How to Make Pretty Paper Ball Garland!

How to Make a Pretty Paper Ball Garland

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Following is a fun Craft and guest post
by Debbie at Happy Clippings… enjoy!!

Hi Frugal Girls! I’m Debbie from Happy Clippings. Heidi made my day when she asked me to do a guest post on her wonderful blog. I’m so thrilled to be here. I love saving money! But I also love DIY projects and crafts! So, why not be creative by making something frugal but still beautiful!

I am excited to share one of latest DIY craft projects with you all!

This is an easy and thrifty way to make paper circles into decorative balls. You can place them in bowls or jars or string them together to make a garland. There’s flexibility because you can make them various sizes. I made mine small (2 inch diameter) to fit my Apothecary jar. You can also use different patterned paper for each ball or the same pattern.

I only needed a few supplies for this project. I used scrap book paper, glue, ribbon, and a circle punch.


Here’s my Decorative Paper Balls Tutorial:

I first cut some circles. You will need six (6) circles for each paper ball. I used a 2 inch circle punch. I then folded each circle in half.

I took two folded circles and glued them together back to back. I then glued another folded circle onto it so there were 3 folded circles glued together. I repeated again with the rest of the 3 circles. I now have 2 sets of glued-together circles. I then glued those two sets together. See pictures for better visual.



To make into a Garland: Glue ribbon on one set of glued-together circles. And then glue the second set on top. Continue gluing more paper balls along ribbon spacing them as you like.


I do have to warn you that cutting the circles and gluing can be time-consuming and monotonous if you plan to make many of them. Just turn on some good music or your favorite TV show and have fun getting crafty.

As I stated earlier, you can use these paper balls for different purposes. String them together to make a beautiful garland or place in a jar or bowl.


I did a little of both. I strung some together and placed in a Apothecary jar. Most are in the jar but for fun I also decided to leave some on the outside. See how a few are hanging from the jar and some are casually lying around it.


Debbie is a wife to an amazing husband and a mom to 3 adorable kids. She’s a money saver, coupon clipper, coffee drinker, baker, home decorator wannabe, and a big Disney fan. She lives in Central Pennsylvania and blogs at Happy Clippings, where she helps others save money so they can enjoy family, home and all the sweet things in life. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Lisa Appell says

    Love this idea!! It’s great for a garland or for my girls room hung from their curtains. Okay, my mind is reeling with the possiblities! Thanks!

  2. Melissa P says

    Love them. Wish I would have seen this a few days earlier. Would have been perfect for my little girls b-day party. Hmmm, there’s always tonight 😉

  3. Alexandra says

    Thanks for sharing this. I’m part-way through making some of these with my 4 year old daughter. Ive made them a little bigger to use as baubles for the Christmas tree. Ive got her to do some drawings on the circles. We’re making a few so she can give them as presents for family members. We’re also using Christmas cards and a photo of her so they’re going to look all jimble-jumbled :) (Im waiting till we put the tree up at the weekend to get a picture of her looking chrismassey.) And then we’ll put them together. I just wondered what would be the best glue to stick it??? Should I use glue, or double sided tape? What would be stronger? Thanks!!!! Xxx

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