How To Make a Cozy No-Sew Fleece Blanket!

How to Make a New-Sew Fleece Blanket at

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I’m sure you’ve all seen those cozy no-sew fleece blankets… and if you’ve been wanting to make one, they’re a cinch to make!  When I was at my friend Joli’s house, she taught me the easy-peasy steps to make one!  So just in case you didn’t already know… here’s how you can make one, too:

What You’ll Need:

  • 1 1/3 yard of Patterned Fleece

  • 1 1/3 yard of Solid Fleece  {wait for the fleece to go on sale, or use a craft store coupon when you purchase it!}
  • Now, this will make a great size blanket for babies, kids, or a small throw.  For an adult-sized blanket, you’ll just need longer pieces of fleece.

  • Sharp Fabric Scissors and Ruler {or Rotary Cutter and Cutting Mat}

What You’ll Do:

Line up both pieces of fleece. {with the ‘wrong’ or ‘dull’ sides facing in towards each other}.  Then lay that down on a flat surface. {floor, dining room table, etc}  Trim off any extra pieces, so it’s all nice and even, then carefully smooth out any bumps.

Cut a 4″ x 4″ square from each of the four corners.

Don’t toss the squares ~ I used my leftover fleece as backing on my Photo Coasters!

It’s time to start snipping!  And speaking of snipping, I used to have a border collie named Roy that went bazerko every time I used a pair of scissors.  He would run around the house like a crazy man, then come back for more.  The fixation got so strange, that we could just say the words “snip snip” and pretend to be cutting like a scissors with just our fingers, and he would go wild! 😉  Meet Roy…

Now back to the blanket ~ we’re getting sidetracked here!  To cut the fringes, you can either use a rotary cutter with a cutting mat, or if you don’t have one… simply use a ruler and sharp fabric scissors.  {I used my Fiskars fabric scissors}  Cut each fringe about 1″ wide, and 4″ long.  {I went just under 4″, because I didn’t want my fringes to be too dangly.}  You can even take a piece of masking tape at this point and tape it down across the blanket as your guide, so you don’t cut up too far.

Once you’ve completed the cutting, it’s time to start tying those knots!  You can do a simple knot, or even try a different style of knot… on this blanket I did the right over left knot, then left over right knot on each section.  I guess it’s called the ‘Square Knot’?  😉  Whatever knot you choose, just be sure to double knot each time, so they don’t come undone.

And there ya have it… an easy handmade gift!  Have fun picking out your fleece ~ these are fun to give as Christmas gifts, Baby Shower gifts, etc!  {I even made some manly ones for my boys… a pretty blue blanket with salmon, and a full-on camouflage blanket for my little guy}.

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  1. Jen says

    I bought a TON of fleece 2 months ago when it went on sale and I had a coupon. I’ve never made these blankets before but they were in the back of my mind when I was shopping. I’ll get started on these today – they look easy and everyone gets a handmade Christmas gift! Thanks for the instructions and beautiful photos!

  2. Holli says

    I got several of these blankets for my baby shower and my son loves them…one of them stay in the car for those long trips or when its raining:) Also I may try and make some myself for a couple Xmas gifts, how do you tie the corners?

  3. April Jones says

    These are simple and fun to make even witht the kids. My 2 year old will not go to sleep without her blanket. I need to make her a bigger one like her brother and sister, her other one is getting too small.

  4. Rosanne says

    I made one a couple of weeks ago and plan to make 4 more for more of my grandchildren. I had a blast picking out patterns to suit them, from pink and girly to cowboys to hippie girl to guy rock star to penguin-lover 😉 I bought all my fleece half-price @ Joann’s and feel so proud to give these as gifts, and I encourage anyone thinking about making one or some to do it!!

  5. Patti says

    Thanks for the great idea. We like to keep blankets in our car to use as an impromptu beach blanket, a picnic under the trees alongside a lake, keeping warm on a longer drive where hubby keeps the AC on “ICICLES” and I’m freezing, or for our grandson (or me) when falling asleep in the car on the way home from a fun day at the park. Great and easy and inexpensive gifts and “gift for ourselves”. THANKS!

  6. traci s says

    i have to say i never thaught of making one for a shower gift! my first grand daughter will be here in feb and i am going to go and get some material to make her one, also make one for my grandson, with motorcycles and monster trucks, so he doesnt feel left out! thank you sooooo much , just hope mine turn out!!

  7. Sheila Peak-Moffett says

    My sister made one of these for me and a longer one for my 6’4″ husband several years ago…they are great for winter time movie nights in our Michigan home. I just made one for our 1st great nephew due in February! Oh…and that knot you tied (right over left, left over right)…it’s called a “square knot”!

