DIY Glitter Christmas Ornaments!

DIY Glitter Christmas Ornaments

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Following is a fun Christmas Craft and guest post
by Jenny and Jess at Plum Adorable… enjoy!!

What you need:

  • Glitter
  • Clear Ornaments (glass or plastic)
  • Pledge Floor Care Finish

DIY Glitter Ornament

Step one:

Take off the silver top. Pour some of the cleaner in the ornament.

Glitter Ornament

Then swirl the cleaner around the inside of the ornament. Try to avoid bubbles. See all my pretty glitter colors? I got all 12 of those at Michael’s for half off. I only spent $6.50.

Glitter Ornaments Tutorial

Then pour the excess cleaner back into the jar. I was able to set my smaller ornaments in the hole to drain it.

Next, pour a good amount of glitter inside the ornament. I used a Dixie cup to set my ornament in to make it sturdy.

Then swirl the glitter around the ornament so that it is completely covered with glitter. You may have to add more.

Glitter Ornaments

Next, pour the excess glitter back into the glitter jar. You may have to use a funnel, it just happened to be the perfect size for me so I didn’t use one.

Once you get the excess glitter out, wipe it down a bit and put the silver top back on. Here are all the colors I did in a about an hour and a half.

Glitter Ornament Tutorial


Jenny and Jess are two friends that love creating crafty stuff (for both kids and adults), cooking, reading, and so much more! They were so inspired by the ideas and lives of so many of their favorite bloggers, that last Fall they decided to start their own blog Even though they still feel like they have no idea what they are doing (most of the time), they are excited that their followers seem to like it! They also love to create free printables and svg’s for both kids and home decor.  You can also find Jenny and Jess on Facebook and Pinterest!

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    • tracy says

      Not Sure where you are located but I was able to find some at Joann’s crafts in puyallup washington. Maybe online if you don’t have one close to you :)

  1. Jenny May Shannon says

    I LOVE the look of glitter, but hate the mess, the pain when it gets under my contacts, fidning it months later… Having the glitter INSIDE makes me want to leave work early and get supplies for this!

  2. Katrina says

    Your ornaments look awesome. I make these every year for my students. How do you keep the glitter from getting knocked/scraped off when you put the silver wires and caps back on? I waited a year to put them back on this Christmas so I know they were dry enough 😊

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