Pretty Mod Podge Citronella Lanterns Tutorial!

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This fun Mod Podge project and guest post
comes from Amy at Mod Podge Rocks… enjoy!!

Hello! I’m Amy from Mod Podge Rocks. My blog is all about crafting – specifically with Mod Podge.  I’m so delighted to be here at Frugal Girls. I love Heidi’s blog (I’m a regular reader), and I completely believe in being frugal.  While also maintaining cuteness.  I also believe in using up everything from my craft stash, which brings me to my outdoor lantern.

I live in Atlanta, and during the summer the mosquitoes are BAD.  And let me tell you, whatever mosquitoes like, I have in my skin.  I am a piece of candy to them.  So I use citronella lanterns when I’m outside – and I can get them at a great price from my local grocery.

There’s just one problem.  They look like this.

Um, yeah – that’s not going to work for me.  I need to Mod Podge it!  Now you might be one of those people who doesn’t mind the metal, and if you are, consider dressing up your lanterns for a special occasion like a pool party.  For myself, every day is a pool party (whether there is a pool or not!).  Here’s what you need.  Being a frugal girl, I used what I had on hand.

Gather These Supplies:

Citronella lantern
Mod Podge Outdoor
Fabric scraps (you could also use paper scraps)
Embellishments – flowers, a button, etc.
Clear acrylic outdoor sealer

Normally I would suggest that you “prepare” your fabric with Mod Podge before cutting it to prevent fraying.  I always do that on furniture so that the edges are clean and the fabric is easier to Mod Podge down.  In this case, we’re dealing with a small item that’s going to go outside, so you don’t have to be as neat.  Cut up a bunch of fabric scraps (or paper) into different shapes.

Using your Outdoor Mod Podge and paintbrush, start applying fabric squares to the tin.  Paint a little bit on the surface, apply the fabric and then paint right over it.  Super easy.

Note – Mod Podge looks *really* messy while applying.  It dries clear!  Promise.

The edges and around the handle might seem challenging, but just use your scissors and cut to fit.  It all just comes together.  Keep applying fabric squares until the tin is completely covered.  Allow to dry and then apply two more coats of Mod Podge.  Allow to dry.

Use your Outdoor Mod Podge to apply embellishments.  In normal circumstances you could use regular craft glue, but this puppy is going outdoors.  You want to be able to leave this outside and not get damaged.  Let everything dry.

Here’s our finished lantern, all done and lit.  Bye bye, mosquitoes!  Sorry you can’t hang with me and my cute lantern.  Not really.  Oh, one more tip after you are finished.  You are probably wondering about the flower and how you can leave the lantern outside without it getting damaged by the elements.  That is where the clear acrylic outdoor sealer comes in.  You can spray the entire lantern with it and you should be good to go (though I still recommend bringing your lanterns in at night so they don’t fade in the sun).

Thanks to Heidi for having me.  I’m always at Mod Podge Rocks if you need some fun (and frugal) crafting ideas or just want to hang with a girl who likes pugs and the color blue.  Come by and see me when you get a chance!

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  1. Kendra says

    ADORABLE!! I think the kids and I will be making sporty ones for Father’s Day!! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Afrikka says

    Super Cute..I am in GA as well and the bugs here are gross.I think I will make a few for the summer :)

    • Heidi says

      You’re very welcome, Amy! Thanks so much for sharing your fun project with all of us!! 😉

      ~ Heidi

  3. AmyB says

    I think I will make a few of these to take along as thank you gifts when going to barbeques this summer. The hostess can use them right away! Anybody can bring a bottle of wine…not me!

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