Easter Egg Hunts… in the Dark?!?

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Gone are the days of my babies hunting for Easter eggs in broad daylight… eggs in bright colors… and eggs hidden visibly in the middle of the grass.

Nope ~ those days are over now.  Now eggs are various shades of green, camoflauge, etc.

Now that my boys are 11 and 13 years old, my hubby has taken things up a level or three.  For the past few years eggs have been hidden in the pool and in the trees ~ yes… climbing and diving required!  You’ve got to work for those eggs at our house!

{thankfully eggs under water are reserved for things like coins, NOT candy!} 😉

Last year, we added a fun new twist to the egg hunt… it started after dark!

Armed with flashlights and glow sticks, off the boys went… hunting for their eggs and having an absolute blast!

Here they are checking out their new found eggs by flashlight…

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