DIY Personalized Name Art!

Easy Mod Podge Letter Art

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Looking for a simple and super-cute way to spruce up a bedroom??  How about some Personalized Name Art!

Frugal friends Jamie & Kristee both shared their adorable Paper Mache letter projects… didn’t they do a GREAT job??

This simple project is great for decorating, and adding pizazz to any room!

Or… these would also make great gifts for bridal showers {maybe for the couple’s last name?}, baby showers {for the baby’s name}, birthday gifts, etc!

What You’ll Need:

  • Paper Mache Letters {use your craft store coupons to get a deal!}
  • Mod Podge
  • Foam brushes
  • Paint bottle in your selected color
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Pencil
  • X-acto Knife
  • Scissors

Foam Brushes on Sale

What You’ll Do:

  • First… take your unpainted letters and trace them onto your craft paper.
  • Cut out the traced paper letters with scissors, and set aside for later.
  • Next, take your paper mache letters and set them on newspaper while you paint the sides and back of the letters.  You may need to do a few coats to get your desired color.  {note: you won’t need to paint the front of the letter ~ that will be covered with your craft paper later}
  • After the paint has dried completely, brush a thin coat of modge podge on the front of the paper mache letter, then place the craft paper letter on top of the glue and let dry.
  • Once the craft paper has had time to dry firmly onto the paper mache letter, brush a nice, even coat of modge podge on top to cover the top of the paper.  Repeat this a few times, allowing each coat to dry completely in between .
  • Once the letter has dried completely, brush the entire letter with one last coat of modge podge, to give it a nice shine!
  • Embellishments, including string, buttons, clips, ribbon, etc. can be added on after your letters have dried completely.  Have FUN!!

Thanks for supporting The Frugal Girls!

A BIG thanks goes to Jamie & Kristee for sharing these tips & tricks for another fun project!!

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  1. Amanda says

    i love that idea. i re-doing my girls bedrooms and that would be perfect and I can find/use the perfect colors to match. And I already have hlf the stuff.
    Thanks FG! Again:)

  2. Dawn says

    I ALMOST did this using this technique earlier this week, but I was out of decoupage. I did, however, do one of my kids’ names using material and Heat N’ Bond!

  3. Jennifer says

    This was a great idea, thank you for posting it. I just have one question. What can you use to hang the letters on the wall without damaging if you want to move it later???

    • Heidi says

      Hi Jennifer ~ one option for hanging would be to glue a sawtooth photo hanger onto the back of each letter. Then you could easily hang the letters on nails. Hope that helps!

      ~ Heidi

    • Misty says

      I love command adhesive hooks…they have all types and pee right off later. we use them for everything including our christmas stockings. And they are reusable, you can just buy refills of the sticky parts!

  4. Terra says

    I have been working on my sons name and the paper bubbled and it looks horrible :o( Any suggestions on how to make the paper not bubble?

    • Heidi says

      Hi Terra ~ as the paper begins to dry, if you see bubbles, you can carefully poke them with a pin needle, push pin or Xacto knife tip. Then keep smoothing with your brush.

      Card stock has the tendency to bubble more, so if you’re having trouble with bubbling, you may want to stick with a thinner paper.

      Another option would be to just skip the modge podge step, and use double sided tape to attach the paper to the letters. Hope this helps! 😉

      ~ Heidi

  5. Nancy says

    I always use straight pins to hang anything light. You will be amazed at how strong they are. They even have longer, stronger ones that will hang light framed pictures. You can barely see the tiny hole when you remove it.

  6. Katie J says

    I really like that idea. I am thinking of making one for my boyfriend and maybe even my dad for father’s day. My boyfriend lives in an apartment with a couple of his friends and I think this would totally spruce up his room.

  7. candy poole says

    i did a version of this as a gift last christmas…i used 8″ letters, painted the sides dark blue, covered in scrapbook paper that had to do with airplanes, used airplane and flying embellishments (even a matchbox airplane) mounted w/glue to a stained decorative piece of wood put picture wire on the back and gave it to my co-worker who is also a pilot…she loved it…i am now going to try with smaller letters for my nieces with their favorite colors and things…

    • Theresa says

      if you google paper mache letters, you’ll get a great tutorial for making your own…out of cardboard, spacers and paper mache. One was and one was

  8. Kaitlyn says

    Would this work with the wooden letters as well? A family member bought me wooden letter to spell out my sons name but I haven’t decided what to do with them yet!

    Thanks!! :)

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