1. Crissy says

    1. Make a small cup out of alumminum foil. Put in some vanilla ( cheap vanilla works fine). Place in 250 oven for about 15 min. Turn off oven and leave cup in oven. Smells like fresh baked cookies. Great for showing a house.
    Dryer sheets in vents.

  2. Amanda says

    This may seem obvious or slightly off-topic, but you can find cheap scented candles in the clearance section in craft stores (AC Moore, Michael’s) or discount stores (WalMart, Target). They’ll usually be ugly colors or containers, or leftovers from the previous holiday, but no one says you need to leave them out when you’re done burning them!

  3. says

    I know that buying Scentsy isn’t considered frugal, but it really can be! Buy the room spray that matches the wax you melt. Then after you’ve melted a cube for a few hours, turn off the warmer. Refresh the room with the room spray. Just a few spritzes adds tremendous scent! Also, I recommend only using one cube at a time. Many scents last much longer than the package recommends :)

    • Nita Joy says

      I also love scentsy but what is the secret to making it last longer. I burn 1 or maybe 2 cubes in my medium warmer and after a couple hours they don’t smell anymore. I shut it off and turn on the next day and I still got nothing :( Love the no fire thing tho.

        • elli says

          take i teaspoon of vanilla extract and half a teaspoon of cinnamon and stir it and soak in a cotton ball and leave it around the house (or wherever) AMAZING!

        • says

          One way to make your wax smell longer-take a knife and cut each cube into 3-5 pieces. Use one at a time and wipe out your warmer between. The oil only evaporates from the surface of the wax so if you use as little as possible you get more bang for your bucks. Also NEVER dilute your wax (add new wax to used wax) unless you want to waste it.

      • kyde says

        I dont have this issue. But anytime my candles are very low or burnt out i scrape the wax out with a spoon and add the shavings into my plug in scentsy in my bathroom. Everytime i turn it on it still smells great. Such a great way to not let that little extra candle wax go to waste.

      • Allison says

        I usually cut the cubes into halves and then add a new half the next day or the next time I turn it on.

      • says

        You get used to the smell if you use the same scent all the time. I always recommend that my customers switch to a completely different scent everytime they use new cubes. Many times I have had my own warmer on and won’t smell anything (because I got used to it), but then someone will come over and comment on how great my house smells!

    • Tisha says

      As for the scentsy, I only notice mine to last about 2 days with the scent then i don’t really smell it anymore. Is there such a thing where maybe I need a new scentsy warmer?

  4. Sherry says

    I sprinkle baking soda mixed with cloves on my carpets before vacuuming. Takes the animal smell right out and leaves a great scent.

  5. says

    Love these ideas – they’re making me feeling very inspired to freshen it up in my house! I used to save all the perfume samples from magazines and put them in my drawers or stashed behind the couch, bed, etc. I’d really like to try the cotton balls with essential oil mentioned by a couple of folks, though.

  6. claudette says

    Dear Sarah;
    I love the idea of frugal febreeze! Do you know the recipe of how much fabric softener to water? Thanx for the great frugal tip!

    • Khllbrg says

      Homemade Fabreeze- Use 1/2 cup of your favorite fabric softener, 2 tablespoons of baking soda and water to fill a 32 oz. spray bottle. This is the recipe I tried and love it!

    • Marlee says

      I use the frugal febreeze quite often in my own home. I don’t have an exact recipe. I just add a little bit of fabric softener (maybe like a 1/2 to 1 cup) depending on the size of the spray bottle you are using. Make sure that you shake it well once you’ve added the water. My mom was the one that told me about this idea. And in my mother’s words,”a little bit goes along way”.

    • patricia says

      i am very excited about the fabric softner fabreeze as well. thanks alot for all of the wonderful ideas keep them coming please!

  7. says

    I agree with Scentsy not being very frugal…but you can also buy the same scent that you are warming and the room spray to match…when your scent no longer smells in your warmer pot…spray a few spritzes of the room spray into the dish and you have just created a whole new couple of days of warming. Also, if you have access to a fireplace…find some pine cones, dip the pine cones in the old scent that is no longer smelling from your warmer and start your FP with the pine cones…you will get another dash of great smell!! Many uses for the old wax from the Scentsy warmer pots!!

    Tami M.

      • Jackie says

        You know you can reuse your scentsy? I save my little cube boxes, and when i can no longer get a strong scent, i pour it back into the squares, let it set up, put the sqaures box into a ziploc bag, and put it in the freezer. Within a day the scent comes back!! My whole top door shelf of my freezer is lined with ziploc bags of reusable scenty blocks!!

        • deana says

          I also do this when I either get tired of a scent or cannot smell the scent anymore. But never thought of putting them in the freezer that is a great tip. I need to order me some more scentsy from a friend of mine.

