How to Make a Pretty Flower Pen!

How to Make a Pretty Flower Pen at

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You girls are always asking me for more ‘Gifts in a Jar‘ ideas ~ so here’s another one for you… a Pretty Flower Pen!

I made these a few years back when my little man was in Kindergarten… so it was high time to make another one! 😉

They would make any desk more cheerful… and would also make fun, thrifty gifts!

What You’ll Need:

  • 1 pretty silk flower {check your craft store}
  • 1 Ball-Point Pen
  • 1 Mason Jar {I bought this one at Wal-Mart}
  • River Rocks {I found these at Dollar Tree}
  • Floral Tape {check your craft store}

What You’ll Do:

  • Remove top off pen.  {on some pens these just pop right off… on this one I had at it with a knife ~ it took some girl-power, and it wasn’t pretty!} 😉

  • Trim flower stem so the length will be just long enough for the stem to fit down into the pen.  {I used a wire cutter, but then my finger got caught in it… ouchie!  These are the pictures I’m not showing you.  Just watch your fingers… mmm-kay?}

  • My stem had an extra thick piece around it, so I just sliced that off, too! 😉

  • Add a thin amount of hot glue to flower stem, and insert into pen. Allow to dry.

  • Begin to wrap the floral tape around the pen {it will stick to itself when stretched}, so pull the tape fairly tightly as you wrap.

  • Wrap all the way up to the base of the flower, then trim off the floral tape and secure.  Isn’t it looking pretty??

  • Now… go grab your jar ~ fill it with shiny little river rocks, and pop your pretty flower pen into it!  Tie some matching ribbons around the jar, and you’ve got a Pretty Flower Pen {or another fun gift in a jar}!


Have you made Flower Pens before?

Or do you have other fun ‘Gifts in a Jar‘ ideas??  Leave a comment & share!

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  1. Cindy F. says

    Oooohhh…these are so cute. I just kept thinking how cute it would be to make a whole bouquet of these in a vase/flower pot as a centerpiece for a wedding shower. Then, you have a centerpiece and pens for all of the games you play all in one!

    • Salina S. says

      I was just thinking a bouquet for a gift, but that is an awesome idea!! We made these for my friends bridal shower a few years ago, but never thought of bunching them together to make the centerpieces!

    • Steph says

      Hi I was wondering for the pen lids do you cut them to make them small enough to cover the pen back up? Is this what you did in the picture above when you said you had to cut it with a knife? Thanks.

    • says

      You know what would be perfect? Use the flower pens as favors at the wedding! Or they could be favors for the showers and parties. Just a little something extra for the guests.

      • Marianne W says

        I was thinking the SAME thing! I’m getting married at the end of next month and I live in the country. I am on a budget and this project is going to be perfect to match my theme. My guests will be surprised when they see the creativity behind the decorating.

        • Renee says

          We’re using these as a centerpiece for my daughters baby shower. When we’re done all the guests will take one home as a favor. We have clear glass vases filled with the pen flowers and surrounded by multi colored tutus (she having a girl) so the tutus will be given to the baby.

  2. Valerie says

    Rather than risking a cut with the wire cutters (!!), you could just leave the stem of the flower on the outside of the pen and wrap it up with the floral tape. That’s what I did when I made mine years ago and you really can’t tell.
    Also, you could use a flower pot and pinto beans.

  3. Misty says

    I think these are great and they make great teacher gifts…I use red pens for the teachers and make a bouquet…I like to use seaglass, shells or stones depending on the teacher, or you can use a fun coffee mug, which you can get really inexpensively at dollar stores or Christmas Tree shops!

  4. Stella says

    You can also make it double as a room freshener by using coffee. This will absorb the odors from the area. I have used Ground Coffee on the bottom with whole bean.

  5. says

    I have made these a bunch of times in the past. Great for small shops or front desks where people tend to walk off with your pens 😉 They are super easy and you can make a bunch of them in no time :)

  6. Jennifer says

    My former principal made these and placed them in the office for parents and visitors to use! So cute and nobody walked off with the office pens!

