How to make Homemade Bookmarks from Cards!

How to make Homemade Bookmarks from Cards

You know all those beautiful Birthday Cards, Christmas Cards, and Note Cards you receive throughout the year?

Don’t throw them away ~ turn them into Homemade Bookmarks!

My sweet Aunt Patty shared this tip with me a few years back, and I must say… we’ve got some pretty cute bookmarks holding places in our books right now!

Now, go gather up some cards you’ve recently received…
Then grab some scissors, a 3-hole punch and ribbons.

Cut out long thin sections of the card, while keeping the picture in tact.

Punch a hole at the top, and loop a ribbon through.

Trim the edges of the ribbon at a slight angle.

Round the corners of the bookmark if desired, using scissors or corner rounder.

There you have it… quick, easy, and adorable bookmarks!
Keep some for yourself and give some as thrifty gifts!
This is a fun & simple craft for the kids, too!

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    • says

      I have made these for years. However, before I punch the holes for the ribbon I cover both sides of the bookmark with clear contact paper. This makes them sturdier and easier to wipe off when they get dirty. I usually get a big roll of the clear contact paper from Walmart, it is reasonably priced there,

  1. Meg @ Being Resourceful says

    You could even make bookmarks like this using friends' photo cards and give them the bookmarks with a book you've already read… Talk about being resourceful!

  2. akhmmm says

    I love this idea!! What a great way to use the wonderful cards we get all year and keep the memories of love and friendship close at hand or to give as gifts.

    I think that I will do this. You could also laminate them if you have access to a machine.

    Elaine H

  3. Sonya Shell says

    Wow! I’ve always kept cards, not knowing what to do with them, but not wanting to let them go b/c they’re so pretty!!

    Any ideas for glass baby food jars?

  4. Aunt Patty says

    Who would ever of thought????? That was fun to read all the replies. YOU ARE THE BESTEST FRUGAL GAL…KEEP GOING GIRL. Love you and yours, aunty Patty

  5. says

    This is wonderful! I have an Autisitic daughter that keeps and collects all the cards that are given her. She has a shoebox full! She also loves to read, loves crafts and bookmarks! She will enjoy making these for family and friends…thank you!

  6. Barbara Johnson says

    That’s a great ideal. Keep up the good work :) Here’s another frugal ideal that I’ve been doing for years. To use up the Christmas cards that you receive from other people cut the front off and use as a post card. My husband use to say I was cheap but as the years rolled on he has changed his mind (to a point).

    Thanks, Barbara :)

  7. says

    Have you tried making placemats and laminating them for special days…this would be a fun thing to do with the children and include their picture as well…who wouldn’t want to have a treasure like them from those special children or grandchildren?

  8. Hope says


    Babyfood jars make great craft storage for smaller items like beads, buttons, paper clips, ribbon scraps, etc.

    I’m using some as homemade spice jars. They fit just right into one of the old coca~cola wooden crates that the glass bottles used to come in.

    And as for these bookmarks, I am definitely going to use last year’s christmas cards as bookmark presents this year. This is a great idea!

  9. Maggie says

    This is so awesome! I’m totally going to make some for friends and family for Christmas! I even texted my boyfriend right away to see if any of his coworkers have any old cards lying around that I could use :)

  10. Sara says

    Wow, this is such a great idea! I have a corner rounder in my scrapbooking kit, which will make the project even easier! =)

  11. Tammy says

    Love this idea for my second grade students. They love reading and we are always using sticky notes for bookmarks. I’m getting busy right now with all my cards that I have saved for just this reason. Thanks so much for sharing. I am loving your website already and this is my first visit. :)

  12. Sarah L says

    What a great idea!! I’d been planning to use mine as gift tags, or glue onto gift bags, but I LOVE the bookmark idea!!

    I really like your frugal raft things, always classy and would make a great gift, or add on, no something cheap and yuk looking.

  13. Aurelia says

    What a great idea. We are a family of readers all eight of us and the kids never have any bookmarks. They might actually use them if they have a hand in making them.

  14. Beth says

    I have found that some of my cards have writting on the back of where the picture is. To cover it up I cut a piece of card stock and glue it to the back. The recipient has no idea that I covered up the writting.

  15. Donna C says

    RE: bookmarks
    You can also use them for gift name tags on your next years Xmas gifts. Also, cut edges with a pinking sheer. That adds a little bit of life to them.

  16. Aunty Patty says

    I’m so glad so many are enjoying this simple and productive craft. While I was putting away my Christmas goodies I was reminded of the cute boxes I put under my snowman tree. A few years ago I bought them at a Christmas Fair. They were all made from Christmas cards with one exception. A cute little stamped snowman box. They are just folded and glued together. Perhaps you have directions for making one. Just thought I would share the idea. Love you. Aunty Patty

  17. Shelly Worrell says

    I have been making these (have about 2,500 made) and will be sending them to our deployed Troops this Christmas. I can’t wait to get to send them! :)

  18. Dulsi says

    This is very cool idea. Now i don’t have to buy bookmarks and i no we can make its a simple thing but with this idea, it becomes more easier!!!

  19. Pam says

    Loved all these ideas! I belong to a book club and wanted to make each of the members a bookmark for our get together next week. Now I have a fun way to make them! You could also embellish these with small pieces of lace, rhinestones, etc

  20. Satirah says

    I also use these for tags for next years presents! I am a homeschool mom and plan on using a day of art class to have my kids do this.

  21. amber says

    I love this idea! I am in college and have like basically no money right now. I love doing homemade gifts. If they are frugal all the better. I have many readers on my list so this is perfect. Would make a great teacher gift as well.

  22. phxmomof2 says

    We do this for my kids’ teachers every year and we print this poem out and put it on the back:
    Christmas is a time for gifts, everyone agrees
    But you give me gifts all year long, because you read to me

  23. Patti Griffith says

    Not only do I make bookmarks from these cutouts from cards received, but laminating them (or not) can turn them into some lovely ornaments for your tree next year (you can even write the name of the sender on the back so you can “remember them” as you hang them on your tree. Also, I use some of them for tags on presents next year … and some can be used for presents for other occasions, depending upon what design(s) you’ve cut out from the card(s).

  24. Trisha says

    Christmas and birthday cards also make great gift tags. Just cut out the part you want to use ~ write to:__ and from: __ on the back.

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