Chore Sticks for Kids

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Looking for an easy way to keep track of the chores for your kiddos??  Here’s what has worked for me ~ Chore Sticks!

Yes… even chores can go in Mason Jars ~ why am I so wildly in love with mason jars?!? 😉

Simply write {or type and tape} the name of the chore to the end of a craft stick. {found in the kids section of your local craft store or sometimes even at the Dollar Tree}

Once the chore has been completed, your child can flip over that stick for the day… ta-da!

My boys love the satisfaction of flipping over the sticks once they complete their jobs… and I love that I don’t have to nag them each day ~ they know exactly what’s expected of them that day.  :)

For more than one child, chores can be color-coded… one child could be responsible for all of the blue sticks, one child responsible for all of the green sticks, etc.  Easy-peasy!

So… let’s hear it ~ how do YOU keep track of chores in your home?

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  1. Vandy says

    I do something similar to the chore sticks. Except with my monkeys I have their own chore sticks, and then the communal chore sticks. The communal chores sticks are put into a recycled tin can facing down so they can’t see the chores, and so that they cannot pick their favorite chores. I then have each kid pick a stick until the can is empty. Those plus their daily personal chores are what they must have done before they retire to bed.

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