Easter Egg Hunt Ideas: Color Coded or Numbered Eggs!

Easter Egg Hunts Color Coded Numbered Eggs

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On the hunt for another fun Easter egg hunt idea?? I love this tip shared by frugal friend Sarah…

A creative solution we use in our family for egg wars amongst kids (especially since we have a wide range of ages) is that we “color code” eggs, ie: all blue eggs for one child, all pink for another, etc. It really evens the playing field for the lil ones and helps there be less fights about one kid getting tons of eggs & another not too many.”

I’ve tried this tip in our family, too… and it has worked like a charm!

Another thing we’ve done is numbered egg hunts… one child will get all of the eggs with a #1 on them, one child will get all eggs with a #2 on them, and so on.  Simply number equal numbers of eggs with a sharpie, and you’re all set!

Numbered Egg Hunts

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One Response to Easter Egg Hunt Ideas: Color Coded or Numbered Eggs!

  1. Cathy P says:

    Looking early for my easter ideas and I really like your egg ideas that you posted here. We have two little ones and 4 big boys in our family. So coloring/numbering eggs is a great idea. Can’t wait to see what the other moms think.

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