DIY Bead Pendant Necklaces!

Easy DIY Bead Pendant Necklaces |

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Following is a fun Jewelry Craft and guest
post by Betsy at AnnaNimmity ~ enjoy!

Hi there! I’m Betsy and I blog over at Mostly I blog about crafts, but I sprinkle in a bit of family life and a few vintage things, like Salty Saturday where I feature a new set of vintage salt and pepper shakers each week. I am so excited to be guest posting here today. There are butterflies in my stomach as I write this. Maybe it’s because Heidi was the first blogger to feature one of my projects last summer. It’s only fitting then, that my first guest post should be on The Frugal Girls, too!

These bead pendant necklaces are quick and easy, and give you a pretty good bang for your buck. All you have to do is gather a few supplies: metal trays (I get mine on Etsy), E6000 glue, whatever you want to use for the necklace, like a ball chain, rope necklace, or a ribbon, and miscellaneous beads. I used beads that I got in grab bag form from someone who was clearing out her abundant supply. I’ve seen similar bags at garage sales, so that’s a good place to look, too.

supplies for bead pendant necklaces

Here’s what I did: I played around with the different beads in the different colored trays until I came upon patterns that I liked.

try different designs with beads

Then I filled the trays with E6000 (filled is a relative term – I put a glob in there and spread it around to all the corners) and put the beads right on top of the glue in the tray. For the square beads, I added some glue to the sides of the beads so they would stick together and have even more support. It was that easy. I let the glue dry for a day and then put my pendants on the necklaces. Here’s how they look:

blue green bead pendant necklacegreen square pendant necklace


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red beads pendant necklacegreen beads square pendant necklace

I hope this gives you an idea for a fun summer project that can add some pep to your wardrobe. I’d love for you to stop by my blog or join me on Pinterest!

Thanks for letting me stop by today, Heidi, and for another opportunity to get butterflies!

Anna NimmityBetsy is a wife, mother, crafter, blogger, volunteer. Lover of sushi, puns, tennis, traditions, all bodies of water and people with big hearts.

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