How to Make *Cute* Hair Clips for Babies and Little Girls!

Hair Clips

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I love cute hair clips for babies and little girls ~ and not only are they adorable… they’re also super-thrifty and a cinch to make!

Make some for your baby or little girl, or give some as thrifty gifts!

This fun project idea comes from my friend Joli!  These are thrifty, quick-to-make, and seriously cute!

What You’ll Need:

  • Ribbon {I found these spools in a $1.00 bin at Michael’s} ~ I use 3/8″ ribbon, but you can also experiment with different widths!  5/8″ would work, too!

  • Hair Clips {I found these at Sally Beauty ~ ‘Salon Care Metal Clips’}   I bought a box of 100 for $5.39, so they worked out to just 5 cents each!!  Or… they are also available on Amazon.

  • Jewels or Buttons {can be found at any craft store}
  • Hot Glue Gun

What You’ll Do:

  • Depending on the size of your clip, measure out the amount of ribbon you’ll need to cover both the inside and outside of the clip.  For the clips I used, I needed just under 7 inches…

  • Now, go grab your glue gun, and let’s get started!
  • I use the hot setting on my glue gun.  The lower temperature glue won’t work well, so make sure it’s hot… but no burning fingers, okay?? 😉

  • Begin by gluing the ribbon to the lower inside portion of the clip.  Pinch the clip open while gluing, and be careful to keep the ribbon straight!

  • Then, add some more glue to the ribbon, and wrap it around to the bottom side of the clip.  Make a nice crease at the point of the clip.

  • There you go ~ we’re almost half way there!

  • Add some hot glue on the inside of the clasp, and glue ribbon.

  • Then, add hot glue to the remaining amount of ribbon.  Pinch clasp, and wrap all the way around and under.  Again, make a nice crease at the point.

  • It should look a little something like this…

  • Good job… you did it! Wasn’t that easy??

  • Now… you can leave these clips as is, or you can jazz them up even more with some fun jewels or buttons!  Make sure the jewels or buttons are glued well and fastened tightly!

  • Have fun choosing colors and accessories to bejewel them with!  😉

  • This is definitely a quick project, and these make great thrifty gifts, too!

How Much Did it Cost?

  • Hair Clips {Box of 100 for $5.39 at Sally Beauty Supply} = 5 cents each!  Or… they are also available on Amazon.
  • Ribbon {$1.00 for 3 yd. spool at Michael’s}
  • Jewels {$2.99 for pack of 55 at Michael’s}
  • Total Cost per clip: About 17 cents!!

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      • Susan says

        I’d love to know how they sold and how much you sold them for. I was thinking of making and selling some at our next garage sale, too.

  1. Kate says

    My daughter & I have been making clips like these for years! They are so much fun! We also make big floppy bows for her hair too, so fun!!!!

    • maggie says

      these are very cute. i have just recently started to make bows for my daughter, nieces, classmates, and friends :) i make korker bows as well as another kind-not sure if they have a name….

  2. shonte says

    I see people making these on etsy and charging $5 for some of them!! Awesome awesome tip! Cant wait to try it. Anyone know how to make other clips (korkers or characters to glue on the clips)?

  3. Debbie says

    You can also add a non-slip grip to them real easy too. You go to the Dollar tree and buy those spongey drawer mats. Cut them the size of the clip and they won’t fall out of fine hair.

  4. Kim T says

    love the idea of making these non-slip! thank you for all the crafty idea’s (and the comments are awesome also!)

  5. Brandy says

    You can make the korker ribbons by wrapping your ribbon around a thin pencil or rod and securing at the ends with a dab of glue. Soak it in or spray it with fabric stiffener. When it dries, remove the ribbon from the rod and cut the ends off to remove traces of glue.

  6. Christy M says

    You can do much better on the clips than at Sally’s. I buy mine in bulk online and they equal out to be about $.10 per clip. This is a great site for hair bow hardware!
    I also make the woven ribbon head bands and save big time by buying here. In micheal’s the 1” head bands are 2.99 a piece. Here, you get 12 for $3.36. Thats a savings of about $2.70!!

  7. Catrina says

    OMG! Thank you SO much for posting this very simple yutorial WITH pictures. I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for something this simple and step-by-step!

  8. Kristina says

    You can also add a bit of hot glue for non-slip-grip. I’ve been making clips and bows since my daughter was born. I also find that it works better if you don’ cover the bottom part of the clip entirely, the clip will slip better into hair. I cover these clips and then make bows for them. You can add flowers as well.

