Easter Story {Craft}… in an Egg!

I love Easter! The bunnies are cute and I’ve honestly got a serious affection for Cadbury creme eggs! ;)

I especially love the Easter story, and one great way to share the story of Easter with your kids is through the ‘Resurrection Eggs’ sold at Hobby Lobby, Wal-Mart, and several bookstores.

Now as a frugal girl… if you haven’t already bought these, go check out these DIY Easter Story Eggs so you can make a set of your own!

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2 Responses to Easter Story {Craft}… in an Egg!

  1. Katheryn F. says:

    I love this idea! How cute for the girls to really remember and have something fun to do to help remember their Savior. Thank you for this really cute idea!

  2. Treca says:

    I love love love this Easter idea! Very creative reminder!

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