  8. Tammy Johnson says

    If you cut your fleece with pinking shears (all the edges and the fringes too) it turns out really pretty. I am making 2 of these for Christmas gifts, a little larger using 2 yard cuts of fleece, and 5 inch fringes. I’ve finished one and it turned out really nice. I’m also doing a pillowcase for a body pillow for my son as well.

  9. Bianca says

    Thank you so much, I was wondering how to make one of these.I want to make one for my daughter. Im going to make one tomorrow.. :) Thanks again..

  10. T says

    If you tye every other one and then filp over the blanket, and tye the rest, it lays a lot flatter and does not pucker or bow.

  11. Lynda Wities says

    Hi, I am about to make this blanket and am wondering why we cut the corners off?
    Your finished blanket looked good but I’m wondering how prevent ‘a hole’ at the corners.
    Hope this makes sense.

    • Heidi says

      Hi Lynda ~ by cutting out the corners you’ll have cleaner lines of the blanket, rather than odd curves around the corners. After you tie the knots, the blanket won’t appear to have any ‘holes’ in the corners. 😉

      ~ Heidi

  12. says

    Thanks for the inspiration for this project! I stumbled-upon your page while searching for a tutorial for the no-sew fleece blanket. Your tutorial combined with the braided-edge technique helped me to create a great gift for my dad.
    Thanks again!

  13. says

    I heart these so much! I have wanted to make one for so long but have never gotten around to it. I also didn’t know to leave out the corner! Good thinking!!

    • Stace says

      Use about 2 yds that’s 6 ft if your above average then use 3 yds. The average American man/women height is 5′ 4.6″

  14. Jennifer says

    funny….my dog does the same thing w/ scissors or pretty much anything that he thinks could be used as a weapon. All I have to do is hold it and say, “hey Brew – its a weapon” and he goes nuts! Same thing if I use my fingers to point a pretend gun at him &/or shoot him. Quite strange, but funny

  15. Barbara Martin says

    Several years ago we (my husband & I) made 7 of these for our grandchildren. After one blanket our hands were sore. We bought Black & Decker battery powered scissors and they were well worth it!!! The kids loved their blankets and are still using them. Great gift.

  16. Floyd Gary Thacker says

    I’m compiling a list of activities for my grandkids for when they visit and this is a great activity for the older ones that they can even help the smaller ones – the lesson will be the beginning of understanding knots (one of the coolest gifts my brother said he ever got from me was a knot tying kit). Back to the kids – they always have movie night @ their house, so they can make these and take them home and snuggle with them and have the pride of making them. Thanks so much for these instructions. They are so easy. I think even I can remember them and my wife will love it.

  17. Linda Arney says

    I have made several of these from the VERY CHEAP fleece single throws that are sold at BIGLOTS or ANNAS LINENS that sometimes are on sale for $2.00-$5.00 each. This is often cheaper than buying fleece at fabric stores. I find cheap fleece throws bundled in pairs on sale a few times during the year and these usually are color coordinated. :)

  18. Toddy says

    My daughter has made these as graduation gifts for her kids friends. She uses the College colors and letters for them. The guys and girls always look forward to these.

  19. Jessica Hoover says

    We use these blankets at church and have members pray over it and give it to those in need with medical issues. I wanted to donate some to use but wasn’t sure how to make it. Thanks!

  20. J Miller says

    If you make an adult size using 3 yards, would you need to tack down at periodic intervals thru the 2 layers like a quilt? If not, wouldn’t it get all weird?

    • Michelle Hershey says

      I pin my whole blanket together before I start. I also line the whole blanket then I use a rotary cutter and mat. I do all 4 corners first. I’ve come by this method from trial and error and it works best for me… I can do a blanket start to finish in about 45 minutes.

  21. Michelle Hershey says

    i make a lot of these blankets every year. If you are going to make more then just a couple, it would be wise to invest in a rotary cutter and mat. The blades last longer then the scissors and much easier on your hands. I also believe it saves time.

  22. Heather Honeycutt says

    Thanks for the great instructions! Can’t wait to get started. Love the story about Roy! We’ve got a crazy dog too. :)

  23. says

    Hi yes the no sew blankets are easy to make. But when your making one side with a pattern and the other side solid. When the blanket is all done I always have the problem, of my knots twisting the wrong way. So many of the knots with solid color end up twisted on the solid side of the blanket. What to do? I’ve tryed to tie the knots so there not so tight. And even stretching it a little at a time. Still don’t work. HELP

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