalks close together (about 4-5 inches) and have no problems. Fresh from the garden corn is incredible.”

Starla said: “We grew corn in our back yard where we also had chickens.  The corn grew like crazy.  Not much rain that season, but the chicken poop was amazing fertilizer!!  Once you cut it all down, don’t try to grow it in the same place again for a couple of seasons!!”

And finally Dina said: “Cow poop!  No joke.  I’m in the city and had the best sweet corn ever in my yard, using poop from my dads farm and lots of water.  Good luck!”

Corn Gardening Tips

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Best Ever Corn Growing and Gardening Tips from

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Do YOU have any tips or tricks for growing corn??

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  1. Chris says

    I am in my 3rd year of growing a garden, have great success with squash, okra, but corn and tomatoes don’t do very good. Each year I’ve tried some thing different with still no good benefits. So with this year I’m trying cattle panel to tie my tomatoes too and have learned to prune. My real guestion here is, I live in West Texas…very hot summers; I mulch with store brand mulch and just doesn’t work very good. Every where I check they says to use straw, but we do not have straw here, is there any thing else we can use that is as good as straw?
    Thanks for any help
    cjclark10@yahoo. com

    • Joanne Bruegeman says

      Easy start for corn: soak in water overnight, then put corn in folded black and white ( no color ) wet newspaper /several layers and place in a Ziploc bag several days before planting. This will cause corn to sprout before planting and gets corn growing faster. Plant with sprout going down, cover with soil and watch it grow.

    • Joanne Bruegeman says

      Make a square with cattle panels and as tomatoes grow bring branches out the holes for good support. Put crushed egg shells in when planting to prevent end blossom rot. Thin branches to remove non producing one’s and make stem stronger.

  2. Brian says

    Hey Chris I’m not to sure on what mulches you have where you are. I’m in Nova Scotia and I use a deep watering system on my tomatoes. I have no problem growing 7ft plants. I also plant my seedlings deep and add crushed egg shells in the hole first. I hope this helps.

  3. Joanne Bruegeman says

    Easy start for corn: soak in water overnight, then put corn in folded black and white ( no color ) wet newspaper /several layers and place in a Ziploc bag several days before planting. This will cause corn to sprout before planting and gets corn growing faster. Plant with sprout going down, cover with soil and watch it grow.

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