Fall Decorating Tips on a Budget!

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Following is another fabulous Fall Project
guest post by A Sunday Afternoon… enjoy!!

I love to decorate but, I don’t love to spend money I don’t have to. I’ve been working on ways to do some ‘Fall Decorating on a Budget’.

I  was able to share some “Fall Decorating on a Budget” ideas on Kare 11 this week and demonstrated how I made my 2nd fall centerpiece along with a few other ideas.

Here’s a step-by-step of how I made this centerpiece.

I knew I wanted something long and skinny for the dining room table. As usual, I shopped my ‘house’ first. I rummaged t through the garage to find something to hold it in and SCORE, I found some old metal drawers.

Step #1: Prime and then spray paint drawer; no project would be complete without spray paint..lol.

I used Rust-Oleum Kona Brown.

Step #2: Fill the bottom of the drawer (or whatever you are using to hold your centerpiece). I used raffia because it’s cheap and has the perfect fall look.

 Step #2: Add your largest pieces first, I used hurricanes from The Dollar Tree and filled them.  You can create various heights by gluing them together with their candlesticks (use E6000 adhesive).

Step #3: Add pieces largest ‘filler’ pieces next. I used my painted pumpkins.

(To see how I painted my foam pumpkins from The Dollar Tree click on the picture).

Step #4: Add a small garland for color (I got mine from you guessed it.. The Dollar Tree).

The total cost for this centerpiece was under $15.00- YAHOO!

Hi, I’m Sunday. Yes, that’s my name: Sunday! What do you do on a Sunday afternoon? If you are anything like me, it’s a project, it’s creating something I love. My “day” job is wife, mom and pastor. My hobby is DIY’ing! Several years ago, I got tired of waiting to have the finances to buy just the right piece or accessory. I started looking at blogs and shopping at thrift stores (something I had never done before) and became so inspired by the great ideas that I started creating my own. Friends and family were asking me to share projects and nothing makes me happier. Learn, create and share; the perfect recipe for the DIY’er. Follow me, try out the ideas, share yours, we will learn and have fun together.  You can find me on Pinterest, Facebook, and my blog, A Sunday Afternoon!


  1. Alison says

    I know that dried beans and split peas are more economical, but if you swapped in coffee beans and vanilla-scented candles, as the candles burn, they heat the coffee beans up and it fills the room with an amazing yummy aroma!

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