        • Benita says

          I reuse mine but I don’t pour them back in the cube box. I just take a table knife after it has reset and it comes right out. I then put them in a plastic bag.

  8. Dixie says

    I used fabric softer sheets on my floor registers.
    It collects dust…. plus makes your home smell April fresh immediately.

  9. Kassie says

    I take fabrice softners and out them in dresser drewers helps keep clothes smelling great also i take pine sol and add just a small amount in a laod of clothes im washing my husbands work clothes and it makes entire house smell good also make my own cleaner with old spray bottle well cleaned add little bit of pine sol and then water makes great smelling cleaner plus disinfects everything i clean with….

  10. Cheryl says

    Place a few drops of your favorite perfume or essential oil on a cotton ball and suck it up in the vacuum…it freshens the vacuum and the room.

  11. TJ Brown-Armstrong says

    Essential oils can be used on a bit of gauze tucked into heating/cooling register corner to spread the aroma. The true oils can be added by dropper to melted candles that have lost their aroma. They can also be added to refill the bottles of your plug in wicked types with water for a safer refill without the VOCS. Use an old fashioned bottle opener to pop the lid, tough but do-able.

  12. Carolyn says

    I like to put a few drops of my favorite essential oil on a cotton ball and then vacuum it up (bagless vacuum) … as I vacuum, the scent is released throughout our home.

  13. Krystal Thornton says

    Put baking soda in a mason jar. Pop holes in the lid and put a few drops of your favorite essential oil in the baking soda. Randomly shake and it smells the whole room. You can even sprinkle it on fabrics and carpets and vaccum up!! It lasts FOREVER!!! I read it some where I can’t take the credit for it!

  14. Michelle Hamilton says

    I have two recommendations for frugal fresheners…

    DIY Air Freshener Spray

    1 clean Spray bottle
    15-20 drops of Essential oil (combine fragrances of choice, if you like)
    Distilled water

    Fill your spray bottle with distilled water (a gal of this is about a dollar at most big box stores) or boil some water to fill the spray bottle. Add the essential oil drops to the water and shake. Spray the air with is cheap but fragrant air freshener and enjoy.

    DIY Air Freshener

    Fragrant Oil (the kind you burn in an oil burner) from the dollar store
    Wooden Skewers
    A cute (clean and empty) decorative bottle with a long neck

    Pour oil into the bottle and insert the wooden skewers in the bottle, but make sure that they stick out of the bottle. Tie a cute ribbon around it and enjoy the aroma! Frugal, simple and fresh!!!

  15. Johanna says

    How about where someone smokes (a lot)? I have a friend that we try to help out, who has had a stroke. The house needs something bad. He already ha an air purifier ( not a lot of help).

    • Carrie says

      No matter what I tried, when we used to smoke, nothing could get the odor out. I washed walls and carpets when we were getting ready to sell our home and potential buyers still picked it up. I read somewhere that running an ionizer in your home worked, and when I mentioned it to a neighbor, she happened to have one. Two days and our house smelled like new construction. You can even set half an onion next to it and the next day the onion smells like NOTHING. I think you can rent them at Ace Rent-All.

      • says

        i am a smoker and the nonsmoking visitors cant ever smell it in my home. i still feel paranoid about it. my only idea on why it doesn’t permeate my house is, i only smoke in one room where there is an exhaust fan running all the time. after each cigarette i squirt one spray of Ozium (found in the auto dept.)

      • Ruth Ann says

        The Fire Department told us to open bags of cheap charcoal and place around an apartment that had fire/smoke damage… this also works for your smoking smells. We had an apartment once, that a resident had smoked in, and we tried this… took care of the smell.

    • says

      I’m actually highly allergic to smoke. When I moved back into a rental where the renter’s had smoked in. I found they make a primer for the walls. I washed all the walls with TSP and removed the carpets. Refinished the floors myself and then primed the entire house with the special primer.

      My friends that smelled the before and after were amazed. It was tough work.. But I could breathe in it without needing my inhaler!

  16. Donna says

    Shaving cream – is a miracle cleaner for spots on upholstery and carpets. I use the cheapest brand like barbasol. Works great everytime and smells wonderful in a room. I’ve even used it for spot cleaning clothing as well. It won;t harm anything and is much cheaper than the oil based commercial cleaners. It also cleans tile like crazy.

    • Lisa says

      Can you use the shaving cream on microfiber upholstery? My daughter-in-law changed my granddaughter’s runny diaper on my sofa and now I have a watermark on my sofa where it was wiped with a damp cloth.

      • Michelle says

        Scrub the water-mark spot on the couch with hydrogen peroxide. I use that all over my microfiber couch. It evaporates faster than water so it doesn’t tend to leave a water mark. Spray some on so it’s wet (not soaking), and then scrub. I like to use a microfiber cloth!

