DIY Carpet Freshener

DIY Carpet Freshener with Baking Soda

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Freshen up your carpets with this simple trick for DIY Carpet Freshener!

Simply fill up a shaker bottle with baking soda, and sprinkle on your carpets.

Vacuum it up, and you’ve got a simple DIY Carpet Freshener!  {you can even add in several drops of your favorite scented essential oil to the baking soda!}

Need a shaker bottle?  I found this one in the baking goods section at the Dollar Tree for just $1.00!  {yep ~ I love a good deal!}

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  1. Joanne Hill says

    My puppy threw up on a number of places on my carpet. Ive tried the commercial pet cleaner but there are still a number of spots. Any ideas

  2. Rachel says

    I just used my flour sifter and they worked marvelously as well. Curious though if there’s a certain time the baking soda should stay on the carpets to be effective?

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