  9. Elizabeth says

    I make TONS of these for my daughters and our friends (recently, coworkers have started “ordering”…and paying me well for them considering the price and time I put in). So easy, and so super cute.

    I start at the opposite end (the top inside part, and stop about half way down the bottom side, so that the bottom end is exposed. It makes it easier to get in and out. I also make them non-slip and it’s WONDERFUL for baby & toddler hair. My only caution is to make sure you check that the jewel you use is SECURELY on the clip every time you use it; they ARE CHOKING HAZARDS!!

  10. says

    Thanks for posting this wonderful tutorial. I already purchased the clips before viewing your tutorial. I would like to purchase more ribbons and extras. The clips are a great value at $5.39. :) Great job!

  11. Amanda says

    THOSE ARE SO CUTE!!! I have two daughters with long and those would looks so cute. Plus they will love the jewels:) Keep up the great ideas. love um!

  12. Stacy B says

    My daughter and I made these this weekend.. Well I made it and she picked out the embellishments to put on. Thank you so much for posting this they are so cute and she is so proud of them because “we” made them

  13. Kyan says

    This is great! My daughter loves finding unique hair accessories! With cold weather on the horizon, making these will be a great time filler for us! Now I’ll have a great reason to use all those craft store coupons!

  14. Misty says

    What a fun craft!! I have four daughters, so we have spent a lot of money on hair clips…just to loose them. Now we can make these and not have to worry about breaking the bank everytime they loose them. My girls 10,7,and 5 1/2 were all able to make these without assistance and had a blast making them.

  15. Dahlia says

    I have always wanted a daughter, but thankful for nieces. I can’t wait to make them for the girls. I think I may make them for the girls in my son’s kindergarten class for Valentine’s too! Thanks for posting!

  16. Heidi says

    What a fun idea, Dahlia! I have 2 boys {and no girls}, but these are so fun and easy to make! {my nieces and the daughters of my friends are benefiting} 😉

    Have fun making your hair clips!

    ~ Heidi

  17. Autumn says

    My daughter & I bought some of these at a Mom 2 Mom sale for $1.50 each…thanks for showing us how easy it is to make them ourselves!

  18. Sara says

    I tried today and they turned out cute! But do you have any handy hints about how to help keep the ribbon straight and minimize the hot glue getting on the wrong parts of the clip/ribbon. Mine just don’t look as clean as your examples :)

    • HopeK says

      I use fabritac on the clips along with the hot glue, it is more forgiving. I only use the hot glue on the pincher part of the clip and fabritac on the long part.

  19. Kelly Lebo says

    What size clips to get at the beauty supply would work best? As in what size are used in these you have pictured? These are really cute, my daughter has already picked out ribbon she wants LOL.


    • Heidi says

      Hi Maxine ~ to keep the ends from fraying, you can run a quick lighter flame along the cut ends. {just be careful} 😉

      ~ Heidi

  20. says

    I’m in the process of making these for my 15 month old. However, I’m super paranoid that the jewels I use will pop off and be a choking hazard. Does anyone have any tips on how they successfully keep them on without a lot of extra work. I know I can probably use wire, but I wanted to still keep them clean and simple.

    • Lori says

      I would skip the jewels for littles that like to put things in their mouths. There is no real way to be sure they don’t come off…But what about using the fabritac glue and a thin ribbon to make a flower on the clip? It will take a little longer, but I think they would still be cute! Or use something smaller like sequins in a circle, that could still be swallowed, but won’t really cause problems if they are…

  21. says

    Oh thank you so much!!! =D My dear friend Misty pointed me to your website after I asked her how to do these cutie clips. We have 5 girls (of 9 children so far) and I’m desiring to make them all matching flower hair clips. I read your post on the flower headbands, too, so I can make head bands for our twin baby girls and our older girls, too! So excited!

  22. Charlieann says

    And to think I always bought these………….I cant wait to hit the fabric store this afternoon to buy my ribbon! So glad I ran into this website, I have tons of those clips home and a glue gun! OMGoddness this is awesome cant wait to put these in my girls hair!

  23. Kavi says

    I couldn’t find these clips at Sally’s. Can someone provide me with the link to these?
    I’ve a 2yr old daughter and would love to make these. These are really cute clips.

  24. Lois Dozier says

    This is the first time that I have seen your site. You have some wonderful, affordable ideas. Thanks for the info.
    Could you tell me if you have to disinfect pine cones before using them in crafts and if so, what with and how? Sorry but this is my first time using pine cones in crafts.

  25. Janet says

    I have a couple of Granddaughters that would love these I will try this for a little extra gift… I think they would love them.. Thank You for Sharing

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