    • Veronica says

      How did you use the shaving cream on spots to get the spots out? Anything special other than applying and wiping?

  17. Margaret says

    I use ground coffee (the coffee pot kind) it absorbs odors really well. I simply put the coffee in containers and sit them around the house.

  18. Amanda says

    It’s funny, right before I got on the computer I made some air and fabric freshener. My 5 year old loves to spray the carpet and the furniture with it. I just use about 3/4 cup of water and add 20 or so drops on essential oil. Sometimes I mix them up or just use one. Today my son picked lemon and tangerine, so that’s what we did. It smells great. good quality essential oils can really go a long way and the smell lasts longer than the cheaper ones.
    I’ll have to try the rosemary oil one from another poster. I love that smell!

    • says

      Sometimes I tie little bundles of rosemary snippings from my garden and hang on the kitchen cabinet knobs. When I replace them I run the old snippings in the garbage disposal.

  19. Heather Mitchell says

    I use the Downey Unstopables in a spray bottle..Put 1/4 cup of unstopables in 1 cup hot water to dissolve the beads then fill spray bottle rest of the way up with water..Makes a 32oz spray bottle full of a Frugal sent!!! Add more unstopables to your satisfaction on how strong you want the sent…

    • says

      I use Downey Unstoppables or Gain Fireworks in an oil burner. It only takes a few to make the whole house smell laundry fresh since they are very strong, which makes the whole container last FOREVER!

  20. Kathy Carrico says

    I would like to add to one of the posts where they put a teaspoon of vanilla in some water in the microwave to make the kitchen smell great. I have done that for years, but did you know that you can also leave it in the microwave and let it boil for approx. 30 seconds to a minute and let it stand in there for another 10 minutes or so and you can just wipe the inside of your microwave clean with little effort! You can also use any flavoring you wish. I have used strawberry in the past, smells great. Freshen the air and clean the microwave all at the same time!

  21. Catherine Kutsuris says

    I have always had good luck with putting a few drops of essential oils on the top of a light bulb, then turn it on and it really permeates the room. If you want to use more than a couple drops try light rings, you can get them almost anywhere, Bath and Body works sells them also Walmart. They are usually metal or ceramic, unglazed and they sit atop any light bulb, and have a trough all around to hold the fragrance oils. If you are feeling romantic spray a spritz or two of your favorite cologne on your light bulb(while it is on) and that really works well.

  22. Heather Fletcher says

    When everybody wakes up in the morning, I crack open a window in each bedroom. Then I crack open a window in our dining/living room area and let the cross breeze take all the funk out of the air and let in some fresh air. I also make homemade Febreeze with 2 cups of water and 1 cup of my favorite fabric softner and tackle the couches, dog bed, and human beds. At night after everybody is asleep, I burn a Yankee tart on my tart warmer.

  23. says

    Actually just shared my DIY fragrance tip this week! I make my own reed diffusers by mixing 4-5 drops of essential oils into a half cup of water and then two drops of vodka (it serves as a emulsifier)You can get reed sticks from Michaels and just use small, cheap dollar store vases. The oil and vodka go a long ways so you can make a dozen of these for the price of just one at a store!

  24. kristi says

    Going back to the fabric softener and water spray – this makes an excellent clothes wrinkle remover. I hate to iron and have spent tons of money on Downy Wrinkle Release. No more! Put 1 part white liquid fabric softener (make sure you get white – Walmart brand is usually white) to 10 parts water in a spray bottle. I usually measure a half capful of softener from the fabric softener bottle to 5 full capfuls of water in a spray bottle. Shake and spray. Tug wrinkles out and let dry. I usually do my clothes at night. Plus this freshens the room.

  25. Barbara Tadlock says

    All great ideas but here’s a warning on 2 of them that I have tried.Never never spray fragrance of any kind onto an already-lit bulb. Those things explode!!!! I found this out and luckily no harm done, only scared me and I had to unplug the lamp to get what was left of the bulb out of the socket. Also be very careful about using oils such as essential oils on tile floors. Can make the floor slippery. I fell, both feet flying in different directions. Funny now but at the time it hurt like the dickens. Seriously you could hurt yourself.

    • Teri says

      Very good points that I was debating whether or not to post as well, so thanks for doing it for me! I stay away from spraying anything oil-based on a lightbulb, on or off, as I just don’t see the logic in mixing oil and electricity.
      Though not a DIY solution, I find buying the little bottles of fragrance oil (around $1 at Wal-Mart) and the diffuser (also around $1 at any dollar store or around $2 at Wal-Mart) and spreading them around the house with all the same scents works very well and it’s still “frugal”. Though diffusing them with a little water may make them last a little longer, only do it if you are going to be nearby the entire time as the water will boil easier than the oil alone.
      One thing I always do to save money is keep my old spray bottles of Lysol, Mr. Clean, etc. and when it’s time to get more, pour half of the new bottle into the old one and then fill each bottle the rest of the way with water. It still works just as well, but now you have twice as much!

