How to Make Flower Flip Flops…

Flower Flip Flops

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Have you been noticing all those fun, flower flip flops this summer??  Here’s a simple way to make them!

Make some for your little girl, or give some as thrifty gifts!

This fun project idea comes from my friend Joli!  These are thrifty, quick-to-make, and seriously cute!

What You’ll Need:

  • Flip Flops {I found these for 60 cents per pair at Michael’s!}

  • Silk Floral Stems {I found these for $1.00/bunch at Michael’s}

  • Jewels {can be found at any craft store}
  • Hot Glue Gun

What You’ll Do:

  • Take apart flower by removing stem, plastic backing, and center of flower…

  • These flowers had several layers, so I added just a smidge of hot glue between each layer to keep them together.
  • Then, add hot glue to the back of a jewel, and place it in the center.
  • I use the hot setting on my glue gun.  The lower temperature glue won’t work well, so make sure it’s hot… but no burning fingers, okay?? 😉

  • Add hot glue to the top center of the flip flop straps, then press flower on.
  • Now… if you live in a hot, hot, hot climate… you could also attach these with thread and needle, to make sure they’re extra secure. 😉

  • Good job… you did it!  Wasn’t that easy??

  • These took me about 5 minutes per pair to make ~ so this is definitely a quick project!

How Much Did it Cost?

  • Flip Flops {60 cents at Michael’s}
  • Silk Flowers {$1.00 per bunch at Michael’s}
  • Jewels {$2.99 for pack of 55 at Michael’s}
  • Total Cost per pair: About $1.65!!

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  1. shanna says

    That is so cute, I wish I had little girls! Though I might have to make some, slightly less “childish” for myself! LOL! Don’t know why I never think to make my own, they’re so easy, and a lot cheaper to make than what they get for them in stores!
    Thanks for the idea!!

  2. says

    Only thing with these is that the hot glue wears down over time and the michaels flip flops do not last long. I bought several pairs from there and some already broke. They are kind of flimsy and my youngest is always tripping over them bc the front of the shoe folds under when she walks. Walmart has better quality flip flops for only $2.00. I do use ribbon to tie them on and they are FABULOUS. A lot more time consuming, but super cute and will last YEARS!!! I have had my pair for 5 years. If you have any questions email me. I have some on facebook under Bowtique Mama

  3. erica says

    I made some today and after about 15 minutes, the flowers fell off. I also glued some little jewels along the side and those fell off too. Any suggestions for getting them to stick better????

  4. Heidi says

    Hmm… what type of glue did you use, Erica? I haven’t had any issues with anything ever falling off with the brand of hot glue I have been using.

  5. erica says

    Just an all purpose glue stick. I didn’t realize there were different kinds! I’m wondering if maybe I have a cheap glue gun too. Hmmm…..

  6. Heidi says

    That could be… I’d suggest trying a high-temp setting if your glue gun has one, then using a generous amount. My flowers are really stuck on, so hopefully that helps! 😉

    ~ Heidi

  7. Shauna says

    For those of you (us!) who have problems with the inexpensive flip-flops coming apart, i.e., the flip coming out of the flop, just add a few drops of Superglue or hot glue to the spot where they come together. It is just a little added insurance. I have a pair from the Dollar Spot at Target that I have had for 5 years now! Love ’em!

  8. says

    Hi! I was so excited about these sandals for Christmas gifts and decided to try out one pair for myself first. I have glued the flowers on twice now and they are off again. :( I have used a high temp glue gun and no luck! Any other tips?? Thanks!

  9. Heidi says

    Hi Sarah ~ hmm… I’ve never had any issues with the glue gun not sticking. Maybe you could try another type of glue… even super glue? Or… you could try hot gluing on a small piece of ribbon, then gluing the flower to the ribbon?

    Hope that helps! 😉

    ~ Heidi

  10. Crystal B. says

    You could also try sewing it on directly to the sandal through the flower and then put your gems on. I think that would be your best bet. I know for the bows I sell I ALWAYS sew so that you know the product will last!

  11. Gillian says

    I use buttons instead of jewels and tie them onto the flip flop through the flowers. The ribbon also adds more decoration if you let it show under the flower. If you leave these at poolside in the sun with hot glue the hot desert sun will melt the glue. Except for the high heat we have here in summer I have never had an issue with my glue gun working great. (It beats shoveling snow)!

  12. April says

    I attach a metal clip, not sure exactly what they are called, to the flower and use that to attach the flower. It’s easy, doesn’t fall apart and allows the clip-ons to be interchangable.

  13. Tammy Kahler says

    those are awesome, I have seen them on little girls, I wanted to make a pair for my daughter, but I did not know how…Thank you for sharing…

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