  7. says

    Great ideas everyone! I’m so excited about making things like this to sell, as I’m saving to go on a mission trip this summer.
    In Christ,

  8. Jacquie says

    I’ve made these in the past and put them in adobe colored flower pots (many times they are less expensive than Mason jars).

  9. Lindsey says

    Do you think these would work with baby food jars? I have a ton that I would like to find something to do with :-) This is so cute!

  10. says

    I love these and the kids and I are trying to make them right now. I just have one question…Do craft stores sell the green tape that is only sticky on one side? The tape I bought is sticky on both sides and it is not working well at all.

  11. raquel says

    I just made one of these for the first time. I only found Stem Wrap Tape at Michaels. Is this the same thing as Floral Tape? I ask because I wrapped the pen and the tape is very sticky when I pick up the pen. Will it dry out or did I get the wrong stuff?

  12. Laura says

    If you want a “free-ish” mason jar, head out and buy some pasta sauce. The mason jar can come from the Classico spaghetti sauce. I just went to a Taste of Home show and Classico is a sponsor this year. The chef said the jars it comes in are mason jars. I haven’t really checked this out myself though.

  13. says

    I just made two of these pens to give as thrifty gifts from my son to his Grandma’s on Mothers Day. They are so cute! I used large Pink Gerbera Daisies, and small painted flower pots and they look really great!!! Thanks so much for the idea!

  14. Karen says

    thank you so much for the directions! just made 40 flower pens to be used in a table decoration for a baby shower! :)

  15. Danielle says


    I am making these to put in a pot next to the guestbook at our wedding :) The guests will also be playing a game, “Are you smarter than the Bride & Groom?” at their tables, so I am putting a few of these in the mason jars on their tables.

    Question: How do you secure the sticky tape at the end? I can’t make it stay down! :(

  16. Debbie Rinehart says

    I’m planning to make flower pens for our 5 kids’ Sunday School teachers. Any creative ideas for something similar for male teachers?

    • says

      You could wrap the pens with maybe a green pipe cleaner of green felt I was going for grass looking the same floral tape could work also & use a golf tee as the topper that’s what popped into my head for a male. I think a lot of the 1.00 dollar stores have kids little tiny golf sets you could look and maybe find little tiny golf clubs use those also, I’ve seen them it might be something that you can’t find anymore though those would be cute. Now i’m going to have to look around for something to make some for guys!

  17. Sierra says

    This is a great idea! My mom and I are making these for her friends birthday! So cute for colleagues!

  18. Cece says

  19. CC says

    I did the whole bouquet idea (each flower a different color but complimentary to each other), used a clay flower pot (covered rim with ribbon) and the river rocks. It sits next to our phone and memo pad. It turned out oh so cute.

    Can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve received on it. Not only that but I’ve been offered as much as $20 for it. I was flabbergasted to say the least.


  20. Marlene Weisgerber says

    I use potpourri in the pots that I put the pens in.It gives off a nice scent when you pull out the pens.You can get different scents and colours for different occasions. I have also used rice, dried peas, beans .The possibilities are endless.

  21. Ruby says

    I’ve been wanting to do these for so long! Thank you for the instructions! It was very easy! Easier than I thought it would be. ^^
    I went to the dollar store, bought flowers, pens, and some pretty rocks. I already had floral tape and used a nice small long/tall cup. The floral tape was sticky and I had no Modge Podge. >_< I kept thinking "what should I use instead??". Then I saw my nail polish station. lmao!! I had an extra clear nail polish that was almost out and used that! i tried it out on one first to see how it would turn out. It came out pretty good. Dried quick and left a soft shiny look on the pen. Definitely helped get rid of the sticky feel from the floral tape. If you try my idea, make sure it's a nail polish you will no longer use. haha!

  22. Melissa says

    Best tutorial by far!!! THANK YOU!!! You explained things and posted pictures tht made everything so helpful. I didn’t understand the popping the end of the pen off till now. Thank you again!

  23. Callie says

    I’m in the middle of this project, and have run across the same problem! I haven’t tried anything yet, but research says that you can either use a thin coat of Mod Podge, or rub baby powder/cornstarch on it (though some people said that that might dry it out a little.) Hope it helps :)

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