  26. Melissa Landon says

    My husband is extremely sensitive to odors from candles, cleaners, essential oils etc. For a great scent free deodorizer use Borax sprinkled on furniture, carpets, mattresses etc. I put it in a large shaker jar or an old Baby Powder container and sprinkle where I need it. Leave sit for an hour or overnight for tough odors and it is fresh and odor is gone. This even works on smoke and pet odors.

    • Morgan says

      I hope you just forgot to add that you sweep it up ASAP(still maybe not a good idea; could become airborn). Borax IS toxic if ingested or inhaled. Pets can also lick it off their paws and coat. Baking Soda is non-toxic and works great for those with allergies or sensitive noses too! :)

  27. Cher says

    I make carpet freshener with:
    1 Cup baking soda
    1 Cup Kosher salt
    1/2 to 2 tsps fragrance oil, so it’s just a little stronger then you like because you want it to freshen your whole room for a while.

    Mix them together. I put them in old Parmesan cheese shakers (they are perfect for a shakers make sure you label them). Shake on your carpet wait about 5 min, then vacuum and your house will smell great. I also use the same mix for kitty litter boxes that don’t smell that fresh.

  28. Lorraine says

    I use 1/2 Borax, 1/2 Cornmeal, sprinkle over carpets,leave overnight, vacuum the next day….all odours gone!

  29. Mary Price says

    to keep our home smelling good in the spring and summer, I pour a capful of softener into our swamp cooler!! It makes the entire house smell fresh and nice!!!

  30. deana says

    I just spray vinegar and water around the house to get the typical house hold smells out of the house. Have also taken the liquid Potpourii you can get from the store and add some to a frebreeze bottle with water to bring it to the top, then spray it around the house, on the rugs and in the air works good.
    Can take left over candle that you cannot burn anymore and put them in your Scentsy warmers to freshen the room.
    I also do the cinnamon, orange peels and cloves in water like another posted mentioned and it really smells good.
    Years ago I had a metal ring that would fit on top of your light bulb so when you turned the light on the room filled up with scents. Never thought of using a cotton ball to do the same or even take the cotton ball with the scent and rub it on the light bulb to transfere the oils to the light bulb.
    So many nice hints on getting the house to smell good.
    Oh linen spray on your comforter will make your bedroom smell good too.

    • Deb says

      I heard about this on a youtube video. Buy the Downy or Gain scent boosters. They look like small round wax beads (I looked at the Purex and they don’t seem to be the same consistency) If using a Scentsy warmer, put about a tbs in the warming tray. Or, using a candle warmer/coffer warmer, place in a heat safe container and place on the electric warmer. Your house will smell so fresh & clean! It’s fragrance lasts a few hours, and its SO much cheaper than Scentsy products! There are a few different choices of fragrance, but its a HUGE savings and a great way to ‘freshen your home’ in a FRUGAL approach!

  31. Julie says

    I recommend trying a capful of imitation vanilla, a few drops of lavender liquid soap, and water in a spray bottle. smells wonderful,and lingures for days

  32. Laura says

    Frugal Febreeze: I learned a lesson. Don’t use generic fabric softner (Sams Club Brand), doesn’t work the same and left some spots. I buy Downy with coupons. Fill a spray bottle 3/4 full with fabric softner and 1/4 with water. Works well, still cheaper since the spray bottle lasts longer than a febreeze bottle.

    Fresh Toilets: I use borax to clean and whiten. BUT Sometimes I am in a hurry. Shampoo is a great shower and toilet cleaner. It doesn’t disenfect, but it gets grime, dirt and oils (that’s what it takes out of your hair). I buy the cheap suave when it is on sale for a dollar or less. The strawberry or coconut. Squirt some in the toilet, scrub and let it sit. Smells good. I won’t go into details, but if you have “stuff” stuck on the inside of the toilet, it really gets it off with a little scrubbing.

  33. JJ Lane says

    I always use cinnamon and cloves in a pot of water on the stove to simmer, problem was I’d get busy and forget to add water to it after a while. Solved that problem. My son bought me a little crock pot, like a 2 quart. Too small for a meal for 4 so I use it to melt chocolate bark in or for my cinnamon & clove mixture. I don’t have to worry about it for several hours and it smells great. Sometimes I add pumpkin pie spice to it, sometimes I just use straight cinnamon sticks and water.

  34. Dulsy says

    I love downey unstopables but they are expensive I wonder if I could make homemade freshner with them?Has anyone tried this?

  35. Lynn EC says

    I simmered a concoction of 2lemons, cutinto slices, 2 cups water, 3 sprigs of fresh rosemary and 1 teaspoon of vanilla bean paste. Lovely herbal,lemony scent.

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