A Jelly Bean Prayer! {gift in a jar}

A Jelly Bean Prayer

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We all know that Jelly beans are the classic Easter treat ~ but did you know they’re also a super-fun way to share Jesus, too?  That’s right ~ with this Jelly Bean Prayer!

My sweet friend Sandy shared this fun poem with me, and had my little man make the cutest Sunday School craft with it years ago.  Of course with my love affection for Mason Jars, I had to layer the tasty little jelly beans… in a jar! 😉  They can also be passed out in little clear treat bags for younger kids, too!

What You’ll Need:

  • Classic colored Jelly Beans
  • Half-Pint Mason Jar
  • Cupcake Liner {to use as a jar topper}
  • Ribbon
  • A Jelly Bean Prayer Poem {written or typed to give with the jelly beans ~ see below}

Jelly Bean Prayer Poem

  • Black is for our sin ~ all the wrong things we have done.
  • Red is for the blood of Jesus ~ He shed for everyone!
  • White is for a heart so clean ~ washed as white as snow.
  • Gold is for the streets of Heaven ~ how lovely they glow.
  • Green is for growing ~ hide His word in your heart.
  • Put your trust in Jesus, God’s Son, give your life a brand new start!

What You’ll Do:

  • Sort jelly beans by color
  • Layer in jar in the order they are listed in the Jelly Bean Prayer Poem.
  • Place silver topper piece on jar, then place a cupcake liner upside down, and affix the ring on the jar’s lid.  {see tips for using cupcake liners as jar toppers}
  • Tie a pretty ribbon around the jar’s lid, and don’t forget to type up or write the Jelly Bean Prayer {above} to go along with this fun Gift in a Jar!

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